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Who Is A Mumpreneur


The term ‘Mumpreneur’ or ‘Mompreneur’ (depending on where you live) is a relatively new coined word and a manner of expression. It is now closely associated with a way of life and/or a lifestyle and how one chooses to conduct their life. The term is now commonly used and is officially in the Oxford English Dictionary as of 2011. It was also recently added to Wikipedia.

The term was coined to explain the occurrence of moms who, during or shortly after pregnancy, created a concept based on their circumstances that would eventually lead to self-employment or the absence of desire to return to work. As the word “Mumpreneur” has gained popularity, some businesswomen who are also moms identify as Mumpreneurs.

For others of these women, it was a lack of access to childcare, a lack of flexibility when returning to work, or maternity pay that was insufficient to sustain the livelihood that inspired them to start a business during their pregnancy or shortly after giving birth. 

For the numerous reasons why these women chose to be self-employed or business owners, the term embodies the concept of balancing the roles of motherhood and entrepreneurship. According to the current Collins Dictionary, a Mumpreneur is a “woman” who combines running a business with caring for her children. Naturally, some people are offended by this phrase.

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What if someone started their business before having children? What if they’ve always worked for themselves? Being a full-time mother is also a demanding job. As mothers, we are always caring for our children and managing our houses, and we are quite clever and creative in this regard. 

After all, we are raising the next generation of men and women, as well as future leaders. Furthermore, there appear to be individuals who give more credit to ‘Mumpreneurs.’

Others, on the other hand, find the term patronizing, as if becoming a mother is suddenly related to your capacity to own and run a business. Regardless of their point of view, some people find the term “Mumpreneur” liberating since being a mother provided them with insight and encouragement to pursue their hobbies and become happier in life.

I’m going to take the discussion a step further and highlight the fact that there are single fathers who fall into the ‘Mumpreneur’ category; where do we place these doting fathers who are doing their best to nurture their children while still running their business?

We wouldn’t refer to these men as “Dadpreneurs” simply because they own a business. Who knows if this will become a new trend in the future?

Personally, I am more enthusiastic about the concept that the word represents.

I’m more than just my work title. I am a multidimensional person. I believe the term refers to the capacity to strike a balanced work/life balance while also enjoying parenting children. It is when your work becomes your passion and you appreciate what you do so much that it no longer feels like work.

It’s when your job allows you to live the lifestyle you choose without having to give up your ‘nurturing’ role as a mother. Because we all live our own lives, we can only go by what we stand for. 

Challenges of a Mumpreneur and How to Overcome Them


#1 Financial Shortfall

This is one of the most difficult issues a mumpreneur may confront. Capital, cash, or funds are a stumbling obstacle for many aspiring businesses.

I realize and understand that saving money for your business isn’t always a priority when you have children to nurture!

Because of technological advancements, there are numerous choices for establishing low-cost businesses.

The key here is how badly you want to be financially self-sufficient. Or should you go it alone?

Some businesses can be established for less than $500.

Stocking goods and warehouses are not required for all businesses.

Not all businesses necessitate some level of expertise or skill.

You will find it if you look!

#2. Inadequate Time

This is the most prevalent reason given by stay-at-home mothers. I need to do the laundry.

I am the household chef. Who will care for my children if I become a businesswoman?

Are you insane? I am a mother!

These are all excuses, mothers. You read that correctly… they are excuses.

You must make time since time management is the most important ability for a mumpreneur.

Consider your dreams for a moment. Consider yourself solely as a woman, not as a mother, for a moment.

If you have school-aged children, that’s fantastic; you can easily work during school hours.

It will be difficult if you have a baby or toddler, but you can ask your father or grandparents to help you care for your child.

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You may also make time for yourself by establishing a bedtime and mealtime schedule for your child.

However, in my experience, waiting until your child is at least a year old is better because the first year is the most difficult.

3. Lack of Commitment

When you start a business, you must give it you’re all. Don’t think or say things like, “Let me see if this business will work,” or “I’m just trying this to pass the time.”

Please do not do so.

It’s a lock, stock, and barrel.

Your mindset should be “do or die.”

It should only be second to your children. Not at the bottom of the list.

Only by committing to and being serious about running your business will you have a chance of success.

Your mantra should be, “I will do everything and anything necessary to develop my own brand and make my business a success.”

4. Indiscipline

Lack of discipline is caused by bad habits and a lack of faith in the business.

Discipline takes time to develop. However, if you begin to focus on the business, discipline will follow.

It is usually a good idea to remind yourself why you started your business. Do you wish to achieve your goals or become financially self-sufficient?

5. Low Self-esteem and Confidence

In many nations, women are taught that they can only be housewives. There’s nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mom, but it should be a choice rather than a requirement.

Why can’t a woman manage a successful business if a male can?

Women are excellent at multitasking and managing funds, which is an essential talent for every entrepreneur. Do you manage your home and family well? Don’t you manage your family’s monthly budget?

If you lack self-belief, I propose seeking spiritual guidance and tapping into your inner power. Meditate.

Positive affirmations can also be extremely beneficial.

There is nothing a woman cannot accomplish if she sets her mind to it!

Exercise will boost your confidence while also removing whatever laziness you may have by increasing your stamina.

Conclusion on Mumpreneur

Being a mother and a mumpreneur is difficult. But, fortunately for us, we are living in the best period of entrepreneurship! Because of technological advancements, businesses may be established at the drop of a hat!

By conquering these obstacles, a mother can become a mumpreneur. You can do it if I can!

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