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3 Easy Steps to Build a Brand as a Stay At Home Mom


Thanks to the internet, you don’t need to spend much on branding yourself or your business. In fact, can we make thanking the internet a habit? Now, with just your phone or laptop, you can build a brand for yourself or your business while at home.

Now take a second to answer this question: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘branding?’

To many people, it is a logo or the name of the company. 

If that’s your answer, you’re not wrong.

However, there’s more to branding than slapping your logo on all your products. 

What is Branding?

Branding is whatever opportunity you get to stand out from your competitors.

Branding is the totality of everything about you or your company. 

It is your vision, mission, personality, etc. 

Nowadays, one’s brand can be used as a business brand. 

Influencers, for example, are an example of personal brands that become business brands. 

Their personality, work, actions, style, etc. speaks for them. 

Branding is how people perceive you. If you decide to go into the fashion business today, you need to build a solid brand.

As Stay At Home Moms, it may feel as though you don’t have any other identity apart from ‘Mom’. 

But don’t worry, you do have other identities. 

And those identities . . . or even the ‘mom’ identity can be your brand. 

After all, there are many Mom bloggers and influencers.??‍♀️

There are a lot of things to consider when trying to build your brand. 

In this article, I will guide you step by step on building your brand as a Stay At Home Mom.

Why is Branding Important?

Branding is essential because it speaks for your business. 

According to Jeff Bezos, it is what people say about you (or your biz) when you’re not in the room. 

There are many reasons why one needs to brand. 

However, the three main reasons are:

1. To build your own company as an entrepreneur or consultant.

2. Make yourself more employable by marketing yourself to companies

3. To build your credibility for future ventures

Brand building construction 3d isometric vector concept with construction machinery and workers

How Expensive is Branding?

First of all, if you’re a small business or content producer or just a personal brand, you will not have the same resources most big companies have for marketing and advertisements and such. 

But don’t panic. 

Branding is no longer as expensive and challenging as it used to be.

What’s more, all one needs are an internet connection, good pictures, and an online presence.

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Steps To Build a Brand Even When Working From Home

Generally, there are about three steps. They are:

1.       Developing your identity

2.       Mapping out a strategy

3.       Marketing your brand

1. Developing Your Identity

Identity is fundamental. 

It is what marks an individual out from the rest. 

Every one of us has an identity. 

The very basic is our name. 

Your brand identity can go a long way for your business because, generally speaking, it is the way the public sees you.

Ask yourself this question: What message am I sending to the world?

Identity has to do with the brand name, logo, web design (if you have any), content, packaging, etc. 

These elements of identity should always be applied across all media consistently. 

Usually, these are the first things a consumer comes across.

You need to think carefully about your identity because most times, it sticks with you throughout your life. 

Not just today or tomorrow. 

So when thinking of your identity, don’t just stop at what you think your brand should represent. 

Instead, think about what your consumers feel your brand represents.

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2. Mapping out a Strategy

This is a vital part of brand building. 

No army goes to war without a strategy. 

Okay, that’s probably too far and seems a game of thrones-ish. 

So how about this: Every building has a blueprint. 

A blueprint is a detailed plan…figuratively or literally. 

You need to write down the points you need to tackle. 

One of such would be your target audience. 

Who exactly is your service or content for? 

What gender? 

What’s the age bracket?

Another point to take note of is your competitors. 

Listen up: there’s nothing new under the sun. 

I’m gonna say that one more time for those at the back. 


Whatever your services are, there are high chances that there are already many people doing it.

Except, of course, if you invent something more significant than the internet. 

So, hun, you need to know what your competitors or those already in that niche are doing. 

Learn their marketing strategy and then develop yours too.

Thirdly, you need to ask yourself what new thing it is you’re bringing to the table. 

We have a lot of social media. 

However, even though they all serve the same purpose, there is something different about all of them that make them differ from one another. 

It would help if you got something new. 

You, as an individual, are unique. 

So make your brand different from all others. Make it unique.

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3. Marketing Your Brand

In these present times, every brand needs a solid online presence. 

The world is so digital at this point that you’d be missing out on a lot of benefits if you don’t have a digital presence.

There are so many platforms you can use to advertise your services or products. 

You can use Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

In addition, these social media platforms have different marketing angles but, the preliminary hard work is consistent. 

It would be best if you were consistent and dedicated to your brand.

Another way to market your brand is by having a website or blog. 

An active blog has two or more new articles per day. 

Once you talk about websites and blogs, you will mention SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

In fact, for this particular step, you will need to learn about SEO and SMO.

Third, don’t underestimate partnerships.

Partner with brands already in that business.

This is for more visibility and outreach

Fourth, don’t forget the good old word of mouth. 

Positive reviews and references by people will help your business in the long run. 

First, capture the hearts of your consumers and then watch them spread your good news.


Branding takes time. 

It doesn’t happen overnight. 

Hard work must be put into it. 

The most important thing, however, is not to forget the core mission and vision of your brand. 

Don’t try to be what you’re not. 

Don’t copy the marketing or advertisement of more prominent companies. 

Just do your own thing.

When thinking of branding, ask yourself this: 

What three words would I want my brand associated with? 

That’s an excellent place to start because it will affect the colour, personality and general vibe of your brand.

It may be difficult and even unrewarding at first. 

But don’t give up – branding takes consistency and dedication.


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Keep being #fabulous ? 

I’m root for you. 

Viv ?


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