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Baby Shower Etiquette, Dos and Don’ts


A baby shower will almost certainly appear on your social calendar at some point and you might be wondering, after reading the title, “Is there a list of do’s and don’ts while buying a baby shower gift?” Without a doubt, sure there is.

When selecting a baby shower present for this new arrival, there are a few simple guidelines to follow. Furthermore, the mommy will appreciate your knowledge of the dos and don’ts.

In this article, we’ll list a few of the very vital dos and don’ts of baby showers as well as answer various questions to lots of baby shower etiquette.



below are the Do’s or activities that are highly encouraged for any baby shower.

1. Make Your Gift Personal

Traditions are so named because someone keeps them alive. This is why a customized present is always wonderful and enjoyable.

Did your grandmother knit your baby hat, and you’d like to emulate her? These baby shower gifts are wonderful sentimental options for a new baby’s remembrance box.

2. Get Diapers And Wipes

Diapers and wipes are always welcome gifts. Wipes and diapers are essential for all parents. Don’t just buy them in little sizes. Diapering can take up to 4 years, which is a long time.

When shopping, avoid the newborn sizes and move straight to the larger sizes because babies grow out of them quickly.



1. Do Not Include Receipt of  Gifts

Gift wrapping, a handwritten greeting, and ribbons are optional, but a gift receipt is necessary! There are various methods to obtain baby gear, so do your new mom friend a favor and make it simple for her to return or exchange your gift. 

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Every store has its own return and exchange policy, and figuring out where something comes from isn’t always easy! Carrying 100 diapers just to be told they can’t be returned while carrying a 7-month pregnant belly isn’t simple or acceptable (and may induce hormonal tears)

2. Don’t Forget About The Boys (Or The Kids)

Baby showers involving men and children are becoming more prevalent when traditionally they were reserved for women. Check with the expecting parents to see whether a co-ed shower is something they’d be interested in. 

The presence of both sexes tends to make the baby shower less shower-like and more party-like, which may appeal to some couples. 

If a few hours of socializing sounds like too much work, another alternative is to invite men and children to come by near the conclusion of the event; this way, everyone is included and the shower may still be more traditional.

Baby Shower Etiquette


Baby shower etiquette varies according to customs, cultures, countries, and cities. How do you know which etiquette to follow?

Hosting a baby shower is a huge honor, but knowing the basics of baby shower etiquette can help you throw the finest baby shower possible. We’ve created this article full of frequently asked questions and answers to help you decide what’s best for you.

Remember, if the following answers to the questions do not fit your local customs, do what is best for you and your society.

Who Organizes And Hosts A Baby Shower?

Traditionally, the baby shower was hosted and organized by persons other than the family, such as acquaintances and coworkers. It was deemed inappropriate for a family member to host and plan a baby shower for the mother-to-be because it was a gift-giving occasion (to avoid the appearance that the family was begging for presents).

Nowadays, baby shower etiquette has evolved; in many areas, this tradition is disregarded, and it is common for family and relatives to host and organize the baby shower.

Is It Permissible To Host A Baby Shower For A Child Who Is Not The First?

A baby shower is traditionally only held for the first child. They were created to help parents-to-be prepare for their first child (with a first baby, mom and dad need to buy a lot of fundamental baby goods they didn’t have before, such as a baby stroller, a baby high chair, a baby car seat, a baby bed, and so on).

Baby shower etiquette is evolving in the modern era. Baby showers for subsequent infants do occur; the birth of a child is always a cause for joy. What is conventional and accepted in your location and culture is really important.

There is a new trend of celebrating a “Baby Sprinkle,” which is a smaller celebration than a baby shower, for successive infants.

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It is celebrated to “sprinkle” the mother with joy and modest gifts (rather than big and distinctive items given at showers); gifts that are vital and utilized for everyday functions – like as diapers, wipes, baby formula, burp cloths, baby lotion, bibs, blankets, onesies, and so on.

Simply remember that another baby shower or baby sprinkle is much more than just gift-giving; it’s a lovely opportunity to bring friends and family together to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

If you are uncomfortable with guests bringing gifts to a subsequent baby shower, it is not a problem to remove the focus from the gifts entirely (you may do this in the invitations, by e-mail, phone, or word-of-mouth) and simply assemble everyone to celebrate.

If the subsequent baby is of a different gender or there has been a significant time lapse between babies (or you simply want to have another baby shower for the second/third/etc. baby), then go ahead and do it. It is recommended that you invite just close friends and family to subsequent baby showers and not go overboard as you did at your first.

How Do I Get Started Organizing A Baby Shower? When, Where, What, And Who?

Check out our Planning a Baby Shower Etiquette post to learn crucial basics on hosting a great baby shower, such as where and when to have a baby shower, how long it should last, guest list, theme, and much more.

What Am I Going To Serve At The Baby Shower?

It is critical to plan the baby shower menu! Food is very crucial in our daily life, and it is equally important for a joyful celebration.

We’ve dedicated an entire page to baby shower food, drinks, desserts, and other suggestions.

Would Invite Friends Who Have Recently Miscarried Or Are Having Difficulty Conceiving Affect Them?

Invite such friends or family members, but be careful not to offend them. Remember that in most circumstances, your happiness will remind them of their pain. 

They may not be emotionally open to celebrating with you and understand why they won’t be able to attend the baby shower. Still, they should appreciate and recognize the difficulties of the matter.

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It’s preferable to consult with a friend or family member first before extending an invitation so that you can be as attentive as possible. Don’t be offended if they don’t show up or if their participation in the baby shower is minimal.

Baby Shower For Twins or Triplets! Is It Necessary For Me To Send A Gift For Each Baby?

You are not required to bring three separate gifts for three distinct newborns. You can also discover one present that is appropriate for all three newborns.


With this relevant information regarding baby showers, you now know what to do and what not to do. So go on, have fun!

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