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Do you find it difficult being highly productive as a housewife? Are you having challenges handling all
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Hello, my name is Viv Obinna. I am the founder of AMumAndMore Tribe, a community that helps Stay-At-Home mothers be their best.

How long have I been a Stay-At-Home Mom? Over 14 years!

But although I am a certified John Maxwell Coach, I have experienced the struggle of being productive as a full-time housewife just like you. 

Sadly, CNBC reported that 9.8 million working mothers suffer from burnout. In severe cases, it leads to critical health conditions.
All of this because we want to be the best mothers and wives to our families. 
But some mothers are easily productive, successful, and living very happy.
How are these women living more successful and productive than you?
What is their secret?
The truth is that they all share UNTOLD HABITS
Habits that anyone can easily form but you never knew about.
After speaking with over 200 moms, I have carefully explained all about these habits in this book for all Stay-At-Home Moms that wish to achieve more in their life.

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11 Habits of the Highly Productive Stay at Home Mum


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"I've come to connect with women who truly care about one another and are concerned with helping each other become better women. AMAM tribe is a place where there's continuous learning, unlearning and relearning. The most important thing is women are free to share and express themselves without any shame or free of judgment. Also, we've got each other's back and shoulder to cry on if the need be."

Lucy Odimegwu

"I love this tribe, it is a place where one can be Free to share her experience in the journey of motherhood. The love, encouragement, the support and morals I got from the tribe every day keep me going and also bring the best out of me."

Chinenye Vivian

"I see AMAM as a big family in which you learn everything, I mean EVERYTHING you need to be a successful mother. Ma'am Viv professionalism is top-notch. Kudos to her and the admins."

Elizabeth Owoade

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