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A Detailed Guide To Finding Rest As A Mum


Motherhood is a journey that is full of joy, fulfillment, and love. It is a journey that comes with its own set of challenges, however, that can leave mothers feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out. But how easily can they find rest as a mum?

Finding rest amidst the challenges of motherhood is crucial for the well-being of both mothers and their families. 

Rest is not only important for physical health but also for mental and emotional health. It can help reduce stress, improve mood, and increase overall productivity. 

However, finding rest as a mum can be difficult, especially when it feels like there is always something to do or someone who needs attention.

In this article, you will see ways in which mothers can find rest amidst the challenges of motherhood. 

From simple self-care practices to practical tips for managing stress. In addition, this article will provide strategies that mothers can use to prioritize their well-being.

What Is Self-care


To find rest as a mum, you would need to practice a lot of self-care. Self-care is the practice of taking deliberate and purposeful steps to maintain and improve one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

It is an essential aspect of personal development that involves taking responsibility for one’s own health and happiness.

The activities that self-care entails can range from simple acts of self-love to more complex behaviors that require significant changes in one’s lifestyle. 

The importance of self-care cannot be overstated, as it has a profound impact on one’s overall quality of life.

The Importance of Self-care


It has been established that for you to find a mum, you would need to first prioritize self-care. And below are some importance of self-care:

Self-care improves physical health:

Self-care practices such as regular exercise, healthy eating, and sufficient sleep can improve physical health. 

This is because regular exercise helps to improve cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles and bones, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Furthermore, if you truly seek to find rest as a mum, you would also need to look into your diet. 

This is because a healthy diet can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Sufficient sleep is essential for physical health as it helps to repair and rejuvenate the body.

Self-care improves mental health:

Self-care practices can also have a positive impact on mental health. Engaging in activities such as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. 

These activities promote relaxation and help individuals develop coping mechanisms for managing stress.

Self-care improves emotional health:

Self-care practices such as spending time with loved ones, engaging in hobbies, and practicing self-compassion can improve your emotional health. These activities promote positive emotions such as joy, happiness, and contentment.

Self-care improves productivity:

Self-care practices can also improve productivity. When you prioritize self-care, you are more likely to have the energy and motivation to perform daily tasks efficiently. 

This is because self-care promotes mental clarity, which can improve decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

Self-care promotes a positive self-image:

When you engage in self-care practices, you would develop a positive self-image. And this is because self-care promotes self-love, self-acceptance, and self-appreciation, which can boost confidence and self-esteem.

Self-care reduces the risk of burnout:

When you neglect self-care, you are more likely to experience burnout. Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion that results from prolonged stress. 

By prioritizing self-care, you can easily find rest as a mum, reduce the risk of burnout, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

18 Practical Ways To Find Rest As A Mum


Motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding experience, but it can also be demanding and exhausting. 

It is easy for moms to get caught up in the daily grind of taking care of their families and neglect their own need for rest and rejuvenation. 

Hence, below are 18 practical ways to find rest as a mum:

Set boundaries:

For you to find rest as a mum, you have to learn to set boundaries in so many areas of your life. For example, any activity or event that is not essential or takes away your peace should be canceled.

Sometimes, these activities may be organized by family and friends, making it difficult for you to say no to attending. But self-care should always be made a priority.

Get enough sleep:

The benefits of good sleep can never be under-emphasized. And if you truly want to find rest as a mum, then you should prioritize having at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

Though 7-8 hours of sleep per night may not be possible for all, you should try as much as you can to sleep close to this recommended time.

Schedule quiet time:

Another way to find rest as mum is to always have quiet time. Set aside time each day to be alone, reflect, and recharge. During this period, you can focus on your goals (both long-term and short-term).

Ask for help:

At some point in life, we all would need help to move to a new level. And if you seek to find rest as a mum, you should learn to reach out to friends or family for help with childcare or household chores.

Take a break from social media:

Social media can sometimes deprive one of rest. Hence, if you seek to find rest as a mum, then you should learn to Limit social media use to reduce stress and anxiety.

Connect with other moms:

What better way to find rest as a mum than to connect with other mums, and learn how they go about their daily activities? For this, you can join a support group or mommy-and-me class to connect with other moms.

Get outside:

Spending some time outside would help you find rest as a mum too. All you need to do is to spend time in nature, take a walk, or go for a bike ride.

Read a book:

Books are a great way to learn more about a lot of things. And it can help you take a good rest. If you don’t enjoy reading so much, then an audiobook would help you better.

Watch a movie:

If you are a fan of movies, then you can enjoy a movie night with the family or a solo movie night.

Take a nap:

Asides from your sleep at night, set aside time for a power nap to recharge during the day. This would help reduce the need for a long sleep at night.

Practice deep breathing:

If you do want to find rest as a mum, this simple exercise would do you some good. All you need to do is to take deep breaths throughout the day to reduce stress and anxiety.

Make time for hobbies:

Prior to giving birth, there were some hobbies that you had. And maybe due to stress and timing, you had to abandon some of them. Well, it would interest you to know that to find rest as a mum, your hobbies can be the medium to achieving it.

Practice gratitude:

A grateful heart is always filled with rest and joy. And you can only be grateful when you know what to be grateful for. Hence, you can always write down things that you are grateful for each day.

Spend time with friends:

Having quality friends can translate to you getting a good rest. With good friends beside you, you can schedule a coffee date or a night out.

Delegate tasks:

Why do all the tasks when you can assign people to assist you? To find rest as a mum, you would need to speak with members of the family on the need to support them with carrying out some tasks in the home, and they would gladly do it.

Practice mindfulness:

To find rest as a mum, you would need to practice being present at the moment, without judgment. This is very healthy, and advisable even for non-mums.

Engage in physical activity:

Physical activity is one big way to find rest as a mum. After every physical activity, you would end up being tired, and then what follows next is some nap. After that, you would wake up feeling joyful and more relaxed.

Take a vacation:

If you are financially fit, a good way that you can also find rest as a mum is by taking vacations. For this, you can plan a getaway, whether it’s a weekend trip or a longer vacation.

The Benefits Of Rest For Mothers


Rest is an essential part of maintaining good physical and mental health for all individuals, but it is especially important for mothers who are often juggling multiple responsibilities and caring for their families.

Here are some benefits of rest for mothers:

Reduced stress:

Resting allows mothers to take a break from their daily responsibilities, which can help reduce stress levels. 

Stress can cause a variety of health problems, including headaches, high blood pressure, and fatigue. 

By taking time to rest, mothers can reduce stress and improve their overall well-being.

Improved physical health:

Rest is important for physical health as it allows the body to repair and rejuvenate itself. Getting enough rest can improve immune function, lower the risk of heart disease and other chronic health conditions, and improve overall physical performance.

Improved mental health:

Rest can help improve mental health by allowing mothers to take a break from the demands of daily life. 

Also, scientific studies show that enough rest can improve mood, reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, and help mothers feel more balanced and centered.

Increased energy:

Rest is essential for replenishing energy levels, especially for mothers who often have a lot on their plate. Getting enough rest can help improve your energy levels, allowing you to tackle your responsibilities with renewed vigor.

Enhanced cognitive function:

Rest is important for cognitive function as it allows the brain to rest and recover. Therefore, finding rest as a mum can improve your memory, concentration, and overall cognitive performance.

Improved productivity:

Rest is important for productivity as it allows mothers to take a break and recharge. By getting enough rest, you can improve your productivity, and accomplish more in less time.

Improved relationships:

Rest is important for maintaining healthy relationships as it allows mothers to take care of themselves and avoid burnout. By getting enough rest, mothers can be more present and engaged with their families, improving the quality of their relationships.

Final Thoughts On Finding Rest As A Mum

In conclusion, finding rest as a mum is crucial for both the physical and mental well-being of mothers. 

Motherhood is an incredibly demanding and exhausting role that often leaves mothers with very little time to take care of themselves. 

However, neglecting self-care can lead to burnout, stress, and health problems. Therefore, it is essential for mothers to prioritize rest and make it a part of their daily routine.

There are several ways in which mothers can find rest, such as delegating tasks, setting boundaries, practicing self-care activities, and seeking support from family and friends. 

It is also essential for mothers to recognize that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a strength that shows they are prioritizing their own well-being.

Furthermore, society must also recognize the importance of supporting mothers in finding rest. 

This can be achieved through policies that promote work-life balance, flexible working hours, and paid parental leave. 

Additionally, family members and friends can provide emotional and practical support to mothers, allowing them to take much-needed breaks and find rest.

In addition, mothers must prioritize rest and take proactive steps to make it a part of their daily routine. 

Likewise, society must recognize the importance of supporting mothers in finding rest, ensuring that they can balance their caregiving responsibilities while taking care of themselves. 

Let us all take action to ensure that mothers have the support they need to find rest and be the best versions of themselves.

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