6 Simple Ways To Hands-On Parenting

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In recent times, we have become more aware of the importance of having both dad and mum being involved in raising the kids.

Society had made us believe that the mothers have the sole responsibility of raising the kids and for this reason, some fathers didn’t feel the need to partake in this journey.

Some fathers say they don’t know what to do with the kids.

Yes, mothers are nurturers but didn’t arrive in the world with a manual to care for and raise children.

Maternal instincts give nudges on how to figure things out but that is as far as it gets.

The role of the fathers cannot be overemphasized.

Bonding shouldn’t just be between mother and child, father and child can also bond and have a great relationship. 

Ever come across some online skits where fathers were asked about their kids and they provided wrong information but the mother gave every detail necessary? It appeared funny, right?

Well, yes for jokes but we need to do better as parents, get more involved and know our children in the real sense of the word.

Parenting styles differ and no one can be said to be the best but taking the hands-on parent approach can foster better relationships with kids.

Hands-on parenting will require an investment of time and effort in every area of the child’s life.

Here are 6 simple  ways you can effectively get this going;


Get to play with your kids, especially when they are calling for it. Let them be and act their age and not try to make them behave like adults no matter how hard you want them to be well-behaved.

Children learn a lot as they play and you also get to know their personality too. 

Cut down on screen time and work time to encourage bonding.

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As parents, it is important to know that every activity is important.

From taking care of the child as a baby to assignments and school activities when that phase comes to puberty and adulthood, everything matters.

And these are all opportunities to bond over and know your children better.

Taking interest in school activities, homework, and attending open days are great. Ask questions on how they are coping with school or a new environment if you moved.


Taking family trips and excursions encourage bonding and also creates an avenue to know your children.

Again, this exposes their likes, personality and favourite things to you. 


Yes, you read right. Never shy away from disciplining your child. It’s part of the process and this should not be left to a parent, both should be involved so the child doesn’t begin to pitch favouritism.

Discipline will help put the child on track and also drive home the values important to the family.

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Lasting memories can come from sharing and learning about family history and values.

This can help in developing their sense of self as they listen to family traditions. Share old pictures, family tales and values that shaped you that are important.


Yes, families bond over prayers and Bible study. It is a good way to bring everyone together. 


Hands-on parenting is not as tedious it sounds, it only gets you engaged in the day to day activities of your children, sharing in their moments and being actively present and attentive to them as they grow.

This helps form their personality and family values that are important.


Remember that motherhood is a journey made easy when we have the right people in our corner. 🧡

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  1. Am going to imbibe this. But how can one handle a child that doesn’t listens. No matter how hard you try even not to beat, he will end up doing worse.

  2. All this I do with my children but still struggling on how hubby will get used to this, even if it’s once in a while. Anytime he’s around everybody disappear to their room.

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