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8 Important Life Lessons Every Mom Must Teach Their Children

vital life lessons every mom must teach her children

There are some vital lessons of life that every mom must teach their children.

As a mom, you are the first teacher to your child.

So, it is important that while they are still tender and always at home with you, you should teach them good values.

You do not have to wait for your children to grow up before you start teaching them.

Even the Holy Bible says “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he shall not depart from it.”

I am telling you… you will be very proud of yourself if you teaching your children good lessons of life immediately.

People will also praise you for being a good mom to your children, and your kids will become models to other kids.

Here are some of the reasons why it is important for moms to teach their children life lessons when they are young.

Why should moms teach their children important life lessons?

1. They will not remain with you forever:

You need to understand that your kids will not live with you forever.

I know that you love them very much.

But, hmmm… They will not be with you forever ooo.

They will grow up and require these lessons and not find them in their DNA.

2. If you don’t teach them good values, they will learn the wrong things:

This is just the way all human being is wired.

You cannot be hot and cold at the same time.

It is either you are good or you have a terrible character.

So, if you don’t teach your children good values now, then they will learn the wrong ones.

3. Your kids will meet other people who are not like you:

While your kids are still with you, there are certain things that they will do that you can overlook.

But if they do that outside, it will be an embarrassment.

So, make sure that you are teaching them those good values now.

Important Life Lessons Every Mom Must Teach Their Children

What are the important life lessons that you should teach your children?

If you are a mom or you are planning to have kids, then let this be your guide for what to teach your children

1. Teach your kids how to respect people:

Most times, when we hear the word “respect” we usually associate it with elders.

However, we do not interact with elders alone.

We all must accord respect to whom respect is due.

You as a mom must teach your kids respect by respecting them so that they can respect others.

Teach them to respect their elders, their mates and even those that they are older than.

2. Teach your children how to be thankful:

There is an Igbo saying that interprets thus “When you thank a king for what he has done, he will do more.”

It is very important to teach your kids how to be grateful for what they have.

Also, train them to be thankful when they receive gifts or favours from other people.

By doing so, they will be opening doors for themselves and people will love them more.

3. Teach your children time management skills:

“Tick says the clock, tick tick. What you want to do, do quick.”

Do you still remember this poem?

Well, it turns out that the habit of poor time management is something that adults develop over time.

So, while your children are still tender, you need to teach them the importance of time management.

This will help them at school, at work and in their relationship with people.

4. Teach your children how to forgive people:

Being able to forgive those who hurt you requires years of psychological practice and emotional intelligence.

But a lack of this forgiving ability always bring about strive, envying, and evil plots to bring a fellow down.

So, teaching your children how to forgive people will help them to live as free beings.

5. Teach your children self-control:

The lack of self-control has led to a lot of things that people regret afterwards.

The increasing rate of rape we see in society today is a result of a lack of self-control.

We as mothers have the responsibility of helping our children to always compose themselves.

If we do not take this responsibility now, then we may suffer shame tomorrow when our children do something terrible.

6. Teach your children how to manage money:

It is very easy to spend money ooo, but making the money is where the problem lies.

So, as moms, we must teach our children the value of money.

Teach them how to save and how to spend their money wisely.

7. Teach your children the habit of reading books:

The popular saying that readers are leaders come to mind here.

Books hold a lot of knowledge that can help a child to succeed in life.

So, it is a good thing to encourage your children to read good books.

Buy financial management books, personal development books, business books and age-appropriate so that your children can read.

The lessons that they will learn from reading these books will stay with them for life.

8. Teach them godliness:

One with God is the majority.

You must teach your children to understand that they need God in all that they do.

Teach them to see God as their father who they can run to at any time and find comfort.

Organize devotions in the house and teach them to pray always.


When you teach your children all of these things, they will grow up to be responsible people in society.

You will be proud of your effort in raising wonderful kids.

Also, you get a lot of accolades from people.

This is because they will see you as an amazing mom to your kids.

Now, I want to learn from you… 

Which of these life lessons are you teaching your children already and which ones are you going to start teaching them from today?

Leave a comment below and don’t forget to share this article with someone. 

Keep being #fabulous?

Rooting for you,



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