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Netflix Parental Controls: All You Need To Know

Netflix is home to entertainment, especially for children. However, it also contains a plethora of age-inappropriate shows that children may come across. The good news is that Netflix allows parents to limit their children’s access to mature content, ensuring that they only watch shows appropriate for their age group. This article will look at all you need to know about Netflix parental controls. 

What are parental controls?

There is a lot of excellent stuff for young people to learn from, participate with, or relax with on Netflix, which now has over 5,052 TV series, documentaries, and movies.

However, because of the large number of titles available on Netflix, certain content is unsuitable for all users, with some films and TV episodes rated 15 or 18 years old.

Netflix parental controls safeguard children from potentially harmful content found on the internet. These features can block access to age-inappropriate content, set usage limits, and track behavior.

Parental controls are available on Netflix expressly to limit what young people can view and see they’ve been watching.

It’s important to remember that no parental controls or filtering choices are perfect. Children can become fairly tech-savvy as they get older, which means they may learn to disable or bypass parental settings.

When it comes to Netflix parental controls, it’s crucial to keep passwords hidden from your children; disclosing them could allow them to disable or change the parental restrictions you’ve set up.

Netflix parental controls 

You may manage your children’s profiles individually or establish a profile with the Netflix Kids experience to choose the types of TV series, movies, and games they can watch or play.

Below are the available parental controls you might consider: 

Create a profile with a specific maturity rating 

Individual profiles with specific maturity ratings can be created to regulate the types of TV episodes, movies, and games that individuals on your Netflix account can view or play. On devices manufactured after 2013, profiles can be added.

  • Go to the Manage Profiles section of your account.
  • Select the Add Profile option.
  • Give the profile a name. Select Kids to access the Netflix Kids experience.
  • The profile icon for kids has a logo on it, making it easy to recognize them.
  • Continue is the option. The new profile will appear in your account’s profile list.

Choose maturity ratings or block titles 

When you give a profile a maturity rating, it will only see TV series, movies, and games that match that rating. Individual profiles can also be blocked from watching certain TV shows or movies.

NOTE: Your device may need to be refreshed in order for the new settings to take effect. To refresh, move to a different profile and then back. Alternatively, sign out and back into your device.

Lock your profile or other profiles on your account 

A Profile Lock PIN can restrict access to a specific profile on your account. See more about account-level PINs if you’ve already accessed a profile and are requested to enter a PIN before watching a TV show or movie.

To add a PIN to a specific profile, follow these steps:

NOTE: Some devices, such as Profile Lock PINs, cannot be updated with new functionality.

  • Go to your Account page in a web browser.
  • For the profile you want to lock, go to the Profile & Parental Controls settings.
  • Make a change to the Profile Lock option.
  • Enter the password for your Netflix account.
  • To access the specified profile, check the Require a PIN box.
  • Create your Profile Lock PIN by entering four numbers. To open the profile or play titles downloaded from it, you’ll need to enter this PIN unless you’re using an unsupported device.
  • Select Need PIN to add new profiles to require a PIN every time a new profile is added to your account.
  • Select the Save option.

Turn autoplay on or off 

You may set Netflix to play previews to sample TV episodes and movies automatically swiftly.

Netflix offers a feature called ‘autoplay,‘ which means that if you finish one episode of a show, the next one will begin playing after a 10-second countdown. 

This makes it simple for users to watch additional show episodes, leading to many people viewing for more extended periods than they anticipated.

To have the previews play automatically, go to:

If you’re using an Android phone or tablet,

  • Tap the profile symbol or More from the Netflix app’s home screen.
  • Go to Manage Profiles and select it.
  • Choose the profile you want to change.
  • Toggle the switch adjacent to Autoplay Previews on or off to enable or disable the feature.

On all other platforms,

  • Go to your Account page in a web browser.
  • For the profile you want to use, go to the Profile & Parental Controls settings.
  • Choose your playback options.
  • While browsing on any device, look at the Autoplay previews.
  • Uncheck the option to stop previews from playing automatically. Turning off Autoplay previews on TVs does not prevent auto-playing from a TV program or movie’s details page.
  • Select the Save option.

Access viewing history for a profile 

You can examine what has been watched on each of the profiles and on which dates by looking at your child’s viewing history. This can help you keep track of what shows your child enjoys and how many episodes or movies they watch on a daily basis.

On each profile in your account, you can see what TV series and movies have been watched.

  • Go to your Account page in a web browser.
  • For the profile you want to see, go to the Profile & Parental Controls settings.
  • Open viewing activity.
  • Use the Show More button if you see a limited list.
  • Select Download all at the bottom of the page to save a list to a spreadsheet. Any spreadsheet software that supports the CSV file type can open the downloaded file.

Rounding Up 

Maama, we all know that the media is full of so much indecent content, so these are steps to ensure that our children don’t get corrupted by what they see on their screens. 

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