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Planning For The New Year As a Stay At Home Mum

Stay At Home Mum

Hey, Mamma. How are you doing? 2021 is about to end, and it has been an eventful year. Were you able to smash all the goals you started with? I’m sure you smashed all those goals! 2022 is in a few days, and with every new year, we have to set plans in place, so we don’t get caught unaware. So how can you plan for the new year as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum)? 

In this article, I will be sharing my best tips on how to plan for the new year. These tips have worked for me, and I’m sure they’ll be of great help to you too! Let’s go! 

How to plan for the new year as a SAHM

What are some things that have helped me thrive in a new year? What are some structures you need to set when entering a new year? Say you recently left a 9-5 and decided to be a full-time SAHM; what do you need to do now that you’re entering a new year as an entirely different person? Will it be the same as when you were a working mum? Of course not! Stick with me!

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Settle some expenses 

Before entering the new year, make sure you have settled some necessary expenses. Usually, we get caught up in all the fun during festive celebrations. This makes us spend a lot more in December, leaving us nothing to fall back on when January comes. So if you’re the one footing most of the necessary bills in the home (or part of the bills required), you need to set money aside in December for necessary expenditures next year. 

These necessary expenses could be your children’s school fees or the house rent. You’ll need to pay up your children’s school fees or make provisions for the rent of the house. If there are other necessary expenses, make sure you have a plan for all of them. Then, save or pay up before the time comes. 

When you enter the new year without a plan on settling expenses, it’ll feel as if you’re carrying the whole world on your shoulders when the bills pile up. So don’t be caught unawares, Mamma! Now is the right time to save up or settle necessary expenses for the new year. 

Make sure nothing affects your new year plans. 

Avoid distractions like the plague. What kind of distractions am I talking about? Say you have some money saved up for your child’s school fees, and suddenly there’s an opportunity to splurge. It’s Christmas, and everyone wants to have fun. Also, you want your children to have the best time of their lives. So, you’re thinking it’ll be wise to spend that money, hoping you’ll be able to save up another one before next year. I bet you it won’t be that easy. So, make solid plans and stick to them. You can contact one of your closest friends to act as your accountability partner because you need to stay accountable. 

Take care of debts 

Do not make the mistake of carrying debts into the new year. It will only compound issues. Instead, if you have outstanding debts from this year, make sure you work towards clearing them up before you walk into the new year. Then, decide to step into 2022 debt-free! You can do it!

Reduce unnecessary expenditures 

Just like I said earlier, cut down expenses. Not everything deserves your attention. It’s excellent to refuse an invitation that will cost you so much. Instead of accepting things that take money from your pocket, why not look for something you can do that will bring money into your pocket? 

Make plans to get a job.

If you don’t have any source of income this year, make plans to start a business or have a side hustle next year. Thankfully, we’re in the social media generation, so it is easier to make money in this generation than it ever was. Now, you can make money with your smartphone and from the comfort of your home. 

Create a budget for the new year 

If you want to do better financially in the new year, you will need to create a budget. A budget predicts revenue and expenses for a specific future period that is usually prepared and updated regularly. Before you create a budget, do these: Evaluate your debts and bills, cut down expenses, decide how to record your income and spendings, make plans to have an emergency fund, and then create a realistic budget!

Make new year resolutions. 

Honestly, resolutions are so important. But, it’s risky to enter a new year without a resolution. So, before you make any resolutions for the new year, make sure you have reviewed how the past year went. What are those faults and flaws you noticed? Then, make resolutions to get rid of them in the new year. 

Do you want to be a better wife? A better cook? A more resourceful housewife? Whatever changes you decide to create, you have to work towards it. So, write down some resolutions and steps to work on them. 

That’s all for now, Maama! If you want 2022 to be a great year, you have to start planning now! Don’t forget that we intend to LEVEL UP here at AMAM in 2022! 

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