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Fun Christmas Party Games For Everyone

Christmas Party Games

The most interesting aspect of the Christmas season is reuniting with loved ones and creating treasured memories. Christmas parties are a great way to unite and bond during the season. However, beyond the unending arrays of food and gifts, these parties often need a little structure to keep everyone interested and off their devices the entire time. And putting together a list of Christmas party games might be a great way to energize and unite the gathering. 

I’m not talking about just the children here. This collection of Christmas party games contains ideas for people of all ages. Some of these games require no supplies or preparation, requiring only a little creativity and a few eager participants. 

These games include anything like charades, board games, riddles, etc. All you have to do is prepare awards ahead of time, or simply grant priceless bragging rights. 

Let’s get down to the matter. 

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Fun Christmas Party Games 

I know you don’t want your party to be plain boring. Also, not everyone wants to hire a professional MC. So, why not have a list of Christmas games? That’s a smart move if you ask me. Keep reading to find out more about fun Christmas party games.

5 seconds game 

I love this game so much. In this game, everyone gets a good laugh. If you’re organizing an indoor party, this is a great idea for you. 

In this game, each player gets just five seconds to respond to a holiday-themed challenge. For instance, name three Christmas songs, three Christmas movies, etc (It’s harder than it sounds when you’re under time pressure!) Each player gets one point for successfully answering in the allotted time.

Sack Race 

If it’s an outdoor game, then yes, you can consider a sack race. Usually, before time, you must have gotten a few sacks (you can use rice bags or beans bags to improvise, ha-ha). The sack race is an easy game to play. Each play wears the sack to waist length and runs a race against other participants. First to reach the finish line wins. 

Guess the Christmas song 

This game is best for indoor and outdoor parties. In the game, you challenge your visitors to guess the holiday music depicted by the “cut-out” lyrics, putting your Christmas song expertise to the test.

Christmas Trivia Game 

This game tests everyone’s knowledge about Christmas. How much do you actually know about Christmas? You can split yourselves into teams and test your knowledge (as well as your family’s) with this challenging trivia game.

Christmas Riddles 

Before you commence this game, you should have a good number of Christmas-themed riddles you’ll ask your guests and family. In this game, you get to see who matches the most Christmas riddles with the correct answers first. All you have to do is print out the cards, grab a pen, set a timer, and start guessing. 


Charades is a pantomime game in which you must “play out” a sentence without speaking while the rest of your team tries to guess what it is. Your team’s goal is to predict the phrase as quickly as possible.

I love this game because it brings out the actors and actresses in everyone. Trust me, you’ll be surprised at the horrible acting skills your family members have. I’m so kind to tell you before time. Ha-ha. This is best for outdoor parties. 


This game is a charade-inspired word-guessing game. The game is played in groups with players trying to identify specific words from their teammates.

In the first round, all players must guess and have one minute to do so. The team that correctly guesses first gets to roll a die and move the matching number of squares forward. They now change picture takers and draw a card. The color square they are on should correspond to the category they must draw.

Board Games 

There are a whole lot of board games you can play with your family during parties. This is especially useful for in-house parties. The board games include chess, ludo, Scrabble, etc. This can be used to pass time or get everyone engaged with something when everything on the program has been exhausted. 

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Games are necessary to liven up the atmosphere at a Christmas party. I’m sure you’re going to try one, two, (or all) of these great ideas. Don’t forget to send pictures when you try them out at your party. Winks. 

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