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5 Shocking Effects Of Older Siblings Raising Younger Siblings Revealed


Have you ever thought about the effects of older siblings raising younger siblings? 

Do you feel it is something way above your control? Myths and people’s experiences can in a way instill fear in you, which makes you feel it is difficult for older siblings raising younger siblings.

Not to worry, this article will wipe all those fears, and anxiety away and boost your confidence by the time you are done reading this article. 

This article will reveal the effects of older siblings raising younger siblings, you will be shocked at the secrets that will be exposed to you. 

Also, I will be sharing what my experience as an older sibling raising younger siblings looks like. I will share with you how I overcame the basic skills you will need and a bit of an introduction to parenting. 

All I need you to do is for you to pay attention to every little detail without missing a point. By the end of this reading, you will be amazed at how confident you will be in wanting to take up the role of raising your younger siblings. Don’t miss out!

Let’s get started already!

Is This What Parenting Is All About?


Parenting as exciting as it may seem comes with a lot of responsibility, especially for older siblings raising younger siblings. It is not something to joke or toy with. One must be ready emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. 

The role of older siblings raising younger siblings requires a lot of time and work. I remembered when my mum had to leave my baby brother with me for some months to take care of him as she would be traveling with my dad and didn’t want to take him along.

I was a teenager then, and I knew how it was for me. I will be sharing a bit of my experience with you as I also expose you to the effects of older siblings raising younger siblings. 

Your knowledge of parenting will guide you just in case you find yourself in similar situations. 

What Did  My Experience As An Older Siblings Raising Younger Siblings Look like?

I have heard so many people share their own experiences about how they ended up taking the responsibility of raising their younger siblings due to some circumstances beyond their control. 

I have decided to share my experience so that you can relate to it before I proceed into the effects of older siblings raising younger siblings. One important factor that helped me was my knowledge of anger management. 

Funny enough my brother has always been a lover of school, he always looks forward to learning and as his sister, I sure do my best to be of great support to him. 

It is not easy having to balance studying for my jamb exams, coupled with taking care of my mum’s business and having to take care of my baby brother. 

How I Was Able To Overcome

To be sincere it is demanding and tedious for all older siblings to raise younger siblings but I had to because of the love I had and still have for him. 

It was easy for me to cope and manage the stress. There were times I felt I couldn’t continue anymore but anytime I looked at his charming face I realized I couldn’t give up on him now. 

Anytime he commits an offense I don’t shout at him but rather talk to him about the consequences of his actions and this is what makes older siblings raising younger siblings interesting. 

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I also make him understand how it would affect his life negatively and also share stories relating to it so that he can learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences. 

Finally, I made sure to always live the kind of life I want him to live. Better still, I made myself a perfect example for him and it became pretty easy for me.

 Older siblings raising younger siblings are very much possible. Many have done it in the past and will still do so. It all depends on you, the older siblings.

5 Effects Of Older Siblings Raising Younger Siblings


There are many effects of older siblings raising younger siblings, but I will be listing just 5. I am sure that you have learned from my experience above. That is the reason I am willing to share how I overcame it. They are :

1. Role Modeling 

An adolescent who is mature enough to take up the responsibility of looking after a younger sibling has the opportunity to become a positive role model for him/her. 

An older sibling can be a helpful influence in their younger siblings’ lives in diverse ways, such as helping with homework, and teaching what is right and wrong.

Furthermore, interacting with the younger siblings helps to brush up on the younger siblings’ social skills. This can also be achieved by making one’s life a perfect example to emulate.

2. Being Responsible 

One major effect of older siblings having to raise younger siblings is that it creates an opportunity for the older siblings to learn how to take up the responsibilities and teaches him/her effective time management skills. 

Also, this helps to make them understand what it feels like to be an adult or a parent. Helps them to become more accommodating, patient, selfless, and disciplined. 

3. Creates a Deep Bond Between Siblings 

The quality time and interaction from both siblings help to boost the mutual bond between them. 

Also, it enables them to understand each other better. It creates a special connection that probably wasn’t there in the first place.

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It deepens the love both siblings have for each other. This is the reason you see siblings shed tears during the wedding ceremony of their siblings. 

4. Decision Making 

The younger siblings wouldn’t face any difficulty while trying to make decisions. From the older siblings’ experience and mistakes made in the past, he/she can fully direct the younger siblings on the right path and step to take. 

On the other hand, it helps to make sure that the older siblings make the right choice as well. Since he/she now is aware of their responsibility which is to cater to their younger siblings. 

5. Affects The Child’s Self-esteem

The three places a child learns from are the home, school, and religious homes. A child’s self-esteem can be badly affected if he/she is talked down to or looked down on by their older siblings.

If this should be the case then the older sibling might have a tough time interacting with people outside the home environment. 

This I believe is the job of the older siblings to correct. The older siblings should interact with the younger siblings in a way that will boost their self-esteem. 

FAQs About Older Siblings Raising Younger Siblings

What Are The Basic Skills Required For Parenting? 

1. Learn to focus more on their positive behavior.
2. Teach your younger siblings to be selfless. Remember to be an example.
3. Instead of shouting, try talking.
4. Give them little tasks to carry out.
5. Teach your younger siblings to see challenges as an opportunity to grow and learn.
6. Teach them to be responsible and independent. 
7. Help them to develop social skills. 

Why Do I Need To Make Time For Myself?

“You can’t give what you don’t have”.
In as much as you want to take care of your younger siblings you need to be in the right state; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to do so. 
It is very important and necessary for you to have your quiet time. You shouldn’t put your life on hold because you want to take care of them. 
Yes! You are free to have fun and go out with friends so long as you don’t get carried away. This will help you stay refreshed and fit for the task( raising your younger siblings) ahead of you.


Taking up the responsibility of raising your younger siblings or having to stand as their guardian can be very tedious and demanding but if you decide to look at it from another perspective it gives you an opportunity for you to impact their lives positively.

If there are things that happened in your childhood that you didn’t like or affected you negatively you have the opportunity to correct such from happening in your younger sibling’s life. 

Also, you can go as far as giving them the better life you have always wished for. That will be the best gift you can always give to them. It wouldn’t be easy, but I believe it is something you can do. I am rooting for you as always. Cheers!!

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