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Dealing With Stress As A New Mom

With a new baby comes excitement, happiness, and joy, but these emotions can quickly spiral into stress. We are often prepared for all the good emotions but not so much for the not-so-good feelings. Let’s talk about dealing with stress as a new mom in this article.

Coping with the demand for a new baby and every other thing happening around can be overwhelming and stressful.

One minute, you are child-free, and another minute, you have to deal with a diaper change, cries, and feeding round the clock. This might come as a rude shock, and you may not be able to do some things, but there are ways you can ease the stress.

How to deal with stress as a new mom

What are some of the ways to deal with stress as a new mom?


You can take walks and do home workouts at intervals to help relieve stress and gain energy. Your baby can also tag along for your walks; the air and change of environment will do you both some good.

Work out a schedule

It would help if you worked with a schedule to plan out some resting time for yourself. You can have visiting hours, draw up a shift schedule for you and your partner, or any trusted person helping you out, especially for night routines/feeding.

House chores and family time will also find their space in the schedule as it is essential for you to create time for your partner in this new phase.

Get helpful hands

No doubt there will be a lot for you to handle as a first-time mum, but you don’t need to do everything yourself. Ask the parents for help. If there are older kids that can take some work off you, engage them and if you can afford to hire help, please do.

Mummy meetups

Find a support group of other mums. Organize meetups to connect with others on the same journey as you and share experiences.

You can also have fun activities that can help you relax and get the best out of your current phase. Even mummy needs a playdate. We have a support group of moms who make the journey easier. You can find us here.

Eat good food

Staying healthy involves eating right. Consume foods that will provide your body with energy and the right nutrients it needs. Stay hydrated at all times, do not compromise on this.

Take care of yourself

Create time to relax as often as you can. Sleep at any time you get the chance because your body needs it. Yes, some moms say sleeping when the baby sleeps doesn’t work for them, if you can’t sleep just lie down and rest your mind and body.

This is not the time to start thinking of all the many things you are yet to do or you can achieve while the baby is asleep, mummy it’s time for you to rest. Listen to your body as it speaks to you and give it what it needs.

Involve your partner

In dealing with stress as a new mom, you need to involve your partner.

You have got a new addition, not a replacement, so find ways you can involve your spouse in the experience. Create ‘our time’ and never pass off a vibe of we have got a new focus.

Find ways to keep each other as your focus; it could be movie dates right in your home or just having a cuddly time gisting and catching up on events.

Have a parental plan

One of the things you can start doing to prepare your mind is to have conversations and a plan to help guide you before the baby arrives. These talks should happen with your spouse and you both should be in agreement on how you want to steer the ship. It is going to require your partnership skills to have the ship sailing smoothly once you get a hang of it.

Keep a journal

Sometimes keeping a journey through our journey can help us relieve the stress of motherhood. It’s easy to keep a journal; all you need to do is create a time to write down your experiences.

Make a note of your ups and downs and track your response to issues around you. At the end of the day when you look back, you can see how far you’ve come, which can help you overcome weariness. 

Speak up

If you’re getting overwhelmed and it impacts your daily life, please speak up. Don’t be too concerned about what other people would say about you. Your wholesome general health is more important than anything else. 

Seek professional help

Often prolonged stress leads to burnout and subsequently baby blues or postpartum depression. If you notice that you’re unable to control your emotions and are not connecting to your environment, please seek professional help—the earliest you detect and treat this, the better for the family. 

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Rounding up

Having a baby changes the dynamics but having things under control still lies in our hands. As you prepare for the arrival of your little one, remember that beyond the emotions the state of your mind matters a lot.

When the stress shows up, just relax, being a parent is one thing no one is perfect at. In the end, the joys of having your kids outweigh the stress.

I hope this article served as a perfect guide to help you when dealing with stress as a new mom.

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