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Cute Hairstyles For Your Girl Child

Are you stuck thinking of cute hairstyles for your girl child?

Gone are the days when children wore the same hairdo all year. Modern children, as well as their parents, have various opinions about their hairstyles. 

There are many different styles, products, and accessories available, designed to make your child look wonderful. 

The best kid’s hairstyles will make your daughter feel confident, lively, and attractive.

You won’t have to worry about coming up with anything stylish and trendy for your little girl since I’ll walk you through various lovely hairstyles to style her.

Cute hairstyles for your girl child 

Hairstyling is just as vital as other parts of body care. When it comes to Nigerian fashion styles, you’ll have the opportunity to agree with me that children’s hairstyles are essential.

If you neglect your hair, no matter how well you care for your body, you will appear disheveled or shabby.

Let’s take a look at some Nigerian hairstyles to suit the girl child 


This is a one-of-a-kind Nigerian children’s hairstyle in which all of the hair is woven into a pinnacle in the middle of the head.

It is an essential hairdo in Yoruba tradition, and if expertly weaved, it can look perfect on children.

Some cornrows are straight, while others, referred to as “shuku elewo” by Yorubas, are slanted.

Shuku Hairstyle

All back 

Because all of the hair is weaved from the front to the back, this is the simplest Nigerian children’s hairstyle. The only drawback is that it emphasizes the forehead, making it more visible.

It is quick and straightforward to make. You can wave this in a zigzag pattern.

Allback For Kids

Curly updo 

Your girl will stand out from the crowd with her curly updo. This is a hairstyle for girls that have a fashion sense. 

The up-do is as practical as it is entertaining. The child may play without being disturbed by her hair thanks to a big puff on top of her head. The puff on top of her head also draws attention to her lovely tiny face.

Curly Updo

Natural curls 

Long natural curls are one of the most difficult to manage, but they are also beautiful. 

Natural curl hairstyles are ideal for little girls. You may have to teach the small one how to care for the curls. This would make her feel beautiful and confident as she flaunts her curls.

Natural Curls

Twisted pigtails 

Pigtails are one of the most popular children’s hairstyles for girls. The design has an aura of sophistication and panache about it. Twisted pigtails are beautiful and fit little fashionistas perfectly.

Twisted Pigtails

Alternating cornrows 

This hairstyle features thick and thin rows that alternate. Your little one will look exquisite when matched with a polka dot bow. 

This children’s hairstyle girl design is likewise age-appropriate and adds a bit of flair.

Alternating cornrows are a versatile style that the kids can wear to school or in various casual settings.

Alternating Cornrows

Funky pigtails 

Pigtails are a fun and cute hairstyle that is simple to pull off. Pigtails are an excellent choice for a baby girl hairstyle that will make your little girl feel confident and at ease.

Even after a day of playing, it’s one of those styles that’s relatively difficult to goof up.

Funky Pigtails

Two steps 

This is another lovely Nigerian children’s hairstyle in which all hair is braided into two layers, one higher than the other.

All that is required here is for the entire hair to be divided in the center and for each piece to be braided as all back or shuku.

This may be preferable to an all-back since it elevates the hair rather than providing an all-around smooth interface.

Two Steps Hairstyle

Ghana weaving 

In Nigeria, Ghana weaving is one of the most popular hairstyles. Ghana weaving tends to pull on the edges of the hair so it’s not advisable for kids younger than five years. Also, be intentional about not having this hairstyle for longer than ⅔ weeks to avoid damage to the edges. 

Ghana Weaving Hairstyle

One-sided cornrows 

This is one of the Nigerian children’s hairstyles where all cornrows are woven to one side.

Onesided Cornrows

Rounding Up

I hope you’ll try out all the beautiful hairstyles for your girl child listed above; remember to take pictures and share them with the tribe when you’re done. 

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Keep being #fabulous.

I am rooting for you. 


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