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9 Incredible Types of Moms [Find your own category]

What type of mom are you - types of moms and how they behave

Types of moms? Yes oh! You read that right. ? 

Like everything else in life, there are different kinds of Moms.

Of course we can’t all be the same. ?Can we?

The world would be a very boring place if we are all alike both in appearance and in character.

Please note that as mothers, you play a vital role in the lives of our children, you must try very hard to always be the best version of yourself. Of course, if you don’t give it, how will they take it? ?

Remember that these children do not learn from our words but rather they copy our actions more.

If you’re ready, let’s go there.??

What are the different types of Moms?

For the purpose of this blog write up, I’ll be classifying the types of Moms into two categories. I’ll write about the first category first and the other category would come in my next write up.

Here are the types of moms that exist.

There are many more.

So, just read through and then tell me which one are you? 

different types of moms - what type of mom are you

1. Manipulative Mom:

This mom has a very toxic relationship with her children because she is more interested in controlling her children than in building a relationship with them. 

She uses Blackmail to get whatever she wants. 

She wants her children to always be at their beck and call and would go through any length to achieve their plan.

Their greatest asset is their manipulative mindset.

A typical example would be Rebecca in the bible (Mom to Esau and Jacob). 

She was a woman of faith, nevertheless, she cajoled her second son Jacob to steal his brother’s right by deceiving his father.

Another example would be our very own Mama G. ????

2. Masochistic Mom:

This mom craves attention all the time. 

She would go to any length to get people to always notice her.

She likes to suffer and wants everyone to know that she’s suffering. 

They always pretend that the whole world revolves around them. 

She formulates nonexistent illness to make her children and husband feel sorry for her thereby getting them to do whatever her wish is. 

She loves misery a lot and likes to wallow in self-pity. 

There is never a happy ending to her life. She always has a sober story to share.

If you find yourself in this bubble, try to break out from this chain by taking off your garment of suffering and put on your garment of praise. 

Look around and appreciate all the blessings you have from God.

3. The Dummy Mom:

At first glance, this type of mom seems to be the “Cool” Mom. 

Almost every child would love to have her as his/her mom.

She lets her children do whatever they like and doesn’t correct or teach them. 

She never scolds or disciplines them. 

Her children tend to be disrespectful, insolent and cantankerous. 

She’s more or less a decoration or Mannequin at home. 

Her children can watch TV whenever they want and eat whatever it is that they want. 

They go to bed only when they want. 

They can choose whether or not to go to school.

She’s not interested in fixing their negative attitude.

4. The Matriarchy Mom:

This type of mom rules her household and this is not just cultural or peculiar to a particular tribe or country. 

This kind of mom is found all over the world. 

A lot of homes have been controlled by a mother figure for generations.

In fact, if a grandmother is ruling the family, the other younger women keep watch for when it would get to their turn to step into her shoes.

Sometimes these mothers abuse their power and control.

The best thing that can happen to this kind of Mom is the knowledge of the word of God.

This would help her to allow God to rule in her household.

That way the family gets to live according to God’s design for the family.

5. The Puppet Mom:

She’s totally the opposite of the mannequin and the manipulative mom. 

She does everything her children want. 

The mannequin mom does nothing, the manipulative mom controls everything. 

But this kind of mom is controlled by her children.

She’s just a puppet following their order. 

Her children dictate her life. 

If they want to watch TV, she switches it on. 

If they want to eat, she makes the food and serves them. 

As far as she’s concerned, she doesn’t set any rules or boundaries in the children’s lives. 

She’s inadvertently destroying her children’s lives.

6. The Bossy Mom:

This mom practically prevents her children from growing up. 

She’s overprotective.

She keeps her children from achieving things on their own.

As the children grow older, her control over them increases.

The Bossy mom doesn’t hold her children accountable for their actions. 

This is because she’s the one that decides what they can or cannot do. 

She’s constantly in their businesses and her children end up always seeking her opinion before they make decisions that affect them.

This kind of mom ends up destroying their children and their potential. 

Her children grow up to be reckless, useless and aimless.

By wanting to protect her children, she ends up destroying them.

7. The Devious Mom:

She’s the malignant and macabre mom who leads her children to do everything evil. 

This type of mom doesn’t care that her children cause a lot of harm. 

She’s happy to indulge them and her children can get whatever it is they want by any means necessary. 

She’s very crude and passes the trait to her children. 

Example of such mom can be found in the bible, Athaliah, the mother of King Ahaziah  (1 Kings 11:1-3)

8. The Backbiter Mom:

This kind of mom says things that are contrary to the word and purpose of God. 

She’s very negative and projects it into the lives of her children.

She curses her children without regards to the word of God. 

As a mom, what comes out of your mouth is very powerful. 

A mother should never curse her children no matter how provoked she is. 

We need to understand the power of our words as mothers.

Sometimes, this mom curses because that is the only language she’s used to from childhood. 

But she is spiritually damaging her children’s lives by placing curses on them. 

As mothers, part of our jobs is to proclaim God’s words and purpose over the lives of our children. 

We need to learn to speak what God speaks over these children.

9. The Filthy Mom: 

This mom is usually unorganized, dishevelled and filthy. 

Cleanliness is a kingdom value and as God’s children, we should always be clean all around. 

Cleanliness has to show through everything we do and the way we speak. 

Once, you’re filthy, you’re unable to raise clean children. 

Your children inculcate your habit and pass the same habit to their own offsprings. 

A filthy home breeds room for sicknesses and diseases which can inhibit the presence of God, because there would be no time for the family to pray together.

Did you notice anything about the above types of Moms? Let me know in the comment session.

I’m hoping that by clearly defining these kinds of moms if you find that you’re exhibiting some of these characteristics, you’ll be willing to make a U-turn and reposition your life.

I pray that you receive the grace to make a change for the better.

Do you know any moms (in Nollywood movies) who can be classified under each type of moms? Go ahead and tell us in the comment section.

In the meantime, check my next post for the concluding part on the different types of moms and I hope you find yourself in those types.?

Keep being fabulous ?

Love & Light


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Sandra Toby

Mama G kind of fits into almost all the kinds of mum.?.

Good one ma’am Viv.