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Viv Obinna

About Viv

Viv Obinna quickly recognises herself as a Wife and a Mum, and her superpower is being a busy mum of 5 children.  She is a Lifestyle Coach and A John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She is also a Stay At Home Mum (SAHM) Wellness Coach and Intentional Parenting Advocate.

Viv is blessed to be born into a family where her parents stressed the importance of education enough. Born, raised and schooled in the Western part of Nigeria, she started her career as a banker and has been privileged to move across the country under the different positions she held at various times. And across the world by family.

Viv’s “A Mum and More” Community has up to 20,000 women members across all social media platforms, and through the community, they have empowered over 20,000 women and counting.

My Story

Viv is a graduate of Accountancy from Imo State University. With a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from Middlesex University Hendon, London. And a certificate (in view) from Berkeley College New York (Fashion Management and Merchandise). 

Viv spent six years working in various capacities in the Financial sector before resigning to start her family. When Viv began a family and began to raise children, the family moved around the world a lot and knowing the type of family she wanted to raise; she opted to be a Stay At Home Mum. While staying home, she joined her husband in running Chesney Hotel, a 50 room boutique hotel situated in the heart of Lagos. In 2018, Viv brought her passion to life by opening up her online stores O’Maya Stores, from the comfort of her home. O’Maya Stores is a thrift store famous for providing authentic luxury trendy fashion brands at affordable prices. 

Viv led a remarkable professional life and knew she had to do more as a SAHM. And so, she decided to put systems and structures in place that would make her transition and subsequent new role as a Stay-At-Home- Mum worth the while. Viv was determined to maintain her presence as a mum whilst staying relevant, being financially fulfilled and fulfilling her purpose. Despite Viv being a Stay At Home Mum, she has built successful businesses from the ground up and continues to champion the business world. She’s an executive member of a few businesses, and she advocates all of these roles while also paying attention to her personal development. 

For the past 15 years, Viv has worked from home while devoting her time to raising her five children. She’s passionate about intentional parenting and advocates for stay-at-home moms living their full potential. Taking in all her struggles with giant strides, Viv knew that she had to create a solution to the problems most moms face going through the same part she chose. In no time, she knew what purpose meant for her and that her life’s mission was to help Mothers and especially Stay At Home Mums discover their full potential while raising well-grounded children; thus, the “A Mum And Mum” community was born.

As a SAHM for over 15 years, Viv mastered the act of self-realisation and has successfully channelled her energy into intentional living and parenting. Viv founded A Mum And More Tribe (a community of over 5000 women) out of the desire to fill the void created by lack of support and inclusion for women in general but most especially mothers who work hard to build a solid foundation for their families (children) by deciding to stay at home. 

As the Founder/CEO, Viv is responsible for devising new strategic plans and policies to bring the visions of AMAM to reality. She constantly works day and night behind the scenes to run a thriving community. She has overall responsibility for creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction of the tribe. In addition, Viv provides the framework for the functionality of all departments. Her role includes leading, guiding, directing, and evaluating the work of other executive leaders and members of the community. 

Embarking on the journey of intentional parenting while enjoying her life as a housewife has helped Viv build a special bond with her spouse Ken and a positive relationship with her children Chelsy, Chanel, Cheris, Chevy and Chanan while at the same time “Securing The Bag”.

Viv’s “A Mum and More” Community has up to 15,000 women members across all social media platforms, and through the community, they have empowered over 15,000 women and counting.

Viv is an avid learner, reader and writer. She constantly updates her knowledge bank by registering for online courses and certifications. She is an author and some of her books include: 11 Habits of The Productive Stay At Home MUM and The Business Side Of A Stay At Home Mum, 7 Ways to overcome Loneliness as a SAHM, . She has featured in several articles Viv Feature, AMAM Feature

When she’s not talking about motherhood, she enjoys cooking, shopping, travelling, watching wrestling and family series with her family. Viv’s hobbies include sewing, cooking, baking, and singing.

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