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15 Common Items You Can Sell To Make Money from Home

awesome house items you can sell to make money from home

Did you know that there are some items in your home that you can sell and make money from them?

I will explain in detail shortly…

The truth is that Stay At Home Moms are always looking for ways to make a little more money. 

Everyone wants a little extra cash. 

Of course, even Elon Musk is also running some side gigs. LOL.

One fast way for you to make a little extra cash is to sell items from your home. Yes!!

Items are not just tangible things, though. 

Nowadays, selling stuff is so much easier, and you should hold this opportunity.

Below are 15 items that you can sell from the comfort of your home and make some extraordinary money for yourself.

List of some items you can sell for extra cash

1.  You can sell your old clothes or new clothes you don’t wear:

If you have clothes you no longer use and don’t want to give out to the less privileged or even your friends; you can sell them and start a fashion business

By far, this has to be the easiest thing to sell, and most especially if they’re just occupying space in the closet. 

You can put them on Instagram or even create a website for this purpose.

Also, you can choose to tell a friend, to say to a friend. Word of mouth is bae.

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2. Make money from selling old pieces of furniture in your house:

If you are refurbishing your home or are packing into a new one, you can sell your old pieces of furniture. 

I just did this last month and I can’t begin to tell you how much money I made by selling off my old furniture as against trashing them. 

Someone will always need those things you think as old and worn. 

Some furniture makers can even buy them from you, remake them and sell them again. 

But don’t worry about the furniture maker; the most important thing is getting your money.

3. Rent out a spare room in your house:

If you have a room in your house sitting empty, you can rent it out or list it on Airbnb

Of course, inviting strangers inside your house can be scary.

But if you need the money, then there’s nothing wrong with leasing it for a month and setting ground rules. 

This ‘spare room’ could also be a renovated garage or a tiny room just in the backyard.

4. Exchange your children old toys and baby stuff for money:

First of all, babies and children are expensive. ?

Parents who don’t have so much money left after providing the necessities for their child would be grateful for a cheaper, second-hand toy. 

You can sell your children old toys, high baby chairs, prams, bottles, training toilets, etc.

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5. Sell your old cookware:

Growing up, my mum had a lot of kitchen stuff. 

Some were wedding gifts she never used. 

They occupied unnecessary space in the kitchen, and my dad complained a lot about it. 

Then, my mum had an idea and began renting out the cookware we weren’t using. 

She resolved this by renting out these bowls, large spoons and pots etc to the people who needed them most.

Do you have some old cookware you aren’t using? You might want to consider renting or selling them off. 

6. Make money from selling your old jewellery:

If you have jewellery that you are not using, you can sell them. 

You can also remake them and sell them at higher prices.

7. Sell Your Ideas:

If you consider yourself an expert on some topics, then you can use it to make money. 

If, as a Stay At Home Mom, you love gardening, then you can start a website for gardening and begin giving people ideas for their gardens. 

That is a very sellable item. To maximise social media and use it very well.

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sell items to make money from home

8. Sell your Space

If you are at home most days and are looking for a way to make money and fill your time, you can start selling your space…and time. 

Working parents could drop their kids at your house. 

So, yes, you can run a daycare from your home. 

You can even sell your space to small events like meetings.

9. Sell collections:

Many people do enjoy collecting items. 

If you’re one of those, you can sell them. 

If you collect bottles, old movies, containers, CDs, etc., you can sell them.

10. Make money from selling old books:

Books are space-consuming. 

If you have books you’ve read and are tired of, you can sell them. 

You can either sell them individually to those who need them or to bookstores that buy used books. I recently sold my old books for an unbelievable amount of money.

11. Make and sell confectionaries:

If you love baking or usually have so much leftover, you can sell them. The cake business is good business in Nigeria.

12. Old appliances:

People love a good deal, and people would buy if an appliance is still working even though it’s preloved. 

Irons, air conditions, fans, microwaves, etc., are some appliances you could sell.

13. Sell homemade products:

You can sell anything you do yourself. 

If you can make homemade products such as lip gloss or balm or simple oil mixtures for hair and skin, then you can sell them.

You will just have to optimise the use of social media to expand your reach and get more customers.

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14. Old shoes and bags:

Just like clothes, you can sell these too. 

If you have a lot of old stuff, you can quickly sell them for extra money. 

Shows and bags, unlike clothes, can be redone or covered. 

That is, if, for example, the leather is worn, you can change it. 

And this will increase its salability.

15. Make T-Shirts

You can either use old or new t-shirts. The choice is yours to make. 

Learn a bit of tie-dye or word-painting on shirts. 

This will make you convert those old shirts to something more beautiful. 

You can print quirky, stay-at-home quotes on them or whatever tickles your fancy.


There’s a lot you can sell around your home. 

Almost everything in your house has a market value. 

Look for ways to make them even more profitable.

I hope this article has helped you to see the opportunities to make money that lies in the items you have in your house.

There is much more where that came from.

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