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First-Time Mom? Here’s What You Need To Know

First-time mom with baby.

Hey Maama, are you expecting your first baby soon? If you are, such good news! Do you want to know more about being a first-time mom before that time comes? You’re welcome too.  

Motherhood can be an exciting and scary experience. I understand that you might have cold feet, especially if you have to do it all alone in the beginning. Well, you’re not alone. You have me. In this article, I’ll be sharing some important things you need to know as a first-time mom. 

Trust me, you can never be 100 percent prepared, but it’s good to have some tips up your sleeves. Let’s take a look at some important things first-time moms need to know. 

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Adjusting to motherhood as a first-time mom

It takes a lot of new learning and adjustment to adjust to parenthood and life with a newborn. Learning a lot of new skills and adjusting to a new lifestyle and habit might require a lot of energy — energy that you may not have.

Your child may or may not be the child you had hoped for. Some newborns will settle quickly, while others will take longer to settle and may cry a lot, requiring patience and commitment from you. This is especially true if your baby suffers from health issues such as colic or reflux, which can make them uneasy.

Most parents find the first six to eight weeks with a new infant to be the most difficult, and while many of the issues in these early weeks of motherhood are not openly discussed (if at all), there are a number of common obstacles you may face at this time.

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During the first weeks of motherhood, there are some common challenges you’ll have to adjust to. Some of them include:

  • Recovering from childbirth — Especially if it was a difficult experience or you were unsatisfied with the level of care you received.
  • Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding – Feeding your infant may come naturally to you or may provide a new difficulty that is not what you anticipated or hoped for.
  • Sleep deprivation – This can have a significant impact on your mood, energy, patience, and capacity to think properly.
  • Coping with an uneasy infant – Babies have their own personalities, which can put additional strain on your patience and sentiments for your child.
  • Bonding with your Baby — Bonding with your infant may take longer than you expect for a variety of reasons.

Each challenge is unique to every mother. You may or may not experience some of the things listed above, you might experience other challenges not listed. It won’t always be easy, but with the right tips, you can adjust quickly. 

As a mother, some of the tips I can recommend to help you in coping as a new mother include:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help: When visitors arrive, ask for assistance, even if it’s simply getting them to start a load of laundry.
  • A nice baby shower gift is having friends or family pay for a cleaner – even if it’s just once. When people ask what you need, don’t be scared to mention it.
  • Set aside 15 minutes at the end of each day to clean up toys and clutter. You’ll feel much better in the morning!
  • Break things down into smaller chores – rather than tackling everything at once, break things down into smaller jobs, such as tidying one area at a time. You won’t be able to finish it all, but that’s fine. One step at a time is all that is required.
  • Keep in mind that what you see on social media may not reflect reality. It’s simple to clear the frame of clutter, find a neat location to take a shot, and present the appearance that everything is under control. But bear in mind that, like you, most mothers struggle to keep their homes clean and tidy.
  • Try to be fair to yourself — a filthy house doesn’t indicate you’re a bad mother or that you’re failing at parenthood; it just means you’re focusing on what matters most – your baby’s needs.

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How do first-time moms survive?

Now that you know how to adjust, how do you survive in the long run? Stick with me. Below are some things that have helped me survive in the past. 

Create sleep routines 

Babies thrive on regularity and routine. As soon as you arrive home and feel ready, start a routine before sleep and naps with your baby, according to the finest pediatricians. Starting before the 6-8 week point, or even sooner, is excellent.

Arm yourself with baby sleep information 

Adults and babies sleep in very different ways. Who’d have guessed? Don’t be a novice when it comes to baby sleep; start reading a few books ahead of time. 

Don’t be reluctant to receive help 

Accepting aid from others might be difficult at times. It’s fine if you just say YES when someone starts cleaning your house or bringing you meals. To everything. If there is ever a period in your life when you should swallow your pride and accept help, it is during the newborn stage.

Refrigerate your meals 

If you ask me, the concept of freezer dinners has been pounded to death, yet they do serve a function and are useful. 

Even if everything with the newborn is going swimmingly, it would be far more enjoyable to curl up on the couch and watch TV than to prepare dinner from scratch. Relax by putting a freezer dinner in the crockpot or baking it in the oven. They’re well worth the money.

Do what works for you 

If you read something in a book that says “do this or that,” don’t feel obligated to follow through. Mama is the wisest. Your maternal instincts are strong, and you know your baby. So, if you don’t follow the book’s instructions, be confident in your decision. What works for one child will almost certainly not work for another.


Being a first-time mom isn’t an easy task, especially if you have to do it all alone. However, you can join a tribe of new and old mothers that are always willing to offer help when you need it. 

Remember that motherhood is a journey made easy when we have the right people in our corner. We are here to give you all the help you’ll need as a first-time mom.

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Keep being #fabulous.

I am rooting for you. 


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