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8 Fun Activities to Do with Your Children During the Holidays


Planning fun activities which you can do with your children during the holiday can be confusing and sometimes frustrating but it shouldn’t be.

If there’s anything the coronavirus pandemic taught us, it is that children can be little “devils” when bored. 

That’s when we understand the true meaning of an idle mind is the devil’s workshop

They scatter everything and bring down the throw pillows a hundred times. 

That’s okay though, I mean they’re called throw pillows for a reason, right? LOL.

As much as it’s good to sometimes leave them to their imaginations when they’re bored, it’s also good to plan fun activities for them. 

I can hear a mamma saying “Leaving them to their imaginations is exactly why they broke the TV!” Okay, mom, I hear you. 

But we can’t micromanage everything for our children and sometimes they have to be left to think for themselves…you will just have to monitor them.

Furthermore, planning activities before the holidays will reduce some of the stress of thinking of ways to keep the children entertained. 

The essence of planning these fun activities isn’t just for the entertainment of the kids. 

It’s also for some bonding time between parents and their children and between siblings.

There are lots of activities you can do to keep your children occupied. 

Below are some easy and fun activities you can plan!

fun activities to do with your children during the holiday

8 Easy and Fun Activities for the Kids

Arranging fun activities for your kids can be a good way to keep your children engaged during the holidays.

At least, they will be busy with something while you are doing something valuable with your life.

Besides that, joining your kids in these fun activities can also be helpful to you.

It is a good way to break out of boredom and help you to avoid thinking yourself into depression.

Here are some of the fun activities that your kids will enjoy during this holiday.

1. Make Puzzles for Each Other:

Puzzles are a good way to keep a child busy. 

Except for the obvious fact that it keeps them entertained, it also helps their focus. 

Make puzzles or crosswords for each child. 

Tailor it to something they are familiar with. You can make themed puzzles too.

Example: If your tween daughter has started dabbling into makeup and boy bands (Don’t give me that side-eye! LOL), make a puzzle that will have some makeup items and band names on it. 

If your son is dabbling into the oh-so annoying video games, make a puzzle that will tailor that.

You can also get your children to make for one another and get them to make for you.

2. Learn Some New Skills Together:

If there’s something both you and your child don’t know or something one of you knows, you can make that into a fun activity. 

For example, you and your children can learn a dance step or how to cook some kinds of food. You can also learn to bake together. 

Note that if you’re in a traditional or stereotypical home, you may not be able to do some kitchen stuff with your sons. 

I reserve my comments on that.

Here are some new skills you can learn together:

  • Try new recipes
  • Learn some dance steps and songs
  • Learn to make hair and if you and maybe how to fix artificial nails…for teenagers
  • Try making some origami
  • Learn to draw
  • How to fix a bulb or even plumbing
  • How to change a flat tire, etc.

3. Reorganize or Decorate the House:

Children like being involved in decision-making. 

They like feeling like adults. 

Set one day aside for them to join in reorganizing or decorating the house. 

You can go one room at a time.

Let them get involved in choosing new paint for their rooms and even joining to paint the room walls. 

You can also let them place furniture where they want it to be.

4. Exercise Together:

Exercising with your children will teach them about keeping fit and healthy.  

You can jog with them, do mild exercises with them. 

You can even play football or throw catch with them.

Also, if you’re involved in yoga, take them with you the next time you’re going to your yoga class.

5. Go to Places Together:

A little sightseeing has never hurt anyone. 

There are lots of educational and recreational benefits of going out.

 During the holidays, you can go to the library with your child, or to concerts or to museums.

Local games and shows are also a good idea. 

Once in a while take them to lunch or dinner. Yes, you heard me, eat out. 

Or you can make lunch and pack it up for a picnic. Go to zoos and even thrift shops.

Additionally, going out will help expose your child to some other lifestyles. 

It will also help them get a feel of something different than they’re used to.

6. Play Card and Board Games:

Before the existence of phones and social media, board and card games are what brought families together. 

Play some games together. 

If you’re being even more creative, you can make your own family cards complete with pictures and names. 

Or you can play the same ol’ regular cards with a new set of rules just for your family.

7. Form Your Own Games:

Growing up, I and my siblings formed a game. 

We had all sized papers to rectangles. 

Each of us was given about 50 of these cut rectangles to write any questions of our choice on them with the answer options. 

We could have as many as 250 questions.

The answers to all 250 questions were then written down on another piece of paper.

When it was time to play, we’d face all papers down and then one by one, we’d choose one paper and answer the question on that paper we chose. 

All scores were recorded and we had a lot of fun laughing at who lost.

As a family, try forming your own games. This will help the imagination and creative side of the children.

Forming games for your family also includes making up different stories about people you watch when at a public place.

8. Practice Reading Books:

As an avid reader, I can tell you that reading is a great activity. 

If you’re a very busy parent, you and your child can decide to read one or two chapters of a book and then discuss it. 

The book could be about anything but it should be a fun read.

This helps keeps your child busy and entertained and yet, knowledgeable. 

In addition to this, it helps for some great bonding time between you and your child. 

You as a parent will be able to know how your child thinks and hence, tell you more about your child.


There’ll always be fun activities for you and your child. 

Just think of creative ways to go about it and make sure it is something that will hold their attention for some time.

However, if you’re a single parent or a very busy parent, and don’t have a lot of time or even resources, you can get your child involved in summer classes, or volunteer in someplace. 

This will keep the child busy and also help in getting him/her in getting social skills.

Which of these fun activities are you trying immediately?

Do you have different game ideas? Please share in the comment section.


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