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Things To Do During The Summer Holidays

Summer break is here again, and I guess you’re thinking about what to do with your kids during the holidays and the things that will keep them busy.

To be honest, I have this mixed feelings every time my children are on break.

The first feeling is that of joy and happiness that comes with having your kids around.

We get to play together, they help with cleaning, and we get in the kitchen to cook.


It’s fun until they come with their headaches.?

That moment when you want to experience quiet time is the same time that they will come for you to settle their fight.?

Or one of them will just jump on you in a bid to play with Mamma.?

No baby!! Mamma is not ready for plays.?

How will you convince your child to stay put and still maintain your cool?

Well, the best way to do that is to enrol your children in a summer boot camp.

That is another way of sending away.

Only that your sending them away is for their good.

They get to make the most out of their holiday by learning new skills, making new friends and improving the quality of their lives.

It’s so amazing the benefits of summer boot camps to children.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of summer boot camps to children in Nigeria.

What are the benefits of summer bootcamps to children in Nigeria?

Most summer boot camps aim to provide children or teenagers with a proper and structured form of experience.

It provides hands-on fun activities, discipline, exposure, interactions and learning many more new skill sets.

Interestingly, you can get all of these packages in one summer holiday class only for a few thousand.

Seize the opportunity and save yourself the summer stress syndrome ?.

Things to do during the summer holidays

What is the best summer holidays bootcamp in Nigeria?

Are you Confused? Don’t be!!!

I won’t leave you without options of some awesome summer bootcamps across Nigeria suitable for your kids.

You can select from one of the following;

1. Center 4 tech young investors summer camp:

Do you have kids interested in;

Mobile Games Design & Coding

Electronics Circuits Design & Coding

Mobile Apps Design & Coding

Web Design & Coding

3D Animation

Drone Programming

Renewable Energy

Tech Discovery.

Visit; to get started.

Hmmm! Sounds interesting, huh?

2. Productivity Summer Camp:

Holidays are when parents give their children access to smartphones because it is summer break.

Adding this training ensures the children are fully maximising their holiday than just playing games and doing things that are not worthwhile with the gadgets.

 Because they are ignorant of how else to use smartphones better.

Take a look at Skills Your little ones can learn at productivity Summer Camp.

And this would be happening live on zoom.

For more info call; 08281732121

Smartphone Productivity Club.

3. The Teen Chef boot camp:

If you stay around Lagos or Port Harcourt, then this one is for you.

This summer boot camp program is for teenagers who love to cook.

It is one excellent program that will help them to hone their Culinary skills.

Then CM  teen chef boot camp has all you need to make your little one’s dream come alive.

They would be learning to make different pastries, continental dishes, different breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

You want to know more, check the fliers or call 08035782455

4. Vocational Bible School:

VBS Means Vocational Bible School.

For our Christian Moms, it’s VBS on zoom!!!!????

VBS has always been a summer break experience for Christian kids.

The Beauty of this is you don’t have to travel a long distance to drop off your little one.

And you don’t have to bother how they are faring cos they are still in your space and engaged with the things of the lord.

For more info, see the flier!!!!?

5. Spanish and French On Zoom:

Agree with me that being bilingual puts your child ahead.

And it would be a thing of pride if at the end of the summer break your champ speaks both french and Spanish.

Wow, this is so exciting to think about!!!

So, for moms who would love to enrol their kids for language tutorials on french and Spanish via zoom. 

We have you covered too. Just call

Mr Olakunle Alabi on 08065659870. 

6. Abuja Moms!!! It’s Summer with Lyndem Educational Games Cafe:

I love this because the hard nut will be cracked with games.

Some kids love to play while learning.

Playing helps the assimilation.

If you have one who loves to, the Lyndem Educational Games Cafe would be your best plug this summer.

For more information kindly ring 


8. NM TECH Teens Content Writing Summer Bootcamp:

Content writing has become a thing in today’s world.

As companies, blog site owners consistently look for good content writers to keep their audience engaged.

Your teen can be a part of this, learn the art of content writing, and even begin to earn immediately.?

Apart from earning, no knowledge is a waste.

For more details on this, contact NMTech official on 0906 070 9636.

9. Kaduna coding and digital classes for teens and kids:

What can I say? The world is going digital, and your little ones shouldn’t be left out

To get more for your little one this summer.

Make sure they are a part of this classes; for more details, call


10. Genius Academy Summer Boot camp:

Finally, Stable Genius Academy Owerri, a Montessori school, has a summer boot camp with many activities.

No doubt if you are in Owerri, visit them at No. 10 Charles Nwogu crescent  World bank Area.

They have excellent facilities to help your little one remain engaged and fantastic staff members who are always ready to keep your child abreast with every new knowledge they might be needing.

For contact details, you can call.


Make this summer a memorable one for your kids’ Mom.


Enrolling your kids for summer bootcamps during the holidays is one good way to help them learn new things.

They learn valuable skills which they, otherwise, may not learn in school at this age.

So, select from the list above and get them busy.

Finally, Mamma, don’t forget that motherhood is a journey made easy when we have the right people in our corner. ?

So, click this link to go to the fantastic world of motherhood

Or send me an email to join our Exclusive WhatsApp Family.

Keep being #fabulous ?

Rooting for you.

Viv ?

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