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Raising Boys In The 21st Century

Raising Boys in the 21st century can be a hard nut to crack. I’m not gonna lie to you, Maama, but there’s work to be done.

I have 2 baby boys myself, so I know what it feels like. I love my boys, and they are so sweet. However, if you don’t want to develop a constant migraine, you must know how to deal with them, especially as they grow. 

Boys are usually a handful. I don’t know where in the universe they get all their energy from. Grooming boys in the 21st century is a “life” skill. You must master it. The good thing is you stopped by my blog, so you’re definitely on the right track. ?

Are you expecting a boy soon? Or do you have a baby or toddler boy running around the house right now? Whichever it is, read this article till the end to catch the full gist on raising boys in the 21st century. 

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Helpful Tips When Raising Boys  

Not all boys are the same in every home. Some boys are slow to master social interactions. It’s either they’re too engrossed in video games, or they detest interacting with human beings. 

Some are too boisterous, to the point that they have a tough time focusing. They don’t just hear “word.” They’re everywhere and anywhere, talking more than they should. 

Some boys are too playful and energetic. They want to act out every scene from a cartoon they just watched. So suddenly, we have Supermans, Batmans and Captain Underpants changing the interior decor in the house. (My tired is tired!)

Every mother questions how she’s doing in raising her son and if she’s doing it right. If you follow the tips I’m about to share below, you’re on your way to raising your son into the man you want him to be. 

So, how can you raise your son to become the man you want him to be? 

The Father Figure 

Remember when we talked about raising girls and how your role as a mother has a big role to play in her upbringing?

Yes? Great! 

The same applies to boys. In raising boys, the father or father figure has an advantage over the mother. They’re both of the same genders, so they know the best way to interact in ways you might never understand. If the father displays healthy personal hygiene, he will imitate in no time.

I love this quote from Roland Warren – President of the National Fatherhood Initiative, and he said, “A mother can certainly help her son become a good man, but a father can show him what it means—and that’s powerful.”

One way boys learn to relate with women is by watching how their fathers do it. So, get your husband involved. If the father is absent, a father figure will be a great replacement (an uncle or a family friend that comes around)

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Strengthen his sense of self 

Think about all the men you admire – your dad, your uncle or whoever. They almost certainly share one key characteristic: a good dose of self-esteem. Some people feel that a man who feels good about himself is vain; that’s a lie. It only suggests he is self-assured, capable, and deserving—precisely what you want for your son.

Boys need to feel like they’re capable because they’ll be responsible for many things in the future. You don’t want to raise whiners, boys (talking too much and complaining). You have to train him to be strong, and you can do this by making him feel good about himself. 

Allow him to do things and praise him for his efforts (No false praises, please). 

Get him involved in physical activities. 

Most mothers are guilty of this: They want girls to do everything that has to be done in the house. And the boys? “Oh no, he is a boy, let him be.” is what you’re most likely to hear. 

No, Maama. You should involve your boys in other activities that will make them know men are helpful around the house. For example, take him along with you as you shop for groceries. Assign him to wash the cars. Etc. 

Don’t kill his “energy.”

Have you ever wondered where boys get all the energy they possess? I have too. 

They behave like they always drink gallons of energy boosters before the day gets started. This high pent-up energy can drain us, but it’s essential to allow them to run, climb and blow off steam. It’s an integral part of their growth. 

Just make sure your son understands that there are times and places—like the classroom—where he’ll need to slow down.

Socialisation Vs Association 

Most boys don’t start friendly conversations as quickly as girls. But, on the other hand, boys love to play in groups. Haven’t you noticed that when new family friends come over, the girls usually make new friends first? 

Help your son strengthen one on one relationships. 

Watch their association. As I earlier said, boys, move in groups – large groups. Your role as a mother is to monitor the type of “clique” he is moving with and ensure he doesn’t fall into the wrong clique. 



Honestly, we did not come to this world to die as mothers. Isn’t that why we always say, “I cannot come and kill myself” 

Since we don’t intend to die when training our children, what do we do? The only thing we can do is to do it “THE RIGHT WAY.” 

You can do it the right way today! It’s a lot easier and efficient. 


Remember that motherhood is a journey made easy when we have the right people in our corner. 

So, click this link to go to the fantastic world of motherhood.

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Keep being #fabulous.

I am rooting for you. 


Do you have more tips to share? You can share them with us in the comments. 

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Sandra Toby

This certainly hit home…..

I was having the father figure argument with hubby for the longest time.

One of the times, I just told, ” If the relationship you have with your father is what you want with your boys, then by all means don’t change your game”

I struck a nerve, and I knew it!