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How to Prepare Your Kids for Resumption in School

preparing your kids for resumption in school

The holiday is officially over, and it’s the start of a new school year. I guess you are also thinking about how to prepare your kids for resumption in school.

Preparing kids for school resumption can be a complicated process…just as most transition processes are. 

Both you and your kids have a lot of work to do to make it go smoothly.

If your child is just starting school, you may feel even more anxiety than the child.

If it is now a normal process, then you may not feel as anxious. 

However, children, no matter their age, always feel anxious on their resumption day.

For a smooth transition, there are some things you need to do to help both you and your kids get prepared for school.

Tips on Preparing Your Kids for Resumption

The tips below are helpful for both day students and boarders.

Of course, some points are more for day students than boarders and vice versa. 

However, they are all helpful, and you should consider them.

1. Start a Routine for Your Child:

Routine is essential for children. 

Most children don’t follow routines during the holidays because they don’t usually have anywhere to be. 

Routine brings about structure and helps them to be more organised. 

A week or two before resumption, become strict on bed routine, mealtime, etc.

How to Prepare Your Kids for Resumption in School

2. Stock Up On School Materials:

This is the time to prepare for the whole trimester or semester. 

Stock according to the age or level of your child. 

A kindergartener will need crayons, coloured pencils, colouring books, etc. 

An older child may need math sets, notebooks, pens, etc. 

Socks, handkerchiefs and underwear are also essential items your child will always need.

3. Read With Your Children:

You need to start reading with your kids to help put them in study mode. 

This is also the period that you revise their last term’s work with them. 

This will also help you know the parts they may be struggling with and how you can help as the term progresses.

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4. Plan School Meals:

If your children still carry lunch to school, this is the time to plan their lunch packs. 

Knowing what your child will eat in a day makes it easier to plan. 

Create a meal table and stick with it. 

To make this process even more enjoyable, let your child or children join you in making the table.

5. Prepare School Outfits:

Join your child in selecting outfits for school.

A week before resumption, you can select outfits for the first week of school and after that, always choose clothes a day before school. 

This will help your child be more prepared for school each day and it will save more time.

If your child’s school has a uniform, ensure that your child has an extra (or two) pair.

At all times, let one pair of uniforms be ready to wear.

For children in kindergarten, some schools expect that you pack an extra outfit for your kid. 

This is very advisable because one can never go wrong with an extra outfit for children.

6. Back to School Shopping:

Before school resumes, take your child shopping with you for school bags, lunch boxes, shoes, hair ties, or whatever they may need for school.

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7. Talk to Them about Safety:

No age is too young for the safety talk. 

Teach your child to be security conscious.

Remind them not to follow any stranger or go through lonely paths. 

Teach them to also regularly change their route (for those not using the school bus).

For children who go to and fro school themselves, teach them about road safety. 

This is the time to practice the route they’ll be taking with them. 

A week or two before resumption, show them how to get to the bus stop or get to school.

8. Teach Them Independence:

The moment you decide for your child to go to school, you’ve indirectly decided for them to become independent.

Children start becoming independent from a very young age. 

But it’s your duty as a parent to show them and teach them more about independence.

Show them how to arrange their books, how to be careful with their school materials, how to pack their lunch box, etc.

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9. Reduce TV Time:

As school starts, you need to reduce their free time and engage them more in helping around the house or reading. 

This is so that when school starts, they don’t find it challenging to adapt to the change in schedule.

10. Makeout Time for Family:

It is easy to be carried away by school preparation that you forget to be a family and enjoy regular evenings. 

But be careful not to blur the line between school and family…

Just the same way, you are careful not to blur the line between work and family time.

This is also the period when you spend more time with your kids because there won’t be a lot of opportunities for outings between school and work.

This is especially important for children in boarding school that will go on for weeks without seeing their parents. Spend quality time with them.


It may seem challenging to start preparing for school. 

But it’s even more challenging for the school to resume without a plan in place. 

Start early to plan for the term. 

Always endeavour to include your children in the process. 

This will make them excited for school and will make them feel involved too.

Another good thing to do is to have a back-to-school ritual. 

It could be that you take them somewhere lovely the day before school resumes, or you give them a wrapped gift on resumption day just before they leave for school.

Help your child ease into school mode!


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This is so detailed and helpful. Thanks mama.


Thanks momma. This is really helpful. God bless you