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How To Plan A Christmas Party

Do you know what it takes to plan a Christmas Party? So many families spice up their holidays with activities – putting together a Christmas party is one of such activities. Do you know why I love Christmas parties so much? Let me tell you. It’s time I get to have some fun time with my family members, relatives, and friends and share in the blessings of the season.

Usually, everyone is so busy and hooked up and barely has time to gather for some food and drinks throughout the year. That’s why I make good use of the Christmas Holidays and put together a party for my family and friends. 

A Christmas Party doesn’t have to be so grand. Don’t think you’re going to empty your account all in the name of partying. Nah. In this article, I’ll be showing you how you can plan a Christmas party on a budget and have a good time with your loved ones. 

If you haven’t considered planning a Christmas Party, I’m sure you’ll have a rethink when you’re done reading. 

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What Happens At A Christmas Party?

Asides from the food and drinks, what else can you do at a Christmas Party? I get it; planning parties can be stressful. But, unfortunately, most of us don’t have the littlest idea of event planning. 

However, you can bring a Christmas party to life with many activities. Let’s take a look at some of those activities. 


You shouldn’t even think of planning a party if you don’t have a game (or two!) in mind. Games are necessary to keep your guests entertained. You don’t want them bored to death, do you? 

You should have games that will include the children around too. Some of the games include: 

  • Christmas Karaoke: Christmas karaoke is a game where people sing along to some of their best Christmas songs. 
  • Charade is a word guessing game played in a parlor or at a party. The game began as a theatrical version of literary charades, in which a single person would act out each syllable of a word or phrase, in turn, followed by the entire term, while the rest of the group guessed. Find out more here.
  • Christmas Trivia: Children will love this one! It’s a game of questions and answers where everyone gets to test their basic trivia knowledge with a Christmas quiz on movies, songs, and Christmas stories. 
  • Riddles: Riddles are statements or questions that present a mystery to be answered. They frequently require the reader to use critical thinking to figure out the answer, challenging entertainment.

Dancing Competitions 

Ah yes! There will be a lot of dancing and jollying. The main aim of dance competitions is to stretch the muscles and have a good time. The children can dance against the adults and winners should be chosen.

Photo Shoots 

What’s a party without photoshoots? Taking pictures from the day is essential to preserve memories. So take lots of photos and videos. 


Throughout the year, everyone has been engaged in a thing or two. Teachers engaged children with school; the older guys were involved with work and family. Usually, sitting to discuss lessons learned & challenges faced throughout the year can be entertaining and valuable to everyone at the party. 

Food & Drinks 

I’m not going to leave this out. Food and drinks are necessary. If you need assistance with the cooking, feel free to engage a catering company or enlist the services of a friend or family member. Some folks work till the very end of the holidays and may not have time to shop or cook, or, let’s face it; you may not be able to prepare everything on your menu. Be realistic!

Ice breakers 

There’s a big possibility that the friends you invite to your home won’t be so familiar to your family members. So break the ice by introducing everyone to each other.

Now that you know what happens at a Christmas party let’s get down to the business of the day. How can you plan a Christmas party? 

How To Plan A Christmas Party

What do you do if it’s Christmas and you’re not a professional event planner, and you want to host family and friends this holiday season?

Start with a budget 

December is one of the most costly months of the year. However, no one wants to become bankrupt before paying their bills, doing their monthly grocery shopping, or buying gifts for their loved ones, so figure out what you can afford and cut your coat to fit your size.

Choose a venue 

You should think about where you’d like to host the party; in my opinion, hosting it at home is more intimate. A Christmas party is a great chance to get to know people better, and what better way to do so than to invite them into your home? Inviting visitors inside your home has a lovely feel to it.

Have a comprehensive guest list 

After choosing a venue, you’ll need to think about the capacity and number of visitors. Make sure you don’t invite any more guests than the venue can hold. 

Also, have a comprehensive program for the day and a good MC. 

Decorate! Decorate! 

You need lovely interior decor if you’re hosting the party at home. At this time of year, there is so much inspiration. There are a plethora of Christmas decorations and accessories available, and getting what you need is simple. However, if you require assistance, you are welcome to employ a decorator.

Food & Drinks 

Decide on the type of meal and the service manner (is it a buffet?). Is this a sit-down meal? Whatever you pick, you must plan ahead of time. Whether you cook or hire a caterer depends on your budget.

Send Out Invites 

Invite your guests ahead of time. There will be a lot of parties around this time, and you’ll want to get your party on the schedule as soon as possible. Send the ‘save the date’ well ahead of time to ensure that your party is the first on the list.

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Planning a Christmas party isn’t all that hard! I’m sure this blog post has made the process look a lot easier. I deserve a chilled soft drink, don’t I? Ha-Ha. 

Have a wonderful Christmas celebration, Mamma. And don’t forget to send some goodies my way! (winks.)

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