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13 Awesome Hobbies You Can Make Money From


Thanks to 2020 and Covid-19, we found creative ways to keep ourselves occupied. Some of these became hobbies. Before the end of 2020, some even began to make money from it. 

There are lots of hobbies one can make money from, even from home.

There’s nothing quite like doing something you genuinely love and enjoy doing while making a profit out of it. 

If more people did jobs they loved, there’d be more happy people in the world. Just saying.

If you’re wondering what hobbies can generate income, then there are a lot of them. 

Over 7 billion people in the world, and you think there are only 13 hobbies? LOL. 

However, for the sake of space and time, I will be listing only 13 money-making hobbies.

Hobbies You Can Make Money From:

1. Writing:

There are so many opportunities for writers. 

You can write for blogs, companies, etc. 

Thanks to the internet, there are more writing opportunities for story-tellers like Wattpad and other book-sharing apps. 

Whatever it is you write, there’s a space for you online.

I remember a girl from secondary school who was always writing short stories in a notebook. 

There was a competition for short story writers, and she entered it and won. 

She got some money, and she published her first book. 

As long as you’re a good writer, you will always get an opportunity. 

Just put yourself out there.

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The business side of a stay at home mom

2. Crocheting/Knitting:

I do want to learn this. 

I love it.?

If you love knitting and have created so many beautiful pieces, then you can sell them. 

Schools that use knitted sweaters can even employ you. 

You can also sell knitted dolls and other stuff online.

3. Photography:

Some people are born photographers. 

For some reason, they know more about angles than mathematicians. 

Sorry, Albert Einstein. ?

If you have a natural skill for photography, you can monetise it. 

There are now so many platforms where you can sell your pictures. 

Some of these include Pixabay, Burst, etc.

4. Hair Making/Makeup:

Believe it or not, some people enjoy trying different styles on their hair or own someone’s hair. 

Some also like testing with different makeup and knowing what works with what. 

It’s easy to think that hairstyling or makeup artistry is effortless. 

But honestly, those are art.

Have you seen those 70s or even older centuries hairstyles? 

Oh, Lord! 

The intricacy and beauty of the whole thing? 

That is art. 

What about effects made with makeup? 

That is art too. 

And one thing is this: art sells. 

Once it is creative, it sells. 

So if you enjoy hairstyling or makeup artistry, brush up on your skills and make some money.

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5. Beading:

Beading is another skill I want to learn. 

If you can make different stuff with beads, you are good to go. 

I’ve seen some beautifully made vases, bags and purses with beads. 

And they never fail to please my mind. 

I love beautiful things, and believe me; I would be a loyal customer.

6. Tailoring/Fashion Designing:

Founders of big fashion houses took up sewing as a hobby. 

Who knows? ?

You could be the next Chanel or Alexander McQueen. 

But whether you become or not, you can get some cool cash while doing what you love! Interested in starting a fashion business as a stay-at-home, start here.

Ooh, and if you love fashion, I’d advise you to see Cruella.  

That movie is so fashion-forward. You’re welcome.

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7. Handcrafts:

Crafting is so old and yet so familiar. 

If you love handcrafts, start doing something about it. 

Make whatever you want and sell. 

If you love carving little cute things out of wood, cardboard, etc., why don’t you just start selling different wooden items like key holders, pendants, etc.?

hobbies that you can make money from

8. Graphic designing:

I know a lot of informally or self-trained graphic designers. 

Now, there are so many ways to do graphics. 

Graphics design can be done using Canva, Adobe Photoshop, etc. 

The exciting thing is that you can even make beautiful graphic designs using just your phone. 

People always need graphics, especially for adverts, magazines, book covers, movie covers, etc.

You can as well make money from this hobby.

9. Drawing/Arts:

Yo, some drawings are so actual. 

You’d even think they’re photographs. 

If you love drawing, you can make money from it. 

You can make and sell children colouring books; you can draw for book covers, etc. 

Those who specialize in life drawings, people never tire of gifting portraits. 

Start selling yourself.

10. Baking:

Baking, just like cooking, is a hobby. 

If you’re a skilled baker, try selling your baked goodies. 

I have a friend who made her first wedding cake while she was in secondary school. 

Also, learn how to package them beautifully.

You can sell them online (per order) or however, you want to sell them. 

It’s easy money!! 

During COVID, a friend of mine started learning to bake, and right now, she has contracts from all over to bake for weddings, children’s parties, etc.

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11. Public speaking:

There are natural-born orators. 

I am one of them. 

If you’re like me, you can start a podcast or Youtube channel so that you can talk. 

You’d be surprised at the number of people that would gladly listen to you talk. 

Podcasts and Youtube are also avenues to make some extra cash.

If you’re also not scared of large crowds, many companies might ask you to be their spokesperson. 

And if that isn’t showing you dollar signs, I don’t know what will.?‍♀️

12. Beading/ Jewellery:

People love homemade pieces of jewelry. 

This is because they are usually unique and crafted with a lot of attention. 

If you love making jewelry, then I suppose you would love to sell them for extra money.

13. Sell your Ideas:

Ideas come quickly to some people. 

If you’re one of these, you can sell your services. 

Many brands, companies, etc., need new ideas. 

You could even start a consultation website. 

And voila! More money in the account!


In conclusion, there are so many hobbies one can make money. 

Most hobbies are monetisable. 

Just be on the lookout for ways to market these hobbies. 

And here’s a tip: social media is your friend.

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