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12 Awesome ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle During Pregnancy

A healthy lifestyle is a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby after nine months. The question is, “How can you maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy?”

Mamma, you would agree that whatever you are doing as a Pregnant mom, you are doing it for not just yourself but your baby.

So, if you smoke, your baby smokes, and if you jump the baby in, you also receive an effect for your action.

Now, what things can expectant moms do to stay healthy while pregnant?

I would be outlining a few, so stay with me…

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy 

Here are some of the tips that will help you to stay healthy during your pregnancy. 

Also, these tips will help you to prevent complications during childbirth. 

1. Ensure that you eat healthily:

Healthy eating in pregnancy cannot be overemphasised as your baby’s healthy growth is 70% dependent on that.

I advise you to take loads of vegetables, fruits, proteins, natural juice, and food low in saturated fats.

2. Be faithful in taking your prenatal vitamins:

Baby girl, I know it is not easy swallowing those tablets every day for nine months but do it for your baby.?

This vitamin is a sure way to tell that you and your baby get the right amount of folate, calcium and iron needed.

3. Register early for antenatal and do not miss an appointment:

Some mom’s wait until they are seven months gone already before they register in a clinic; this is wrong.??‍♀️

Pregnancy is a delicate event and should be handled as such.

Don’t ask your yard people; what works for them may fail you.

Have you been pregnant four times like me?

Oh yes, good! ?

But just remember that no two pregnancies are the same.

So, don’t miss any clinic appointments.

By doing so, the doctors can keep a soundtrack of your baby’s well being.

Ways to Maintain healthy lifestyle during pregnancy

4. Avoid certain foods:

The foods that are listed below are raw and unpasteurised.

Try avoiding them because they could cause food poisoning.

They are; Fish high in mercury, Raw eggs (even in mayonnaise), Liver, sushi, and soft cheeses.

5. Run from Alcohol:

The danger of alcohol is not just during pregnancy.

Mamma, did you know that even before pregnancy, a woman who intends to conceive should avoid alcohol?

That is because alcohol causes Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

FASD causes abnormal facial features, poor learning ability and behaviour in children after birth.??‍♀️

6. Say no to smoking!!!

Smoking is a No-No for me in pregnancy, and I advise the same to every pregnant mom.

This is because your child could suffer from sudden infant death syndrome after birth, and you could even have a miscarriage.

Please, keep your baby alive!!!?

7. Exercise more often:

Every Pregnant mom reading this, please plan to begin light exercises before and during pregnancy.

Don’t forget to ask your doctor for approved activities to engage in during pregnancy.

You can take a walk in the cool of the evening or dance to your favourite songs.

A little activity here and there is okay ? for you and the baby to stay healthy and happy.

8. Get a flu shot:

Ask your doctor about your flu shot.

Remind the doctor because it would keep you and your baby safe from sickness and birth complications.

Even after birth, your baby will remain safe.

9. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!! ?

Get enough sleep for about 7-9 hours every day. I know that this might be an arduous task, but the aim is to try…

Sleep is healthy for you and the baby growing inside you.

When you sleep, make sure you sleep on your left side to allow for proper blood flow.

Healthy sleeping position during pregnancy

10. Avoid any form of stress:

Reducing stress is crucial for improving birth outcomes.

Mamma, that Timaya’s song “This life I can’t kill myself” is for you during pregnancy.

Don’t stress over anything.

Ask for help from loved ones, including hubby; after all, you guys did the deed together.

11. Drink enough water:

Pregnant Mamma, drink water ooo and stay hydrated always.

I hope those at the back can hear me??

Water makes up over 70% of the amniotic fluid.

You do not want to be told by your doctor, “madam, your amniotic fluid is low.”

Before you get admitted, administer water to yourself.?

12. Have enough sex?:

Unless your doctor tells you not to have sex, please don’t stop getting enough sex from hubby.

Baby girl, get into the other room, and get to work, mamma!?

You guys should heat things beneath the sheets, but he shouldn’t be rough.

Sex during pregnancy helps in the following ways;

i. Ease your postpartum healing:

Because pregnancy sex can help tone your pelvic floor, you’re preparing your body for both childbirth and recovery — just by having orgasms! ?

ii. Help labour along when you’re ready to go.

Having an orgasm spurs your uterus to contract. 

Unless you’re nearing the tail-end of your pregnancy and your body is ready to begin the birthing process, these contractions aren’t strong enough to make you go into labour.

iii. It’s a mood-booster:

Even if you’re super excited about your pregnancy, those pregnancy hormones running here and there can still cause anxiety and make you gloomy. 

The release of oxytocin that comes with an orgasm isn’t just beneficial for physical pain.

 It can help increase your feelings of love and joy, bringing you closer to your partner.

iv. It improves sleep:

Not only does pregnancy sex help you relax, but it releases the above-mentioned feel-good hormones as well.

v. It can ease pain and discomfort.

Since orgasms signal the release of oxytocin, a hormone that can increase your ability to manage pain, they can help with those backaches and other pregnancy-related pains.

vi. It’s excellent for your physical health:

One 30-minute sex romp can burn around 50 calories, and it lowers your blood pressure, too!

vii. It’s a safe, partner-bonding experience:

Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster for both you and your partner.

Being intimate with one another is a great way to stay connected to each other during this exciting time.


Staying healthy during pregnancy is not impossible.

It is 100% about how determined you are to stay healthy.

Not just for you, but your little growing champ.

And remember this, motherhood is a journey made easy when we have the right people in our corner. ?

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Keep being #fabulous ?

Rooting for you, 

Viv ?

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