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Explaining Christmas Celebrations To Children

Mother and father explaining Christmas to a child.

90% of the time, our children don’t understand what Christmas is about. They’re just interested in eating all the rice and chicken and visiting all the fun places in this world. While that is good, it’s important to let our children know what the season is about, so they can appreciate the season more. So how do you go about explaining Christmas celebrations to children? Before we get down to the matter properly, why should we even explain Christmas to our children in the first place? Is it necessary?

Importance of explaining Christmas to children 

We get so caught up in all the holiday parties and activities that we forget why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. We celebrate Christmas is far more important than the activities carried out in that season. 

When children understand the reason for the season, they always appreciate the season better, making them grow into better children. 

Children will understand the true meaning of Christmas when they see the connection between Christ’s birth, giving presents to Him, and giving gifts at Christmas. Teach children about Santa Claus, how he used to give gifts to needy children as part of Christmas, and how it evolved into the commercialism of today, which has lost much of its genuine spirit.

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How to explain Christmas to children 

Now that we know why it’s essential to explain Christmas to our children, how do we go about it?

Read the story from the Bible. 

First, read the Bible account to your children and explain Jesus Christ’s birth to them. Then, take your time describing each part of the tale to your child, from the angel appearing to Mary and Joseph to the miracles surrounding Mary’s pregnancy, Mary’s visit with her cousin Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John the Baptist, and the journey to Bethlehem. The unique visitation the baby Jesus received after his birth and the offering of gifts are essential to convey with children. 

Do you want to know how your kids feel about the true meaning of Christmas? Inquire of them. “What is the true meaning of Christmas?” says the narrator. Many children will mention Santa Claus, Christmas trees and decorations, and presents. Make the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth sound intriguing when explaining it. When children hear dull reading, they become bored. Telling the narrative in your own words, highlighting and illustrating where appropriate, may be beneficial. 

Show, don’t tell

So, apart from reading stories from the Bible, what else can you do?

Demonstrate the true essence of Christmas by demonstrating Christmas love in many ways. Have your children develop ways to use their abilities and skills to help others. To explain the true meaning of Christmas, come up with gifts to donate to those in need. God’s gift to humanity is Jesus. He freely gave of himself, even though none of us deserved it. It’s the epitome of what a “genuine gift” is. 

Encourage kids to “outgive” one another by thinking of new ways to help others. Demonstrate how donating a gift may also be a form of service to others. For example, allow them to assist with serving meals at a soup kitchen, distributing food from a food drive, or the distribution of coats from a coat drive. Teach children that the genuine meaning of Christmas is exemplified by giving gifts in the name of love.

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Decorate a Christmas tree

Kids adore gazing at a beautifully adorned tree and anticipating the arrival of gifts beneath its branches. Talk about the tree’s evergreen characteristics while you decorate, how it stays green and vibrant even when other trees perish. Connect it to Jesus’ victory over sin and death by dying on the cross and rising from the dead, as well as the new, eternal life we have when we choose to love and follow Him. You can even ask your children to look through the ornaments carefully and select one that reminds them of anything good God has done in their lives in the previous year.

Attend Church Services 

When we attend church as a family to remember the birth of Jesus (whether digitally or in-person), we help to re-center our kids (and us) on the real reason for the season. So don’t make providing gifts to your family’s Christmas a priority. Instead, go above it and tell the children that Christmas isn’t just about buying gifts. It’s also about remembering God’s gift to us; it’s also about sharing the true spirit of the season with everyone we meet!


As mothers, we’re supposed to explain the meaning of Christmas to our children so they can appreciate the season more. I hope you have a wonderful time with your children while doing this. 

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