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House Chores Your Little Ones Can Help Out With


Are you thinking of the house chores that your child can help you with? If yes, then I’ve gotcha!!

I totally understand how difficult it is to be a Stay At Home Mom and the daily chores you have to do.

So, if you have children who have come of age, then you may want to outsource some of your tasks to them.

I know there are moms who are like… Ah! I don’t want my child to get hurt, I want this to happen and I don’t want that to happen.

They are always very protective of their child.

But is this really necessary? 

You are just hurting the child by not providing the child with proper training while they are still young.

Have you hired a housemaid to do all the chores while your kids play games and watch TV all day?

Pause for a moment and imagine how the future would be for a child who is not used to doing house chores. 

Let’s just go straight into the benefits of giving your children house chores to do.

Perhaps you will see one or two things that will convince you to get the children more involved… 

What are the benefits of engaging the children in house chores?

It turns out that children get more out of chores than you can possibly think.

There are a lot of valuable lessons they pick up with each task they complete.

These lessons include life lessons, building confidence, reinforcing family relationships and becoming self-reliant.

Here are some of the valuable benefits of giving kids house chores to do;

Benefits of giving kids housework to do

1. House chores prepare children for life:

When children work around the house and tackle new chores, they learn life skills.

These skills will help them stay on task and be productive for the rest of their lives.

2. Completing house chores make kids become self-reliant:

This is another valuable benefit of giving your children house chores to do.

They eventually grow to become self-reliant.

Mommy will not be with them forever so a time will come when they will have to do some things for themselves. 

The best way to learn those things is to start from an early age.

3. They learn to achieve goals:

With the completion of every task comes the feeling of fulfilment.

This is the same feeling we have when we hit a target and achieve our goals.

So, it is important to get kids working from an early age so that they can develop the mindset of achieving their goals.

4. Kids learn teamwork from doing  house chores:

The family is a team that is made up of a father, a mother and children.

Each member of the team has a task to do and when that is not done, there are consequences. 

Even though the consequences are not dire, the children learn that each person in the team has a valuable contribution to make.

So, they take this valuable lesson from their early age and then apply it at school and in their workplace.

5. House chores help kids to learn how to set priorities:

Kids usually juggle school work deadlines, housework and their social lives. 

As a result, they learn to set priorities and manage their time.

This is an important skill for everyone and they can get this skill by doing house chores. 

House Chores Your Little child Can Help Out With

What house chores are suitable for children of different ages?

The fact that house chores come with valuable benefits for your children does not mean that you should overwork them.

This is one of the reasons many Moms are scared to allow their kids to do anything in the house in the first place.

And if you fall into the category of moms who are scared to give their kids any work to do, then this is the solution you need.

You need to start giving your children work according to their age.

So, what are the tasks that you can assign to your children according to their ages?

Here are some ideas for you;

House chores ideas for toddlers (2-3 years)

The toddler age is a very crucial age where children are always asking “why.”

They are always curious to understand the world around them, which can seem big and daunting for a toddler.

This is a good age to onboard your children so that they will understand the value of work.

Some house chores ideas for toddlers include;

  • Picking up toys and books.
  • Getting the bible and devotional for prayers.
  • Putting clothes on cloth hooks.
  • Setting placemats on the dinner table.

House chores ideas for preschoolers (4-5 years)

Just like toddlers, preschoolers are also very curious.

They also do not have reasoning capabilities yet. 

At this age, kids love to explore and touch, feel, smell, taste, watch and wonder about everything around them.

If you have Preschoolers in your house, here are some house chores ideas for them;

  • They can set the table for meals.
  • Help with preparing meals, under supervision.
  • Help to put clean clothes into piles for each family member, ready to fold.
  • Help with grocery shopping and putting away groceries.

House chores ideas for school-age children (6-11 years)

Children in this age bracket have observable differences in height, weight, and build.

These features are very valuable for performing certain house chores.

Also, this is the age when children try to find their place among their peers.

So, you must influence them positively to fall in love with work before pleasure. 

Some work ideas that you can give to school-age children include the following;

  • Watering the garden and indoor plants.
  • Feeding pets.
  • Helping with hanging out clothes during laundry.
  • Taking out the trash.
  • Helping with choosing meals and shopping.
  • Helping with meal preparation and serving, under supervision.
  • Sweeping and vacuum cleaning the house.
  • Cleaning the bathroom sink, wiping down kitchen benches, or mopping floors.
  • Putting away crockery and cutlery.

House chores ideas for teenagers (12-18 years)

Teenagers can do the chores they did when they were younger.

But this time, they can be responsible for doing them on their own.

This is only possible if you have given them the proper background training for this phase of life.

Teenagers can also take on more difficult chores. 

For example, teenagers could do the washing, clean the bathroom and wash the toilet.

Also, they can wash the family car, prepare meals, pound yam and fufu and mow lawns.

Well, thank God there are table size machines that can do the pounding chores.

I just remembered my early days growing in the village.??

We did a lot of pounding.

Thanks to technology, things have changed a lot.


After having kids, you don’t have to be the one who’s doing all the chores in the house all day long. 

You are not only giving yourself so much burden but you are also depriving your children of valuable lessons they need for life.

Now it’s your turn…

How old are your children and what type of house chores do you give them?

Leave a comment below and don’t forget to share this article with someone. 

Love & Light,


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Sandra Toby

My boy is 4 and he cleans up after himself and brother after playing.
He helps I folding clothes and putting them in his and his brother’s wardrobe.


Hi mum viv .
My older son is 7yrs ,he washes his undies himself including socks ,cleans his room himself ,when ever he cleans his room you would think it was an adult that do the cleaning and he washes plate and also take care of his little bro.he thosent like his bed being rough ..

Elizabeth Owoade

Thanks for this eye opener. Have bookmarked this page so that when my girl grows older I can know what chores fits her age.