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How To Care For Your Aged Parents

Use this tips to care for your aged parents

Ageing is a part of the life cycle and most times, we desire that our parents and even ourselves live long and age well.

For many, ageing comes with a few challenges; health, finance and help. There is a decline in mental and physical strength and this can cause drastic changes in their appearance.

The responsibility of caring for aged people tends to fall on close people i.e. spouse, children, siblings etc.

Sometimes, these people are not even ready for that phase that now appears to be a huge burden.

Being aware of their needs, the options available to them and how it affects you is key.

Caring can be overwhelming and challenging for the caregiver. It can in turn affect the health and mental state of the ones who take on this responsibility. In fact, in the true sense of it, it is a full-time job if you decide to take on this.

The truth is when your days as a caregiver to your parents come to an end, you want to look back and be assured you did your best.

So, come along as we consider the essentials to make adequate decisions regarding their wellbeing.



Aged parents sometimes have health challenges and in some cases, chronic. 

While trying to decide the best way for you both, you might want to consider this area. 

What are the challenges? How often will there be capital visits? Their medication and availability to help dispense this medication.

It is important to look at this critically for the sake of their safety.

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Whether you choose to keep your aged parents at home or look to other alternatives, the cost implication cannot be neglected. 

Be sure to get family members to pitch in and don’t have the do-it-yourself mindset.

Also, check to see if there is a retirement plan your parents already made.

Depending on your country of residence, there can be some financial support from the government that helps take off some burden.

You can check out government benefits as it applies to your country of residence.

In the case of an active business of the parent, step in to see that things are properly handled so that stream of income doesn’t die off.


The need to get help when needed cannot be overemphasized.

After careful evaluation of what is needed to adequately provide care for your Parents, seek the help of professionals if you need to so you are sure of what they are getting.

You might not necessarily be equipped to handle some of what they need. Source for the services you will need, there is no shame in that. The need goal is to make sure you provide the best and necessary needs for them.

You can also get a home assistant or a caregiver that can help around the house if you decide they should live with you because there will be other things also calling for your attention. Make sure caregivers are educated and 

It is also okay to take a break and you can share the load if you don’t ask for help no one will know you need it.


How much care will your parents be needing? What options are available?

If you decide to go with a care home, what are the requirements? How often can you see them? How will this affect their mental health?

And if you decide to keep them at home? What’s the living condition of the home? Will they prefer to stay at theirs or move in with you? 

How safe is the environment? What basic safety can be put in place? What will their daily activities look like? 

These are the sort of questions you want to answer and set the tone for what you do.

Start minimally.


Be realistic about what you can offer once you have a clear understanding of what they need.

Try not to take on tasks beyond your capacity and have an honest conversation about them with both your family and yourself.


Do not forget about yourself while you are offering care. You can only give the best of yourself when you are strong, healthy and have a sound mind.

Keep relationships and do the things that matter to you. Eat good and nutritious food, drink water, exercise. 

Go to the movies, the spa, the park, anywhere that can help you unwind. You need to nourish both your body and mind. 

If you feel overwhelmed talk to someone; a professional if you need to and remember to take a break when needed.


Taking care of your aged parents should not be a responsibility or burden you handle on your own.

Whatever decision you choose, don’t feel guilty, it’s really about what’s best for both of you.

Keep them physically and mentally active, learn to communicate well, and let things be clear every time.


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Akalazu Nancy

I do take care of my aged parents…

By making sure the eat healthy, take their supplements, go in for check ups and call them regularly, as I make the kids talk to them on regular basis…
During holidays either I go to see them or I bring them over to spend some time with me..

This and more.

Elizabeth Owoade

This is loaded. Thanks for sharing.

Bola Adeyemi

This is encouraging. Thanks so much

Sally Imoudu

Beautiful, thanks for this