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Linea Nigra: What is That Line on Your Stomach During Pregnancy

Have you been wondering what that line on your stomach during pregnancy is? Simply put, it’s called Linea nigra.

Baby girl, pregnancy comes with different visible changes here and there on every woman’s body.

Identifying these changes and knowing what each could mean would help ease off some tension. 

It will also give you an understanding of what you are currently experiencing or would experience.

In this article, let’s discuss the linea nigra (the dark line on your stomach during pregnancy).

You want to know more?

I bet you want to continue reading till the end.??

What is linea nigra?

Linea Nigra is a Latin word that means black line in the English Language.

The linea nigra is that vertical line on your belly.

It is a pregnancy tag that commonly appears on the belly of moms-to-be.

As much as it is completely okay to have the linea nigra on your stomach during pregnancy, here is what you need to know about this common condition.

Linea nigra is that dark line that runs from the top of the pubic hair to the navel and sometimes stretches to the breast. 

It’s normal while expecting a newborn, and it stays till after you give birth.

For your pleasure, Moms, I would be answering a few questions that bothered me about linea nigra, that could help you too.

Here they are…

What causes this linea nigra?

This question kept popping in my head as a first time mom.

I continually bothered myself on what I have done wrong to result in this?

I feared my stomach could be giving me a sign that it would soon be torn into two?.

Don’t laugh at me, mbok. ??

Well, as I shared my concern with my doctor, here is what I found out…

The linea nigra is the result of changes in hormones during pregnancy. 

One theory is that pregnancy hormones cause our bodies to produce larger amounts of melanin.

Melanin is a compound responsible for giving your skin its colouration.

And this extra colour shows up as a dark pregnancy line on our stomach. 

And Women of all different skin colours are affected.

Although, linea nigra can be more visible in women with fair skin. 

Phew!!! ?

That was my response as I sighed in relief.

Alas! my stomach is not tearing into two.??

What is linea nigra. Can it disappear

When does the linea nigra become visible in pregnancy?

If you can pay close and attentive attention to your body, you would notice that the line appears in the second trimester (3-6 months) of pregnancy.

Moreso, it sits well through pregnancy. 

What can I do about the linea nigra during pregnancy? 

A  few tips that  can help make the linea nigra less pronounced during pregnancy:

1. Cover up your skin:

To avoid more skin discolouration during pregnancy use sunscreen (at least SPF 30).

Try also to keep your tummy covered up as much as possible.

2. Mamma, eat well:

A folic acid deficiency can be related to excess skin colouration.

So, make sure you’re eating a healthy pregnancy diet with plenty of folates.

Folates can be gotten from green leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Moreso, be sure to take your prenatal vitamins faithfully ?

Can I prevent the linea nigra during pregnancy? 


The best way to prevent or reduce the presence of the linea nigra is to avoid exposing your skin to the sun.

So do your part, wear clothes as much as possible on your body and cover any skin that is exposed to the sun with sunscreen.

Any need to be worried about linea nigra?

Just like I did, don’t go about causing yourself unnecessary heartache for something as normal as your bulging stomach during pregnancy.?

This pregnancy belly line isn’t dangerous, even if it appeared without your consent. ?

Not comfortable, how can I get rid of the line after pregnancy? 

For a baby girl for life like me,? the next thing on my mind was “how can I just erase this line?”???‍♀️

I kept asking and so many answers came, but here is what works;

If you really want to get rid of linea nigra, then you can use bleaching creams after delivery.

This is only recommended if you’re formula-feeding (not my best pick though).

The golden of all is a natural approach.

This requires applying a little lemon juice to your skin, as the acid in lemon helps fade skin discolouration.

When does the linea nigra go away on its own?

The linea nigra would slowly fade out on its own a few months after your baby is born. 

But, in the meantime, try to embrace it ” with your full chest” as just one more thing that makes your growing bump beautiful, so be patient Mamma.??

Some other person would ask…

Can I have a linea Nigra when I am not pregnant? 

Although the linea nigra is mostly visible during pregnancy, the line is actually always present.

When it’s not visible, it’s called the linea alba.

During pregnancy, the line darkens and gets more obvious.

Because I was so interested to know more about this line, I  found out that non-pregnant females have this line too. 

Yes, they do. ?

What’s more? 

Men and children also have the darkened line too.

So, linea nigra isn’t unique to pregnant moms alone.

Why does the dark line appear even when a mom is not pregnant?

Hormones are a contributing factor.

Indeed, hormones can contribute to a great number of changes in both pregnant and nonpregnant bodies. 

It’s believed that a combination of estrogen and progesterone (a combination for most hormonal contraceptives), causes the body’s melanin-producing cells to form more melanin.

With more melanin, your skin darkens. 

That may include often hidden, or lighter, parts of the skin, such as the linea alba.

Exposure to the sun may also increase melanin production. 

While the sun’s rays make exposed skin darker, it can make certain parts of your skin, like the linea alba, even darker.

Moreso, untreated hormonal conditions may also be blamed.

If you are worried like me about this, then it’s okay to speak to your doctor.

That’s because my results may not be the same as yours.

Some hormonal conditions may be to blame for irregular hormone levels. 

Diagnosing them may help erase the brownish line on your belly.

It may also help treat other symptoms and signs that are less visible.

I hope you are able to learn a thing or two from this piece? 

Next time you see that line running through your belly heading towards your breast,  don’t cry, gladly accept it with your full chest. ??

But I’ve got you always.

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Keep being #fabulous ?

Rooting for you.

Viv ?

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