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17 Major Body Changes to Expect During Pregnancy

mid-section-of-pregnant-woman-measuring-her-belly for changes in her body

Are you curious to know the major changes that happen in your body during pregnancy?

The saying that pregnancy comes with a lot of changes has become an anthem, but it doesn’t falsify this saying at all.

These changes can be good news to some mothers and bad news to many others.

While some moms may be celebrating the additional weight gain, many become sad about losing shape.

After all, who doesn’t like maintaining a sweet figure 8???‍♀️

But, before we go about the major changes you should be expecting during pregnancy let’s talk a bit about what causes these changes.

What are the causes of changes in your body during pregnancy? 

It’s simple, HORMONES are the major reasons for changes in a woman’s body.

The major hormones are;

1. Estrogen:

This is what is responsible for you being a woman.

It is responsible for female sexual characteristics but it also causes significant changes in your body when you get pregnant.

2. Progesterone:

This hormone prepares the female body for pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the production of these two hormones increases.

In fact, during pregnancy, these two hormones are produced in higher quantity than they would in an entire lifetime of not being pregnant ?.

It’s important that these two hormones are secreted at an increased rate.

Do you know why?

It’s because these hormones help the placenta and uterus to;

  • Improve the formation of blood vessels.
  • Transfer nutrients from mother to baby.
  • Support the development of the baby.
  • Estrogen helps in the development and maturing of the fetus.

You see that nausea feeling you have during the first trimester of pregnancy?  

Blame it on the rapid increase of Estrogen ???.

And that increase in the uterus that causes what we call the baby bump is caused by the rapid increase of the progesterone.

So, since you now know the major causes of some of your pregnancy troubles, let’s move.?

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What are the changes you should expect when you become pregnant?

Major Changes to Expect during pregnancy

The changes you will experience during pregnancy will differ as you approach delivery.

So let’s break down the basic changes that you may experience according to the trimester of pregnancy. 

What to expect during your first trimester (1-3 months):

You should be expecting the following:

1. A cease in your normal monthly cycle (mensuration): 

For most moms, the earliest and noticeable sign of pregnancy is that their regular monthly cycle stops.

In very rare cases this does not stand as some moms still see their period even while pregnant, but again it is veeeeerrrrrry rare.

2. Feeling of sickness:

Yes, moms!!! 

Expect to be sick with body pains, and nauseous feelings.

3. Fast breathing and increased heart rate:

This is normal with pregnancy.

So, the next time you see a pregnant mom going hi – ho?… guess you know that it is expected.

4. Tender Breast:

Your beautiful and firm boobs become so tender and soft to feel. Sometimes you might also experience some tingling effects which can rub off as uncomfortable. You would generally react to touch or brush against someone or something.

5. Frequent urinating:

Because your growing uterus puts pressure on your bladder, you’ll feel like you need to urinate a lot.

6. Mood swings:

It’s simple, you feel differently every other second. 

First trimester moms, I hope you now know what to expect?

Next is for the Second Trimester (4-6 months) moms.

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What to expect during your second trimester (4-6 months):

This is what you should expect at this stage of your pregnancy.

1. Less Fatigue:

Somewhere around the 5th month, you begin to feel better with less fatigue, morning sickness and moodiness.

2. Weight gain:

You would notice you have started to add on some weight.

3. Food Cravings:

You might begin to crave spicy, sweet, and fatty foods.

At the same time, you may also not like the taste and aroma of some food.

4. Nails and Hair Breakage:

For some women, their hair and nails may begin to break or get stronger.

5. Your vagina might become tender:

Some moms feel their vagina begins to feel tender when touched.

Also, they might experience a painless growth like a boil, and sometimes itching.

You can consult with your gynaecologist for any medical concern on this.

What to expect during your third trimester (7-9 months):

For the final and last trimester, which runs from 7-9 months, here are the changes that you should be expecting;

1. Reels and Turns of Emotion:

Your emotions begin to run around the place as you expect your baby soon.

Emotions of joy, pain, worry, fear of the unexpected and so on.

But in all, calm your nerves, as much as possible. 

2. Pregnancy induced blood pressure and diabetes:

These two health challenges may occur in a few pregnant women, and during their third trimester it becomes obvious 

When this is diagnosed, the moms concerned are placed under close monitoring.

Signs of this setting are severe headaches and swollen feet.

But before you administer any treatments, please consult with your gynaecologist.

3. Weight gain:

You would add on extra weight which is a result of your baby’s growth, amniotic fluid, the placenta, your breasts, your blood and your uterus.

So, it’s not just you adding weight, your baby is growing.?

4. Baby bump:

Your baby bump becomes more visible at this stage, and even a child would wonder to himself if you are carrying a football in your tummy.

5. Fast breathing rate:

More than before, your breathing rate increases as your child exact more pressure on your lungs.

This makes breathing a bit difficult, hence the fast breathing rate.

6. Braxton Hicks:

You may feel Braxton Hicks contractions (tightening of the muscles of the uterus). 

Fear not!!! 

They do not mean labour is starting.


Pregnancy is a life-changing event of which the experience varies with each individual.

So, enjoy the peculiarity of your pregnancy and adjust to it.

Remember that motherhood is a journey made easy when we have the right people in our corner. ?

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Keep being #fabulous ?

Rooting for you.

Viv ?

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