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9 Effective Ways to Deal With a Noisy and Nosey Neighbour

how to deal with a noisy and nosey neighbour

How do you deal with a noisy and nosey neighbour?

Unless you don’t have one, like it or not, some people just like to be in your face, space and case.

They are always in the group chat, on social media or your street, and they are just plain noisy over nothing, picking up cases and rendering unsolicited inputs.

This set of people are like a tick on your head, just draining the life out of you.

Arrrrrgh!! So, so annoying. ????

You will be feeling like…

“Can this woman not just let me be? Worst still, if she is your neighbour, you’’ find yourself snooping around to know if she’s outside every time you want to leave your home. Is there a way to make her disappear?”

Have you ever been here?

I know how it feels; give me your hands; let’s walk through these 9 tricks that will help you deal with a noisy and nosey neighbour.

How to deal with a noisy and nosey neighbour

Here are some easy tricks you can start practising right away;

1. Confront your neighbour:

I know moms who are reading this and are experts in courageous confrontations.

If you are that type of mom, put that skill into use by facing your neighbour nicely.

After exchanging pleasantries, kindly tell your neighbour you do not like her nosey or noisy attitude: no raised voices, no angry emotions, just two adults having a conversation.

You would appreciate it if she could stop!!!!

Simple huh!!!! 

Let’s see you do that, and don’t forget to let us know how it went.

I want to know too.??

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2. Install sound security systems:

If you don’t already have a sound security system, then you need to get one.

Whether you have pesky, nosey neighbours or not, this is important.

Having a sound security system is now a massive necessity in this time and age. 

Your home should be where you feel safe. 

Even if you don’t believe or expect that there could ever be a break-in to you and your home, it’s far better to be safe than sorry. 

There are many types of home alarm systems available, and they are pretty easy to install.

Unless your neighbours are super nosey, they probably won’t come onto your property.

Having some motion-activated floodlights (or even sprinklers) certainly isn’t harmful.

Dealing with noisy and nosey neighbour

3. Build boundaries around your house:

Another approach to this is building boundaries.


Build boundaries with fences, wires, bushes, tall plants or flowers so there wouldn’t be easy access to your space. 

This would keep their prying eyes away from your business and space.

Also, you will be able to enjoy the serenity of your space.

If planting flowers was your choice tool for creating boundaries, then you have a new garden for yourself. 

Moreso, invest in exquisite curtains and blinds to keep their prying eyes away from you and your space.

4. Learn to say “NO”:

So, I have a neighbour who is always at my door and wants to get in.

And I didn’t want that company at the time.

So, I simply said NO, you can’t come in now.

Yes, I did!! 

That sounds mean, right? 

But I didn’t want that; why pretend? I’m very wary of telling lies, and so I don’t lie.

Most times, we say yes to things that we don’t want at the expense of our happiness.

That needs some work, especially if you want to keep a nosey or noisy neighbour away.

5. Become friends with the nosey neighbour:

A nosey person might just be seeking friendship.

If you can accord them that kind of pleasure, then why not take a chance on it?

You both can become friends and share joys and tears with no prejudice or hate.

After all, we are to be at peace with all.

Being friends with your neighbour can foster such peace.

Although I would advise we know when to draw the lines, as the adage says, a handshake that goes beyond the elbow has become a fight.

Know when the ties are no longer healthy, address them or cut them off.

This is for your good and well being as a Mom.

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6. Ignore the nosey neighbour:

This could be pretty cold or mean to do, but you have your reasons.

If the advantages would be more, then go ahead.

By the way, what if your neighbour is looking out of their window at you – just ignore them. 

If the problem with your nosy neighbour is amounting to more than just prying eyes, then this may seem like a complicated solution. 

Constant interrogations as you step out of your house or car are a bit tricky to step away from. 

If it feels too uncomfortable to ignore them completely, then nicely and politely say you don’t have time for a chat and walk away.

7. Stay out of your neighbours’ view: 

By all means, avoid “see finish.”

At times we are the ones who give the prying eyes content ? or something to see or long to see.

Spend most of your time out of your neighbour’s view. 

Don’t stand in front of your windows chatting on the phone.

Have an area of privacy and stay there, so you enjoy your space without being seen. 

Your neighbour will hopefully soon get bored of monitoring nothing and get on with her own life.

8. Report your neighbour to relevant authorities:

This is a reasonable action if you feel threatened or you feel your life might be at risk.

You have the option of reporting a nosey neighbour to the authorities so that you can have your peace. 

If your neighbour’s behaviour is in any way intimidating or anti-social, you are within your rights to report them to the police.

It’s a good idea to keep a diary of incidents with details of times, dates, and what happened between you two.

9. Consider moving homes; 

This may be the very last thing to do.

At this point, “water don pass garri.” ??

I mean, everyone knows it’s a colossal task moving from one house to another.

But then, if your happiness is affected by a fellow next door, just let them be.

Pack up and go if you can afford to! 

If you’ve tried everything else and you are still feeling like a miserable prisoner in your own home, moving house might be your best option. Well, unless the house is yours and not a rental.

And if that is the case, you might want to seriously consider the possibility of shutting them out of your life permanently.


Mamma, nothing is worth your peace of mind ooo.

A nosey neighbour can take away your peace and may even cause depression.

Use the tricks in this article to manage the situation with a nosey neighbour. 

If you’ve got other tricks you already use, please share them with us in the comment session.

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Keep being #fabulous ?

Rooting for you, 

Viv ?

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