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Raising Girls in The 21st Century

how to raise girls in the 21st century

Are you thinking of the best ways of grooming girls in the 21st century?

Daughters are a blessing from God to our families. 

They possess a superpower that the world needs – they’re easily the gentle ones, the early talkers, the most helpful in the home, the modest ones and the kind ones. 

Grooming a strong and confident girl is never a walk in the park. 

The study has shown that girls are the most vulnerable, the most likely to be a victim of social pressure, and might encounter difficulty while filtering mixed signals from society.

To add, we live in a patriarchal world, so there’s a need to train our girls to be bold and assertive.

The world is fast-moving. With every generation, there’s a new method of grooming children

Technology rules our world today, and because of that, most of the things we do are affiliated with technology. Things that were done in the 80s can’t be the same way most items are now. 

However, you’re not alone, mamma. We’re in this together. 

This article will look at the numerous ways we can groom our girls in this 21st century.  

Before we proceed, you need to understand the specific characteristics of girls that make them unique.

Therefore, the first step to discovering how to groom girls is by understanding their personalities. 

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Why are girls a big deal?

Girls differ a lot from boys. 

Therefore, it’s essential to know their diverse characteristics, as this will influence some of the decisions you will make towards them.

Some of the traits of girls include: 

– nurturance

– sensitivity 

– sweetness 

– supportiveness

– gentleness 

– warmth 

– passivity 

– cooperativeness

– kind, helpful and modest. 

Powerful girls feel secure in their skin. Most girls are vulnerable to comparing their physical bodies to that of their peers.

Grooming them to love the skin they’re in is a necessity. 

Powerful girls feel good about themselves and grow up with a “can-do” attitude.

Of course, it’s no news that girls have times of insecurity and self-doubt, but these feelings won’t be paralysing if all mothers can train them to work through their problems. 

Powerful girls will grow up to lead whole, valuable lives. 

Are you ready to raise a powerful daughter? I bet you are!

Keep reading. 


How to raise girls in the 21st century 

How can you raise girls that are powerful, intelligent, purpose-driven, and assertive?

It starts right from the foundation. No stage in their life should be neglected. Right from infancy to adulthood, you need to be intentional about what you teach/show them.

What are some of the ways to raise girls in this century?

Below are 5 essential things you need to have in mind.

1. Provide a healthy example

Let’s face it: Children are imitators. They will only project what they see you do. Do not forget that as a mother, you’re a powerful influence.

Research has proven that the way a mother acts in front of her daughter largely influences the child’s behaviour, and there are ways to model a healthy self-image that benefits both of you.

As your daughter is growing, watch what you say around her. Watch what your husband, her aunt or your friends say around her.

How you treat other people or talk about them is a good predictor of how your daughter will.

Avoid displaying anything negative you know she can pick up along the way. If you display healthy personal hygiene, she will copy that too.

Also, get active around her. When your daughter sees you go out for a run, or you dance in the living room together or help her scale a rock wall at the playground, you’re teaching her to love her body. 

2. Show your daughter you love her because of who she is, not because of what she weighs or how she looks.

Always encourage your daughter to eat in healthy ways, but don’t over-obsess over what she eats.

Listen to her opinions (about food and other things) and show appreciation for her uniqueness, to help her develop herself into the person she wants to be. 

Comment on the way she carries herself into a room or the ideas she is expressing before commenting on her looks. 

Teach her to be confident in her skin. 

3. Talk less, listen more. 

As a mother, you need to build a good rapport with your daughter. Most girls face many issues in school or among their peers, and they will only feel comfortable talking to a woman or lady.

During puberty, girls need someone to talk to. 

When the boy in the neighbourhood disturbs a lot, they need guidance to not fall into the wrong hands.

Take out time to ask your daughter questions.

By creating consistent, predictable times when she knows that you are receptive and available to listen — like riding in a car, taking a walk, or just sitting reading — you will eventually be let into her inner world.

Most importantly, listen more than you talk. 

Ensure that when you talk to your daughter, you don’t do all the talking.

Instead, make room to listen to what she has to say. 

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4. Monitor her screen time and train her to be tech-inclined

It’s a digital era. These days, digitalisation can make or mar a person. 

We’re all about the positive use of technology, so we must train our kids to be technology inclined when they have come of age. 

However, digitalisation (primarily social media) can be hazardous if not properly monitored. It can lead to peer pressure or depression. 

In order to solve this, it’s essential to help our girls avoid the narrow focus on appearance that often dominates the media.

By helping your daughter process the messages she sees on the screen and developing her ideas about them, you can better prepare her to resist the media’s pervasive stereotypes. 

5. Watch her association

Association has the power to build and to break. Which do you want for your daughter?

How can you monitor her association?

Invite her friends over. Find out the family they come from. Listen to their discussions (but don’t be sneaky about it).

If possible, engage in various activities with them. If the friends she keeps aren’t a good fit for her, find a way to end the relationship. 


Grooming girls can seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t. 

Parenting is so much fun if done the right way. I’m sure the tips I shared above are helpful. 


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Keep being #fabulous?

I am rooting for you.


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    Bola Adeyemi

    This side of listen more, my second daughter can talk seriously I don’t usually have enough time to listen to all. Well I will try to have a listening ear.

    Sally Imoudu

    Teaching them confidence and self love is very important

    Elizabeth Owoade

    This article is very loaded. Firstly foundation play a vital role in child upbringing.
    Secondly, be their best friend. This in turn makes them secured, relaxed and they can be sure they can tell you anything.
    Btw mam Viv your girls are very pretty.

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