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6 Pregnancy Essentials For Every Pregnant Woman


Pregnancy essentials are those things every pregnant woman must have. Pregnancy is an experience of numerous changes that will last for nine months. During these months, a pregnant woman will face changes, discomforts, insufficiency, and many others.

Nonetheless, the world has developed so well that there are pregnancy essentials to ease the discomfort and inconvenience for every pregnant woman out there.

Pregnancy essentials are diverse, affordable, and even recommended by medical practitioners. Among the numerous pregnancy essentials, there are the much more important ones– they’re the most haves of pregnancy essentials.

6 Pregnancy Essentials for Every Pregnant Woman


Below are 6 pregnancy essentials that will make your pregnancy period easy with good aftermath.

1. Itch oil or belly butter

Itch oil or belly butter works to ease itchiness during pregnancy. Women who have passed through this stage expressed how intense the itchiness could be; you would feel like you’re about to open a hole in your body.

Therefore, an itch oil or belly butter is one of the pregnancy essentials you must have.

When to Use An Itch Oil or Belly Butter

Itching during pregnancy is a liver condition also called cholestasis of pregnancy. It occurs on the legs and hands of pregnant women (could be in other parts). Nonetheless, the itching does not leave rashes on your body.

You may experience the itching pretty late because it is most common during the third trimester (though some women experience theirs earlier). It’s likely to worsen as your due date approaches but rescinds a few days after your delivery.

Causes And Implications Of Itchiness During Pregnancy?

The causes of cholestasis of pregnancy are unclear– your genes may play a role (perhaps it runs in your family). Also, pregnancy hormones could be involved- the closer you approach your due date, the more your pregnancy hormones rise.

This liver condition, cholestasis of pregnancy, comes with some complications. As a pregnant woman, you should have or be prepared to have an itch oil or belly butter to reduce the risk factors of cholestasis during pregnancy. 

Doctors think that as your pregnancy hormones rise, it may slow the normal flow of bile that helps your digestive system break down fats.

The bile stores up in the liver instead of leaving the body organ. And consequently, bile salt enters your bloodstream and makes you itchy.

The complications of itching during pregnancy are in mums and the unborn baby.

In mums, it may temporarily affect the way the body absorbs fat. Poor fat absorption could lead to decreased levels of vitamin K-dependent factors involved with blood clotting.

This complication in conceiving women is rare, and being a liver condition, future liver damage in pregnant women is also rare (less likely to happen).

However, in the unborn child, the complications of cholestasis of pregnancy are severe. It could result in early birth (preterm birth), the baby’s death in late pregnancy before delivery, or problems of the lungs from breathing in meconium.

Itching in pregnancy varies, but if you have something like cholestasis in pregnancy, PUPPP pregnancy rash, or pemphigoid gestation, you may have to see your doctor.

However, itching in pregnancy is somewhat plain and nothing to suffer. You can use itching oils like aloe vera gel or coconut oil to moisturize your skin.

2. Safe cleaning products

Some cleaning agents are not healthy enough for a pregnant woman. You are in a delicate condition (pregnancy), so everything you do or touch must be safe for you and your baby.

Some of the chemicals in cleaning products may not be healthy for you as a conceiving mother and your unborn child.

Also, kids are fond of touching anything and playing around. The cleaning products you use for your floors and surfaces should be safe and healthy for your children post-pregnancy.

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You won’t leave the house unclean because you’re trying to avoid unhealthy chemicals or cleaning products, and neither is it possible to let your husband do all the cleaning alone during your pregnancy.

Hence, natural and safe cleaning products are the best for you during pregnancy. Natural and safe cleaning products such as Babyganics All Purpose Surface Wipes, GO by Greenshield Organic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and Seventh Generation Fragrance-Free Dishwasher Detergent Packs.

So, remember to shop for the safest and most natural cleaning products when shopping for your pregnancy essentials.

3. Pregnancy pillow

A pregnancy pillow or maternity pillow is among the pregnancy essentials that will make your pregnancy travails less.

Your baby needs all the love and comfort they can get while growing inside you. Sleep during pregnancy is a different one. The mattress you use will not provide the comfort you need as a pregnant woman. 

Likewise, your sleep position changes as your baby bump get bigger. Generally, when we sleep, we can’t control our changing positions.

And as an expecting woman, you need a very comfortable rest more than anyone because of the pains and aches that come with pregnancy.

A pregnancy pillow will afford you the comfort your body craves as you lie to sleep. It works to alleviate body aches.

A pregnancy pillow is a super helpful pregnancy essential because it will provide the comfort and support you need for your head, belly, legs, and back when sleeping.

As your body weight increases, you are more likely to feel pain in your back, legs, and hips because your body rests on them. At night, you will want to rest these parts, but what if you can’t seem to fall asleep?

It’s not new that pregnancy comes with some difficulties, of which sleeping or resting is one. By helping you with a comfortable sleeping position, a pregnancy pillow will help you to relax your back, hips, and legs and help you sleep longer. 

When to use a pregnancy pillow

There is no particular period to start using a pregnancy pillow. The need arises when you start experiencing difficulty sleeping, changing sleeping positions, or resting your body. For some women, it starts from the 20th week of pregnancy. 

Types of pregnancy pillows

The pregnancy pillow is also called a maternity pillow and comes in different shapes. There are U-shaped, C-shaped, and wedge pregnancy pillows.

The C-shaped maternity pillow works to alleviate the pains in your back. It occupies less space on the mattress, unlike the  U-shaped maternity pillow.

The  U-shaped pregnancy pillow occupies more space on the mattress but provides comfort for your back and front. Wedge pillows are smaller than C-shaped pillows. The C-shaped and U-shaped pillows are great for women of any height and weight.

The wedge pillow is also called a maternity cushion. You can use it whenever you want and post-pregnancy too. It provides comfort for you in any sleeping position.

For a better pregnancy experience, the maternity pillow is a pregnancy essential you should consider from your second trimester.

4. Tummy shield

One of the pregnancy essentials you should not do without is the tummy shield. According to YASA, researchers have found that a mother’s uterus and bladder are not protected by the pelvis after twelve weeks gestation and can easily be injured by blunt trauma.

It implies that the baby bump is not well shielded and is at more risk should a conceiving woman meet with a road accident in her car. However, the tummy shield is engineered to guard the baby bump against a high amount of crash force as the seat belt system itself.

The tummy shield is a highly engineered seat belt for pregnancy. The tummy shield redirects the seat belt from the baby bump to the top of the woman’s belly, ensuring safety.

5. Belly band

The belly band is for that stage between your pre-pregnancy clothes and maternity clothes. You might not see the need yet, but your clothes start notifying you of the increase in your belly when they seem tight.

The belly band comes in to keep you fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes. Your increasing belly looks beautifully shaped and nice in pre-pregnancy cloth when you have the belly band on.

6. Safe skincare or beauty products

A good skin care product is one of the pregnancy essentials that pregnant women should try to have.

The physical changes caused by pregnancy alter the looks of many women– as you approach the second or third trimester, your body size increases (your face especially). Your complexion is likely to change, and the size of your nose could get bigger.

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Yet, you can maintain beauty while conceiving. Who says beauty is only for when not pregnant? You can be that beautiful, attractive pregnant woman everywhere you go.

The beauty products or cosmetology you use must be safe for you and your unborn child. Some beauty products are safe, but not all are safe for pregnant women.

But don’t worry some brands ensure their products cater to pregnant women. Some of these brands are Belli, Mama Mio, and Ola Cré, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 5 things a female should do while pregnant?

1. Eat well
2. Stay hydrated
3. Attend your prenatal care checkups
4. Take daily prenatal vitamins
5. Reduce stress

What should I buy in early pregnancy?

1. Prenatal Vitamins.
2. Body Pillow.
3. Morning Sickness Remedies.
4. Belly Support Band.
5. Supportive Bra.
6. A Good Moisturizer.

What do you wear during labour?

The hospital will make provisions for your delivery gown. You can also choose to take 100% cotton or a blend of jersey materials for your delivery.


Every pregnant woman needs pregnancy essentials to ease themselves during their pregnancy period. We hope this article has provided you with some of the pregnancy essentials you’ll need.

Share with us your pregnancy experience in the comment box, and let us know how you have been able to overcome the discomfort.

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