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Enjoying The Holidays With Your Spouse

A happy couple enjoying each other's company.

Do you sometimes miss out on spending time with your spouse during the holidays? Well, in between making plans and running after the children, it’s easy to forget to create time for you and your spouse. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how to enjoy the holidays with your spouse. In addition, I’ll be sharing some tips to help you do this.

How to enjoy the holidays with your spouse

There are small but meaningful ways to enjoy the holidays with your husband. Are you ready to know how? Keep reading. 

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See a movie together. 

Instead of watching movies in your home, why not dress up to see a movie together. When you both see movies together, it can encourage communication (you both can start a conversation about what you like or don’t like about the film), or it can bring you both closer (during this time you’re away from the house with all its drama, and you both are just enjoying each other’s company).

Take a walk together. 

Walks are great for you and your partner. Walking is a well-known mood booster and stress release activity, so you and your partner will become happier and less stressed together, which may help you see things — including your partner — in a more positive light. It can also give you both room to discuss more. Usually, everyone is busy with something at home, so if you both take strolls and walks, you can spend more time together. 

Reflect back

During the holidays, approach each day as if it’s the first day of your relationship. We often take our partners for granted; we forget to pay attention to our partner’s thoughts, ideas, and moves. If you look at your partner the way you did when you first fell in love, it will keep the relationship fresh and alive and create more interest. So, in the midst of all the busyness, take time to look at your partner and reflect on the past, bring some memories into the present, and have great fun together. 

Delegate duties 

If you have toddlers or children that need attention in the house, you can decide to take them to one of your relatives or your parent’s house, so they can watch over them for you while you and your husband focus on yourselves. The reason why it’s wise to leverage on the Holidays is that it’s hard to see a time when you both are accessible throughout the remaining days of a year. 

Exchange gifts 

You can exchange gifts with your partners. Click here to see some Christmas gift ideas for your partner. Gift-giving is essential in any relationship. Giving gifts is a means of showing appreciation, which is critical in a relationship. Your partner needs to know that you appreciate them. Letting your partner know is as simple as planning to release a paper lantern together on the anniversary of your first date or springing for a meal at his or her favorite restaurant.

Plan surprises 

You keep the excitement going by producing surprises, and you keep your spouse excited about new experiences with you by doing so. Making an effort to maintain your love for each other is critical. It’s easy to fall into a rut where neither of you puts forth much effort after being together for a long time.

Go on vacations 

It’s not just your children that deserve a vacation. You and your husband deserve a holiday too. And no, I’m not talking about a family vacation; I’m talking about an entire vacation planned for just you and hubby. A vacation allows married couples to re-discover one other. Getting away from the daily grind and spending time together in a different location might help you break through walls and rediscover what made you a partnership at the start of your marriage.

Create time to pray together 

Praying together helps you exhibit and receive trust, enhancing your relationship’s interpersonal links. In addition, praying together enables you to demonstrate and receive confidence, which improves your relationship’s interpersonal relations.

Stay longer in bed 

I know you love to jump off the bed as soon as you wake up, but why not consider taking some time to talk with your partner when you both wake up? If your partner is still asleep, it’s beautiful if you leave the room. This doesn’t have to be a daily routine. You can do it once every three weeks, or whichever time works for you. 

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Most of what I’ve written above laid emphasis on communication. You don’t want to start the year with a distant partner. Find time to be with your partner, despite your busy schedules. You’ve got this!

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