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How to Create Online Courses and Make Money While Sleeping

How to Create Online Courses and Make Money While Sleeping

If you are looking to know how to create online courses and make money out of them, then you’re in the right place!

I am yet to meet someone who hasn’t tried to learn something online.

I have learnt over a million things on the internet – even things I don’t need.

If you haven’t taken online training yet, well, welcome to the 21st century.

What does this tell you? First, it means that you can also be an internet teacher.

Excuse me, what do you mean by that?

All I’m saying is that it is possible to make online courses for money.

If you have been on the Udemy app before, then you will see that almost every course comes with a price.

There are different courses on Udemy ranging from photography to cooking and other science/school-related subjects. 

And they all cost good money.

So now, I will introduce you to the art of creating online courses.

But first, why do you need to create an online course?

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Reasons for Creating Online Courses

1. It Makes You Recognized as an Expert in that Field:

If you create an excellent online course on cooking Nigerian party dishes, then the next time someone wants to cook non-party Nigerian food, they’ll come looking for you.

Creating an online course establishes your position.

2. You Get Extra Money:

As I have said a million times, extra cash hasn’t and doesn’t hurt anyone.

It’s even more remarkable when you keep making money even while asleep.

If you’d love to make money as a stay-at-home mum and still want to remain a SAHM, you should consider this option.

3. You Can Make Your Voice Heard:

The internet has given voice to the voiceless.

It has made people who don’t think they are talented showcase themselves.

If you think you have something to say on a topic but don’t have a platform for it, you can try making a course out of it.

4. To Help People:

Listen up, guys: People need help.

Scour the internet for courses on dealing with anxiety or pregnancy and early child care, and you will see what I am saying.

People need help.

If you feel like what you’re offering is needed and valuable, you need to have an online course.

create and make money from online courses

Types of Online Courses That You Can Create

There are different types of courses. Some of them include:

1. Traditional academic courses:

This could be a math course or whatever academic course you’re good at. 

Many universities and academic institutions have courses like this.

A typical, well-known example is Khan Academy.

2. Certification courses:

These are mostly tech courses and other ‘special’ courses that need certification.

If you are certified in a course, you can teach others and give them certificates.

However, before you can start handing certificates, your brand has to be well-known or should have the authority to do that.

3. DIYs:

There are a million DIY courses out there.

Here is where you teach people to do things themselves or make do with whatever they have.

4. Recorded speeches and talks:

Your course could be a series of recorded speeches or talks on a particular topic.

You can invite different guests to talk about various aspects of your course.

This makes for a very engaging online course.

5. Challenge courses:

Okay, I don’t mean TikTok challenges.

Have you seen something like “How to Master Self-Discipline in 4 months”?

That’s what I mean by challenge course.

6. Niche courses:

These are courses that focus on just one particular topic or keyword.

For example, there are some courses on how to use Photoshop effectively.

Another example is the famous Mavis Beacon.

Mavis Beacon is just a course that teaches people how to type well.

7. Hybrid Courses:

This is a mixture of two or more of the courses above.

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How to Create an Amazing Online Course

I know this is the part you’ve been waiting for.

From the outside looking in, this can seem like the most insufferable journey.

But it’s not.

All it takes is determination, focus and consistency.

Below are the steps to take in creating an online course.

1. Know Your Thing:

It is easy to know when someone doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Remember that having an online course is a way of establishing your expertise in the field.

Make sure that you know, and even have passion for whatever you want to talk about.

2. Select Your Niche:

Niches are important.

This is so people know the category your course falls under.

If you want to do a course on Anger Management, you would do yourself a favour by not having a course topic on Growing Plants during winter.

Choose your course around a core subject.

3. Know Your Target Audience:

You don’t just get you and decide to drop an online course.

Know the demographic your course would appeal to.

Get into their minds and know what they would like to learn.

For example, if you’re doing a course like “How to Win the Girl of Your Dreams”, you have to know that while that can appeal to a lot of people, the majority would be teen to young adult boys.

4. Organize Your Course Outline:

It can take a very long time to organize your coursework.

The level of organization can make or break your online course career.

Just like how chapters are meant to flow in a book, so it is with making courses.

The chapters or course subtopics should flow as the course progresses.

You should also start early to collect all the files you will need.

For example, you may need pictures, videos, audio, etc.

5. Strive for Quality:

Quality is important.

It tells your students that you do care for them.

If you’re going to video yourself or do a voiceover, make sure that the videos and audios are of good quality.

People need to know that they are not wasting time and will get something valuable from your course.

The rules for videos and audio are the same as those for making youtube videos and being a voiceover artist.

6. Create an Engaging Course Outline:

You don’t want a situation where your students are just listening to you to ramble on and on.

Make sure your course also allows them to ask questions, connect with other students, etc.

Make it as engaging as physical classrooms are.

One way to do this is by providing assignments or a section for comments and questions.

7. Digital Materials:

You know how it is with physical classrooms.

In physical ones, teachers always have supporting materials for their students.

You should get downloadable materials or files for your students.

This can help them work on their own.

For example, I was learning to make a bucket hat.

And guess what? 

A downloadable pattern was in the description.

All I did was print it out and use it.

8. Choose an E-learning Platform:

E-learning platforms are just like social media.

The only difference is its purpose.

There are so many platforms out there.

Some of them include Khan Academy, Udemy, Udacity, etc.

Choose a platform you’re most comfortable with.

9. Give Room for Feedback:

Feedback helps you improve.

Always remind your students to lie feedbacks.

The more positive the feedback is, the higher your course is ranked on your choice’s e-learning platform.

10. Market Your Course

Now that we’re done with all that, it is time to market your product.

Marketing is usually the most difficult part of any business. 

There are many ways to market your course.

They include:

  • Through your blog or website
  • Email newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Influencers
  • Paid adverts to e-learning platforms and other platforms, etc.

The advantage of using your own blog or website to market your course is that you have total control of the pricing and other aspects of the course.

If you don’t know much about blogging, then go here to learn how to start your own blog.

Pricing Your Course

The price of your course is your choice. 

If it’s on your blog or website, you have more control over the price.

However, if it’s on an e-learning platform, you will have to compare your price with other courses in that niche.

The price depends on a few criteria:

  • The size of the course
  • The professionalism of the course
  • The demand of the course, etc.

No matter the criteria, for maximum gain, your price should not be less than $100.

However, this may vary according to what others are selling on a particular platform.

This obeys the same rules as publishing a book on your book than on a platform like Kindle. 


Creating courses online is a straightforward way to make money.

Do not let the fear of the amount you have to pay to start (it can’t be more than a couple of hundred dollars and can also be free) keep you from starting.

Now that we are done with the gist, what are you waiting for?

What online course will you create today and start making money even when you’re sleeping?

Please, leave a comment below; let’s talk about it.


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