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Best Educational Youtube Channels


Everyone desires to learn, but learning resources can be quite expensive sometimes. Nevertheless, the best educational YouTube channels can provide you with various programs that cut across all age brackets.

But the problem with the best educational YouTube channels is that without a proper guide on which resources to check out, one can easily get lost in the web of tutorials that are on the platform.

And that is why you need this article: to guide you to the best of some of the best educational YouTube channels that will always be useful to you.

Why Should I Seek the Best Educational YouTube Channels?


There are numerous reasons why you should seek out some of the best YouTube educational channels, but the ones listed below are universal. And they are:

It is cost-effective:

While looking for educational channels, you must have come across a lot of them. And you would have noticed that the majority of them charge a fee for any course, including child-related courses.

Even if they are excellent, they are not always affordable to everyone. But this can be mitigated with some of the best educational YouTube channels.

You may say, “But YouTube has a premium subscription too.” There is no doubt about it, but if you make use of some of the best educational YouTube channels that would be discussed here, you would not even need a premium subscription.

And this is because the premium subscription is only meant to block ads while you are using the platform.

It has a lot of variety:

It is a known fact that variety is the spice of life. And when there is variety, you have a lot of options to pick from. And this is where you will love some of the best educational YouTube channels.

With YouTube, you would get a lot of different tutors for one topic, and with this, you would get to grasp concepts in different forms and then pick the best that suits your learning.

It saves you time:

Time is a beautiful currency that we try to spend carefully. And this is because time lost can never be regained.

And as one who seeks to be enlightened on an educational topic, you would need to grasp the concept quickly and without any distraction.

The above can be achieved with some of the best educational YouTube channels. And this is because you would not need to dig deeper to get what you need.

All you have to do is search for the topic you intend to learn and then curate a playlist of different tutors. You’d get a concept to stick with and become an expert in this way.

It allows you to concentrate better:

Various studies have shown that people prefer videos to static images and notes. And this is another reason why you would enjoy some of the most talked-about YouTube channels.

You can download and watch later

Unlike other educational resources, the best educational YouTube channels allow you to download any resource you enjoy so that you can watch it later.

Furthermore, provided you turn on your data once within a 30-day period, you would still be able to retain the downloaded videos.

Isn’t this incredible? But what are the downsides to making use of YouTube educational channels?

The Downsides Of Some Of The Best YouTube Educational Channels


As much as the best YouTube educational channels have numerous advantages, they also have some inefficiencies that you may not be comfortable with. And they are:

Disturbing ads on free subscriptions:

If you hate a break in teaching, then you may want to opt out of the free YouTube subscription. And this is not because it is not good, but because at some point, it would break off your learning and display an ad.

Increased chance of distracting you with other good content:

Imagine searching for a diamond, and in the mix, you see gold, silver, and some other precious stones.

And that is how YouTube is. Nevertheless, this would not be an issue if you were determined and focused on what you wanted.

If you are convinced the best educational YouTube channels are what you need, then you should take a look at some of the best ones that have been curated and tested below.

Best Educational YouTube Channels


There are various good educational YouTube channels that you can enjoy. But to make it easier, some of the best have been cherry-picked and categorized under various headings:

Children’s educational YouTube channel

Khan Academy

Sal Khan founded the Khan Academy in 2006 with the goal of developing a set of online resources to aid in student education.

The Khan Academy is primarily used as a teaching resource for elementary school-aged students through teenagers.

Anyone who wishes to develop their mathematical, scientific, humanistic, and test-prep abilities can also use it.

Khan Academy may be the ideal tool if you want to self-study a subject or need further assistance in a particular class. Also, as one of the best educational YouTube channels, it provides quizzes and practice questions to help you evaluate your knowledge.

Mindful kids

Britt Mari and Kenneth are the owners of the educational YouTube channel Mindful Kids. Both of the content producers are psychology graduates who are passionate about producing age-appropriate, enjoyable content.

Their content focuses on boosting viewers’ creativity as well as their social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

As one of the best educational YouTube channels, it teaches kids mindfulness. That is the capacity to be present and pay attention to what is happening both inside of you and around you without passing judgment on it or becoming engrossed in it.

Netflix Jr

This is one of the best educational YouTube channels that is geared toward young children under the age of five and focuses on teaching them how to count, read the alphabet, and other skills.

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The website is uncomplicated, and each video is placed on its own page. The short, focused videos are also perfect for people with limited attention spans.

Journalism/ Expert opinion


Vox is a 21st-century general interest news website. Its founders, Ezra Klein, Matthew Yglesias, and Melissa Bell, introduced the idea of explanatory journalism in its founding.

Its task is straightforward: to explain the news. topics like politics, public policy, international affairs, popular culture, science, business, and even sports.

As one of the best educational YouTube channels, the news is made simple in Vox’s videos, which also provide viewers with context and insight.

Big Think

Big Think is a YouTube channel that seeks to provide answers to the most important issues in life. It has more than 3.69 million subscribers, and millions of people have watched its videos.

The opinions of newsmakers and influential thinkers in the fields of science, technology, economics, politics, and culture were featured on

It is one of the best educational YouTube channels that is dedicated to providing top-notch content that entertains and enlightens our varied, inquisitive minds.


Minute Physics

Henry Reich launched the YouTube channel MinutePhysics in 2010. The goal of the channel, according to Reich, is to quickly and simply communicate “some of the most beautiful things we know about the planet” to “anyone, everywhere.”

The videos on the channel are frequently animated. You can view its movies, which frequently include hand-drawn animation and simple visuals. The videos range in length, but many of them are made with the goal of imparting scientific knowledge in about five minutes.

Being one of the best educational YouTube channels, it produces films on allied scientific subjects like astronomy, climate change, biology, and arithmetic in addition to its physics-related content.

Do it yourself (DIY)


A wide collection of how-to videos may be found on expertvillage. In other words, ExpertVillage’s goal is to make clear instructional films available online.

It offers a wide range of topics, including professional guidance and how-to articles.

Demand Media owns the ExpertVillage YouTube channel, which debuted in 2006. Also, as one of the best educational YouTube channels, it has over 3.56 million people are currently channel customers.

How-to videos are available on ExpertVillage for a variety of subjects, such as food, sports, arts and crafts, photography, health and fitness, beauty and makeup, home maintenance and repair, technology, music and instruments, and automobiles.


National Geographic

For more than a century, National Geographic has been teaching people about geography and wildlife, making it so much more than just a magazine.

Numerous videos on the National Geographic YouTube channel are informative and intended to give you a fascinating peek into some of the most amazing locations on earth.

As one of the best educational YouTube channels, it produces videos related to nature, science, travel, and culture. These films are excellent for learning new information or for conducting research.


Practical Engineering

If you’re not an engineer, you probably believe that engineering is a difficult subject that only a select few people are blessed with. But Practical Engineering will make clear how fascinating and significant engineering is.

And in contrast to many other channels, Practical Engineering employs actual scale models and real-world examples from everyday life to illustrate engineering principles.

Being one of the best educational YouTube channels, it will help you to at least gain a greater understanding of the thought that goes into engineering commonplace.



George Lucas, a well-known director, launched Edutopia in 2007 with the goal of enhancing K–12 education.

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Lucas had hope for the future of edtech even in 2011. His method of advancing in that direction was Edutopia.

This is one of the best educational YouTube channels that is non-profit. It also creates innovative original content and distributes it to millions of K–12 teachers, parents, and students.

In the past ten years, there has been a huge change in education, and Edutopia is there to inform you what’s working and what isn’t so you can help your students achieve.

This website provides a variety of videos on many different subjects, with a focus on project-based learning techniques.

The coding train

Knowing how to code will be just as important in the future as being able to read. That’s probably an exaggeration, but The Coding Train is a wonderful place to start if you’ve been wanting to learn how to code.

The videos are humorous as well as comprehensive and simple to grasp. Being one of the best educational YouTube channels, Coding Train features video series for all skill levels, whether you want to learn the fundamentals or are investigating a more complicated subject like machine learning.

Crash courses

Crash Course

Need help with a specific academic subject? Want to study something new on your own? A crash course may be useful.

They offer classes in physics, philosophy, games, economics, American politics and government, astronomy, anatomy & physiology, biology, sociology, computer science, film history, mythology, literature, ecology, chemistry, and psychology, as well as courses on the history of the United States and the rest of the world.

Medical School

Med School Insiders

Ever wondered what it’s like to attend medical school? Do you want to know how to position yourself for success as a pre-med or current medical student?

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You can get all these from one of the best YouTube channels called “med school insiders.”


Mariana’s study corner

This is one of the best educational YouTube channels for law. Mariana is the owner of this YouTube channel that focuses on helping people stay organized and study more effectively.

Final Thoughts On Some Of The Best Educational YouTube Channels

As promised, this article has shown you everything you need to know about the best educational YouTube channels and has also given you various YouTube channels based on category.

With this, you can easily fit various fields, ad excel better than those without this knowledge. Nevertheless, you should share this detailed article so that your friends and family can expand their knowledge too. 

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