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Yay! I’m so excited that you stopped by my blog. Welcome, Mamma. Do you want to see me do the welcome dance move? 💃🏽 When I embarked on the journey of being a Stay-At-Home-Mum, I wasn’t that prepared for whatever hurdles I’d face, but I sure was determined to make it work.

Did you start this journey out of your own volition, or was it forced down on you due to circumstances beyond your control? You know what, Mamma, it doesn’t matter. Do you want to know why? We were born to do this! Yes! We’re warriors, and we will keep pushing till we’re done. I’m 15 years strong and going; I’ll be sharing all my experiences with you. You don’t have to walk these paths alone, Mamma. As a SAHM for over 15 years, I’ve mastered the act of self-realisation and have successfully channelled my energy into Intentional parenting. I’ve been there, done that, and I’m here to help you learn to discover your full potentials while raising your children to be well-rounded individuals and securing the bag along the way.


I will also help you learn to run your home like the CEO you are. Yes, Mamma, you are the Chief Encouragement Officer, aren’t you?😉 So here’s my promise to you. This place would be a community of encouragement, support, inspiration, no judgment zone and of course, badass securing of the bag.  Relax and enjoy the ride! It promises to be a whole new experience 🧡.

But, believe it or not, mamma, there is an increasing number of women who are choosing to stay home with their kids and run their household (and maybe a side-hustle). They are recreating what it means to be a “SAHM”. They are called The A Mum And More Community (AMAM). 

🌺 You’ll benefit from this community if:

🎀 ​​You recently are or have been a Stay At Home Mum who is looking for the support and tools to make being at home a little less challenging.

🎀 ​​You are an intentional mom who wants to spend more time at home with her children, raising them positively while enjoying your connection with your spouse.

🎀​​You are a mom who wants to stay at home but can’t afford to and is desperately looking for ways to make it work.

🎀 You are a stay at home mom who is struggling with being in a one-income household and incurring debt and liabilities.

🎀 ​​You are an aspiring mompreneur, and you’re looking to discover your inner potentials while building the life of your dreams.

🎀 ​​You are a mom looking to find more structure and meaning in your daily lifestyle.

🎀 ​​You are an intentional stay-at-home mom looking to secure the bag by starting a side hustle.

🎀 You’re looking to run your home like the CEO you are.

🎀 You’re a Mom who is looking for inclusion, friendship, involvement and fellowship.

🎀 You’re simply CURIOUS 😉

Welcome, Mamma! Please take some time to look at the various resources that I’ve put in place for you. And do let me know of any topics you would like to read, and I’ll make that available for you.

Looking for where to start the journey?

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Let’s Love, Laugh, Lead, Learn and Live Life to the Fullest.