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9 Ways To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law.

Are you thinking of how to maintain a good relationship with your mother in-law?  If yes, then you have found the perfect guide that will help you.

In recent times you would notice Mom’s call their husband’s mother, mother-in-love against the mother-in-law we are all used to.

This, I believe, is in a bid to relate well with her and show how endeared she is to you.

Despite the change of name from mom in law to mom in love, some still haven’t gotten the kind of relationship we desire.

If you are on this table, gather here let me give you a few secrets that have worked for me.

Yes ooo!! It has worked for me, and these tips are tried, tested and true.

How to maintain a good relationship with your mother in-law

Use these tips to build a healthy relationship with your mother in-law.

This is important because a bad relationship with your mother in-law can be a recipe for unhappiness and depression.

1. See her as your mother; 

When you make up your mind that your mom in law is your mother, you would begin to respect and treat her thus.

Ma! You don’t know this woman she is troublesome and everything evil.

Chai!! I understand you, ooo, but what if your mother were that way? Would she cease being your mom?

See your mom in law as the one who carried you for nine months, and you suckled on her breast.

2. Call her regularly; 

I make it a duty to call her every weekend, and guess what the weekend I don’t call her, she calls me…

Does that mean anything? If you get the gist, let’s continue if not reread.

Just the way you call your mom, you may not have so much to gossip about; ask her how she is doing, how her business is going, ask her how the people are treating her.

3. Be there for her; 

Just like you would jump out like an angry fox to devour the prey that comes near your mom.

Jump out with the same energy for your mom in-law.

Let her see genuinely in your words and actions.

Don’t just tell her that you are there for her, be actually there for her.

How to maintain good relationship with mother in-law

4. Make sure she also sees you as her daughter;

Use your words to make her believe what you want her to think.

When you ring her, do tell her you miss her and want to hear her voice. 

Tell her that anyone who tries to mess with her will get it hard from you… call your name.

5. Celebrate milestones, anniversaries, and special events with her;

It is not enough to put her pictures on your WhatsApp status or insta story.

Give her a call, pray for and with her, if you are in an area of proximity, get to her house and celebrate with her.

6. Get her gifts; 

Trust me, every single woman on planet earth likes gifts. 

So, just like you send gifts to your mom, baby girl, send to your mom in law too.

Make sure you send it in your name and not through your husband.

Just the way you love to get gifts, despite her age she loves gifts too.

Get her beautiful gifts; you might not spend a fortune, but trust me, she will keep talking about you and singing your praises.

7. Be the first to apologize;

When issues come up, be ready and willing to apologize. 

Apologizing first doesn’t mean you are wrong or you are a coward.

It simply means you cherish the relationship you share with your mom in law.

And you would never let unnecessary anger and pride mar it.

Say I am sorry and act like it, work towards getting back the relationship without pretence.

8. Pray for her; 

I might be coming off as too spiritual right now, huh? 

Well, I tell you whatever kind of relationship you desire to have with your mom in law, pray it to be.

God works on the most difficult of hearts.

So for the moms who believe nothing can change that woman who is “evil.”

 Remember, prayer changes things.


9. Stop expecting trouble; 

Most moms already carry a notion about mom in law being this or that.

As a result, they carry it on their minds expecting the worst.

How can you expect the worst and don’t get what you expect? 

A change of mind or should I say a clean slate mind opened to seeing and experiencing a different mother in law from all you have heard about. 

That should be your state of mind and expectations.

Don’t let what others say about their own relationship with their mom in law spoil yours that hasn’t begun.

Experience your mother in law and treat her as unique as she is. 

As they say, no two people are the same, not even twins.


Treat your mom-in-law how you would expect to be treated. 

Remember, what goes around comes around. 

One day, you too would be a mom-in-law.

Make that relationship with her work.

You can!!!

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Keep being #fabulous ?

Rooting for you, 

Viv ?

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