About Us

A Mum And More Tribe is an International Women’s Community solely set up to help Women, Mothers, and especially Stay-At-Home-Moms, connect with a robust network of other Moms. We share knowledge, expertise, and experiences while discovering and navigating the amazing world of parenting in the 21st Century.

Our Vision is “To create a HAVEN for all Mothers on Earth.” AMAM is purposely driven by the desire to see women/mothers Learn, Love and Live well. We derive our joy and accomplishment from knowing that one day, women and mothers worldwide would see themselves for who they are; The PILLARS of the WORLD.

Our Vision

To create a Haven for all mothers on earth.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help women live their full potentials.

Our Approach

We approach the work from three pillars; Education, Community, Opportunity


We curate, create and provide knowledge through blog articles, masterclasses, books and more to equip the community of mothers all over the world.


Resources Curated


Peer to peer mentoring is one of the key ways people can grow. We provide a safe and healthy space for women, mothers, intending mothers to share and express themselves.


Community Members


We curate different opportunities for our community to gain access to funding, the right networking opportunities and find incredible talent to collaborate with.


Opportunities Curated

Meet Our Founder

Viv Obinna quickly recognises herself as a Wife and a Mum, and her superpower is being a busy mum of 5 children.  She is a Lifestyle Coach and A John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She is also a Stay At Home Mum (SAHM) Wellness Coach and Intentional Parenting Advocate.

Our team

Afy Gbadamosi


Afy Gbadamosi is a graduate of International Business Administration from Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has a CIBTAC Diploma in Aesthetics, Body Therapy and Electrolysis from Ray Cochrane Beauty School and a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology from London School of Reflexology, both in the UK.

Afy worked as an administrator for 6yrs with Thames Water, a utility company in the UK, before resigning, relocating to Nigeria to get married and start a family.

After being a stay at home mum for 7yrs, Afy returned to work in the Beauty Industry for a year and a half.

In 2019, Afy founded MyST Mobile Spa, a brand primarily concerned with providing beauty and self-care treatment to you in the comfort and privacy of your home.

When not working, Afy is a busy mum of 3, is passionate about changing the narrative of domestic help and building dignity in labour wherever one finds themselves. 

She is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of A Mum and More Tribe, and she’s responsible for the design and implementation of the tribe operations, establishing policies that promote tribe culture vision and mission and overseeing operations of the company and the work of the executives. Her level-headedness and soft-spoken nature have endeared her to the community where she runs a weekly segment on the Self-care and Prayer section. Afy, or Mrs G as she’s fondly called, advocates for Self-care and Me Time as the formula for a wholesome mother. 

Her hobbies include watching crime investigation series, cooking, movies and travelling. She’s happily married to Mr G, who constantly showers her with affection and love.

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Blessing Oladipo

Director Of Finance

Blessing Oladipo is a Relationship Officer at one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria with over a decade of experience in various capacities in the banking industry. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Guidance and Counseling from the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi. Blessing is credited with maintaining good customer relationships as a sales staff in the Bank.

In 2019, Blessing brought her passion for baking to life by upgrading her skills, then setting up her confectionery business, which is still coming up, Timbus Cakes and Pastries.

She is currently supporting her husband in the ministry of the gospel.

She has a passion for intentional parenting and intends to be a voice for the vulnerable girl child, helping her discover her full potential.

Blessing joined the AMAM Tribe from inception and has found fulfilment in driving the vision of the tribe home. BBJ, as she’s fondly called, is the Financial Director of A Mum and More Community, a position where she is constantly looking for ways to generate income and revenue for the tribe.  She is currently an administrator of the Facebook group and handles the Recipe segment in the Tribe. She also starts each new day in the tribe by offering prayers and creating an atmosphere of praise. 

She loves to read, learn new things, and is adventurous. She has a keen interest in cooking, baking, travelling and singing.

In her spare time, she enjoys watching family series with her family.

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Ada Sopuru Davies-Onwudiwe

Secretary /Tribe Manager

Ada Sopuru Davies-Onwudiwe is a Content Creation Enthusiast who currently works for private brands whose focus is primarily on social impact.

A graduate of Microbiology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, she got certified in Investigative Journalism and worked in Unizik FM for three years hosting programmes that promoted community development and Boy-Child Advocacy.

Certified by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI, RLC Ghana) in Public Management, She currently sits as Co-chair (Head of Media and Communications) for Youth against Slavery Movement (YASM).


Sopuru currently serves as the Secretary cum Community Manager for A Mum and More Community, where she provides communication support for tribe members and anchors some segments geared towards boosting learning, growth and fun in the community.


Ada Bekee, as she’s fondly called, is an integral member of the tribe and constantly updates the tribe on events happening in and around them. 


She loves reading, writing, cooking and travelling and in her spare time spends quality time with family.

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Sandra Toby

Director of Social & Welfare

Sandra Toby graduated from the Federal Polytechnic Bida with an HND in Mass communication.

She worked briefly with Zuma FM before resigning to become a Stay at home mum (SAHM) as an ardent believer in the Intentional parenting cause.

She joined the AMAM community from the first day it was launched and found her purpose and place in the community. As the General Manager(GM) of A Mum and More Tribe, she oversees the daily Tribe activities and improves overall Tribe functions and growth. She is also an administrator in the AMAM Facebook community, as well as an Anchor of the  segments “What’s in the news” and the “Dear husband series.”

Sandra is passionate about baking, and her dream is to own a bakery to cater to families and individuals. 

Her hobbies include reading and writing. She likes to spend quality time indulging in critical thinking and analysis. Sandra loves to have a good laugh and enjoys bringing fun into the community. 

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