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Things To Consider When Moving To Another Country


Moving from one city to another can be overwhelming; talk more of moving to another country entirely.

It is even more tasking when you have to move with your family (kids inclusive). It comes with a change of free culture, job, mindset, school and relationships.

Much more than all these changes is the moving itself. So much to organise, people to say goodbyes to, and there is also the financial implication.

Relocation always seems easy until you have to relocate, and it is essential to be well prepared before stepping out and here are a few tips that can help guide you.

Tips that will make moving to another country easy for you


Sort through your possessions into categories of things to sell, giveaway and take along. Yes, you can also make some cash from your properties.

If you are moving across countries, you don’t want to take things you won’t be needing or you can easily get to your destination. So as much as you can, put the essentials first and others can follow, you won’t have all the baggage allowance to take everything even if you wanted to.

Pack strategically, label boxes and clean as you go.


You heard right, after sorting, it’s time to make some money.

Sometimes, relocation sales can be tough but it also depends on you as the seller.

Yes, money is needed for the new phase but you don’t want to put price tags that will chase potential customers.

Try to start your sales in a good time so you can sell off most or all your listed items.


Work out all documents that will be needed in your country of choice.

If it’s a work transfer or you’ve got a new job, be sure to get all supporting documents from your employers.


When you arrive at your destination, spend wisely. Suppress the need to just buy things before you are settled, you will end up buying things you don’t need and spending a whole lot. You have got time and you will eventually fill up your space. Keep a list as you go along so you have what to work with.

If you can, make arrangements for accommodation. Reach out to family, friends or colleagues if you have any that already reside in your country of choice, it’s much easier when someone who has been in the system guides you accordingly.

In a situation where accommodation is not settled before your arrival, look out for hotel deals so all your funds don’t go into hotel stay before you get a permanent space.


Involve orders in the process to help you put things together. You can assign tasks to friends and family just so the work is easy.

If it’s a work relocation, you can ask the company for assistance with some relocation costs.

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Reach out to people who have gone through the process and ask questions so you know exactly what to do. This way you avoid unnecessary issues and spending.

On arriving at your destination, ask questions about your desired area of settling, check to see the distance to the things you need from your home; shops, schools for kids and other necessities.


Schedules are necessary if you have to cut back on stress and be all packed before your departure day.

Last day of work, settling work documents in the case of a work transfer, sorting through your belongings, shopping, packing up and visitations are things that can go into the schedule. 

The whole idea is to plan the time you have especially if your departure is time-bound.

Start on time, it inevitably takes longer than you think.


Do not overlook your kids or take their feelings for granted. They will be hit hard and very emotional because they will be sad about the things they will miss out on.

Have an open conversation with them; listen to them express their thoughts then explain to them why it has to happen and what they should look forward to.

Make and show them they matter. 


Relocation is a big deal, it’s leaving all you are used to and starting all over. Kids will have to make new friends, so do you. 

It is important to be guarded with proper information before going into the process so your mind is prepped and ready.

Mamma, you will be fine, be rest assured.


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Elizabeth Owoade

Thanks for sharing mama.

Bola Adeyemi

I wish to have such experience soon by God’s grace. So this will make the journey easy