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Managing A Fashion Business As A Stay At Home Mom

Fashion business as a stay at home mom

Do you wish to start a fashion business as a stay-at-home mom? Starting a fashion business is one of the ways to make money as a stay-at-home mom.

In this article, I’ll be walking you through everything you need to know about starting a fashion business in Nigeria. Is fashion designing one of your hobbies and you’re interested in monetizing it? Have you ever wondered if the fashion business is profitable? If yes, relax, grab a note with a pen, and read till the end of this article. 

Is the fashion business profitable in Nigeria?

Why bother about starting a business in the fashion industry if you aren’t sure of securing the bag. Maama, you’ll agree with me that securing the bag is super important. A woman needs her COINS! 

Yes! The fashion business is profitable in Nigeria. For example, you can make N500 profit by purchasing cloth for N1,500 and selling it for N2,000. You may calculate how much you can make each day to make 20 sales. 

Now we know that we can make good money from a fashion business as a stay-at-home mom, let’s dive into other essential details you need to know. 

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How to start a fashion business from home 

The fashion industry is one of the world’s fastest expanding industries. As a result, its popularity in Nigeria is growing, with individuals increasingly wanting to buy designer garments. 

There’s a high demand for people operating fashion businesses. People want to wear custom-made traditional fashion items to special occasions and events. People also want to alter ready-made clothing purchased from markets, buy mass-produced and imported fashion goods, etc.

The craze surrounding the local influence of the fashion industry in Nigeria is fueling a business trend resulting in the opening of a new fashion store on nearly every street corner, whether or not the store owner has conducted a proper feasibility study. You shouldn’t be left out. 

Decide the kind of business you have 

The first step is to figure out what kind of fashion company you want to launch. As previously indicated, there are roughly three types, but we’ll concentrate on the production of fashion products to form a fashion brand for this article.

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Have a business plan 

A passion for clothing design and fashion is required to start a clothing business. First, however, you’ll need a business plan to launch a long-lasting fashion line.

Build a brand 

You must build a brand for yourself. Your brand is the perception others have about your business. It is not about the logos or designs but about how others feel about your business. 

So, as a business person, you have to pay good attention to your branding. 

Also, you’ll have to register your business brand. It is advisable to register your business brand. This will protect it from theft, piracy, or other adverse effects. 

Create your design 

The following stage is to draw down your ideas. Again, you don’t need a formal degree or qualification for this. Instead, you’ll need creative imagination and the ability to discover fashionable marketing things.

If you have trouble expressing your thoughts on paper, you can enroll in a fashion school to help you activate and unleash your creative side.

Make samples 

Making a sample of the product(s), you intend to create is the next stage. You can create the samples locally, but they are usually costly. When you have the sample you want and are confident it fits all of your requirements, you may look for a factory that can mass-produce your fashion goods.

Market your product 

You’ll need to put together a sales and marketing team whose purpose is to develop a market and execution strategy for your fashion firm. Because sales are the lifeblood of any business, it is recommended that you consult a sales specialist before investing any money in promoting fashion items to a market that may or may not be a good fit for them.

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Equipment needed to start a fashion business. 

The art of creating clothes designs is known as fashion design.

Cutting patterns on fabrics, stitching, garment manufacture, and other craft operations are all involved. In addition, you’ll need the correct fashion design tools to manufacture garments quickly and effectively.

A skilled fashion designer has all of the necessary tools to create stunning garments. In addition, you may cut down on the time it takes to produce new textile designs by using the correct tools and equipment.


Instead of being displayed on racks or shelves, clothing goods look considerably nicer when displayed on mannequins. In addition, mannequins are inexpensive, so putting a couple in the business will not break the bank. You can also use the mannequins to create appealing window displays.

Display cases 

Accessories are displayed in display cases, which also function as the checkout area with the cash register. Half-vision and full-vision cases are available. 

There are several options to choose from to match your store’s theme. A couple of tiny rotating racks for accessories would be ideal in these circumstances.

Sewing machine 

In the fashion industry, the sewing machine is the most crucial piece of equipment. It is impossible to complete your work without a sewing machine. The machines differ to satisfy the various design requirements.

Instead of over-lock sewing machines, a zigzag machine is meant to generate lovely patterns on your fabric. For sturdiness and long-term use, choose one with a metal base. 

It’s critical to invest in some helpful power tools to repair or maintain your sewing machine and other equipment that may break or stop working for unforeseen causes.

A router table will let you attach your router while also giving additional working space. The table also determines your fabrics’ length and breadth.

Point of sale system 

Whether you choose a cash register or a point-of-sale system depends on your budget and how much sales and inventory tracking you require. 

Also, POS systems can provide a range of activity reports by connecting to PCs and websites. These systems are usually charged every month and are relatively inexpensive.

Cash registers process sales payments, print receipts, calculate sales tax and total the day’s sales. For roughly a hundred dollars, you can get an excellent cash register.

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Shelves or racks 

The store’s concept determines the way you display the clothes you sell. The gondola form, a floor-mounted system with cantilevered shelves that extend on both sides from a vertical back, is one of the most popular.

You can hang shirts, blouses, and slacks on free-standing vertical racks. Place them in a location where people can roam and look at the options.


You can never have too many hangers, so stock up. Your store’s theme and displays determine the sort of hanger you employ. 

Plastic hangers come in various colours and weights, ranging from light to hefty and unbreakable. Wire hangers should be treated similarly, although they should be vinyl-coated to prevent rust.

You can use either padded or wooden hangers as a step up. For delicate clothing, padded hangers are preferable. You should display pants on wooden hangers with lock bars.

With the equipment above, you’re ready to kickstart your fashion business. 

Business opportunities in the fashion business 

There are other opportunities in the fashion industry, and they include:

Fashion design business 

One of the most popular aspects of the fashion industry is fashion design in Nigeria. Individuals who are creatives who work in this area use diverse designs to bring their ideas to life. 

After sewing, the clothes are packaged and marketed to customers who have a taste for fashionable clothing.

This group also includes roadside tailors, who stitch custom-made non-designer apparel for their customers. They also patch and adjust ready-made clothes that individuals bring in, which accounts for most of their smaller revenue stream, as most visitors come in to fix something.

Fashion retail business 

Another central area of the Nigerian fashion industry is running fashion boutiques or retail outlets. They can be found in almost every marketplace and on most street corners.

People have an insatiable desire to buy apparel at some time in their lives, and as a result, fashion retailers continue to record daily product sales.

You can decide to sell fashion pieces to friends and families.

Fashion import and export

People who manufacture locally for export or import from other nations make up the fashion import/export industry. 

They’re the significant actors in the Nigerian and international fashion industries. They usually import in bulk containers and distribute to many market dealers.

Because of the high volumes involved, the fashion import/export market is dominated by individuals with deep pockets or vital access to bank borrowing facilities.

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The fashion industry is booming industry. One of the necessities of man is Clothing. I hope you have a full conviction for running a fashion business as a stay-at-home mom with the points given above. 

Other ways to make money in your fashion business include fashion blogging, starting a Youtube channel, or becoming a representative or online specialist.

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