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How to Create Videos and Make Money on Youtube

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Did you know that you can create videos and make money just by publishing your videos on YouTube?

That’s why you are reading this article to find out how to get this YouTube money.

You are welcome to continue reading because this article will guide you on making money from YouTube.

The requirements for getting started, equipment, and monetisation strategies are all in this article.

But before we go on, let’s get to know what YouTube is all about.

What is YouTube?

Youtube is the most popular site for videos, and on that platform, you are either creating or consuming videos.

Over 1.9 billion monthly users on the platform, which means it is an excellent place to put yourself out there.

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How to start and make money from a YouTube channel

Before you think of starting a youtube channel, ask yourself some basic questions:

  • What would I talk about (your niche)?
  • Who do I hope to attract?
  • Am I passionate enough about the topic? Etc.

Generally, people go to youtube to learn, to get inspired or to get entertained. 

So whatever your content is, it should be able to reach one or more of these goals.

Top youtube creators make a lot of money every day. 

Some even make up to thousands of dollars in a day. 

It’s a very lucrative business if you know how it works. 

Getting money from youtube has little to do with the videos themselves. It has more to do with your:

  • Content – how valuable it is?
  • Staying power – do people return to it?
  • SEO – can it be easily found on youtube?

So now that we know, these let us move on to steps on creating a youtube channel.

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Steps to Creating a Good Youtube Video

As much as making a profit has little to do with the video itself, having quality video doesn’t hurt anyone. 

It’s a nice touch. 

I find it challenging to watch YouTube videos with low video quality, and I don’t even stop to consider if the video is interesting.

I’m sure that there are people like me out there. 

So, here are some tips on what you can do to create good videos for your youtube.

1. Use a quality camera to shoot your videos:

Now don’t fret. 

Cameras are costly, and top youtube creators use top-notch cameras for their stuff. 

But you don’t have to get something expensive.

All you need for this particular step is an excellent smartphone.

As long as the phone has a good camera, you are good to go.

So yes, having a good camera is the first step to creating good, quality videos. 

Other pieces of equipment go with quality cameras, such as a tripod stand, gimbal, etc.

Getting these kinds of equipment will aid you.

2. Use a good mic:

If you are shooting your video in a tranquil environment and have a good microphone, always use a mic.

Using a mic should not be an option.

It helps you to get clean and clear audio for your videos.

A simple lapel mic will do the work very fine.

3. Learn Basic Video Editing

Hey, I’m not asking you to be a videographer. 

But knowing how to trim, cut, add clips or pictures, transition and apply some effects won’t hurt you. 

There are so many software applications that you can use – Adobe Premiere, Wondershare, Filmora, etc. 

These video editing suites work very well on PCs.

The good thing is that there are a lot of apps you can use on your phone too. 

Video editing has never been made easier. 

So, learn how to edit videos. 

It’s a handy skill for making money online today.

4. Learn how to light up properly:

Good lighting is essential. 

Always shoot videos in a bright place. 

If your house is bright, then you can do it at home. 

If not, shooting outside will be an excellent decision to make. 

You can also choose to stay near the window and shoot.

But, don’t stay in front of the window (intrusive light). 

Stay either beside the window or place the camera in front of the window. 

If you can’t seem to stay inside, outside or beside the window, then get some artificial lighting. 

But as you know, these are pretty expensive and may not be budget-friendly for beginners.

5. Choose the right environment:

The environment you shoot in should be good – free from clutter, not noisy, not overly decorated, etc. 

Avoid clutter around where you shoot at. 

Even if your YouTube video is your laptop screen recording, avoid so many open apps in your taskbar or your search taskbar. 

Clutter makes you look clumsy, and that can divert your viewers’ attention. 

A nicely decorated room is nice. 

But if it’s overly done, it also diverts attention. 

Noise is a distraction. 

Try shooting in a place that has minimal distractions.

6. Have a good intro:

An intro isn’t compulsory. 

But if you want one, it should be short and should tell more about what your channel is about. 

A minute-long intro is too long. 

Your viewers are not interested in your intro. 

They are interested in your content because that is why they clicked in the first place.

7. Get a good outro:

Finish your video with a call to action. 

It can either be a link to another of your videos or a link outside youtube or your social media accounts. 

Either way, your outro should be compelling and make people want to answer the call to action.

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how to make money from youtube as a stay at home mom (1)

How to Make Money from Youtube

1. Create good content for YouTube:

The first step to making money is creating good content. 

Your content should be valuable. 

No one will keep coming back if they don’t get value from what they’re watching. 

There are millions of channels on youtube, so your content better be unique, quality and should make people want to keep watching. 

To know what your content should contain, check what your competitors are doing.

Know their tone, the kind of music they use, etc. and then add your flavour.

2. Your videos must be engaging to hold people for long:

Videos that you publish on your YouTube channel should be good enough to bring people back. 

Your returning power should be top-notch because this is one way your videos are ranked. 

It’s the returning power of your viewers that will then translate to subscribers and even more clicks on the ‘share’ link.

3. You should optimise your videos for search engines:

SEO can be scary. 

It’s an intense world, and not many can understand all its rules. 

All you need to concern yourself with is that people should find your video on youtube.

Your title, tags, and video description should contain the keywords. 

Even what you say should contain keywords because Youtube transcribes everything you say to search for the keywords. 

You can only make money from a channel that anyone can find on youtube.

4. Make people know about your channel:

Market your video to your already existing platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Marketing your product (video in this case) is how you get more viewers, subscribers, and then, sponsorships. If you’re a fashion designer, you can choose to vlog about what you do and make people know about your channel.

5. Apply for the YouTube monetisation program:

When your content is valuable, when the views are getting higher and higher, and you can now be found on youtube, you can apply for ads. 

Ads are a simple way to make money on the internet.

You need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of video watch time with 12 months for the YouTube monetisation program.

6. Make money from sponsorships:

Getting sponsors can be challenging. 

But there are a lot of platforms that connect content creators to sponsors. 

If you don’t get big sponsors immediately, don’t worry. 

You can get sponsors from small companies or even your friends. 

Don’t think of ads and sponsorships immediately. 

Concern yourself with your content, SEO, quality videos, etc.


Growth on youtube won’t happen immediately. 

It could be months before you start seeing any progress. 

As long as you’re making quality videos, giving out quality content, maintaining a consistent schedule, and learning SEO, you’re good to go. 

To many people, YouTube is a full-time job. 

To many others, it’s just a side gig. 

So, whatever it is to you, it’s a lucrative business, and you have to work hard to reap its benefits.

If you have any questions about creating videos and making money on YouTube, you can ask in the comment section below.

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