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Good Reading Habits: How To Encourage Your Child

Good reading habits in children: How to encourage them

Reading is a fundamental skill a child needs to be successful. Reading helps develop vocabulary, promotes analytical thinking, and increases attention span. How do you ensure your child develops good reading habits?

Kids can develop good reading habits from home even before learning how to read. Reading is the backbone of education, and it is essential to get our kids accustomed to reading.

Today, many children prefer television and games rather than books. Are we losing touch with books and reading?

Not all kids love reading, but some have a natural love for reading. On the other hand, some children find reading challenging, and it might take time to start reading.

 Now, children can hate reading for several reasons. For example, they could find reading a chore tedious or may have yet to get acquainted with the right books. 

Nurturing a love of reading in children can be a huge task, but the good news is that when you know why your children don’t like to read, you can begin to address the issue and make reading fun and enjoyable. 

Dear Mamma, here are five tips that can help you develop reading habits in your kids;

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Five ways to imbibe good reading habits into your children 

Below are five ways that can help you imbibe the reading habit in your children. 

Make reading a part of your home 

Make reading a part of your home, model it, and the children will follow. Watching you read might just encourage them to join you. Encourage them to read aloud and listen while they do with kin interest.

Reading should be in and out of the house 

Encourage your kids to read more than books. Let them read things that interest them; it could be road signs, movie titles, newspapers, and billboards. This practice will help build the child’s vocabulary and make reading enjoyable.

Make reading fun for your kids

If your child is a reluctant reader, enact the story. Play different characters and make use of voice changes. Do not force a reluctant reader. You can also try changing the end of the story, throw a book-themed party using favorite characters, and share their stories with friends or you can create a reading challenge with rewards.

Fix a time for reading 

Habits are formed when you create a routine, which means doing things at a particular time. Just as a child has a fixed time for bathing and brushing and has gotten used to it, apply the same energy to reading. Most times, just before bedtime can be a good time. Just like they can’t miss bathtime, they won’t miss this routine.

Make books accessible to them 

Having a library of books at home is an excellent way to get them reading. Have various texts to make reading easy and expose them to different genres. Make the reading area cozy. Then, take them to the library as often as you can.

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With kids, there is no telling what they will like. They will have interest in other things but helping them navigate their reading abilities while also encouraging other interests is one balance. Reading will help expand their vocabulary and imagination. Whether your kids will love reading as much as you would love for them in the future or not, you can do your best to develop a strong reading in them now.

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