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AMAM PREMIUM CLUB (Limited Members Only)

An Exclusive Private Membership Club for Women/Mothers (SAHM) who want to LEARN,  LEAD, LOVE & LIVE  Full Lives…

“Motherhood is a journey made easy when we have the right people in our corner….”

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Club Benefits


₦5,000/month ₦15,000/quater



What people are saying

“I’ve come to connect with women who truly care about one another and are concerned with helping each other become better women. AMAM tribe is a place where there’s continuous learning, unlearning and relearning. The most important thing is women are free to share and express themselves without any shame or free of judgment. Also, we’ve got each other’s back and shoulder to cry on if the need be.”

Lucy Odimegwu

“Coming across this tribe has been one of my huge blessings of the year. This is me learning, unlearning and relearning a lot of which my husband personally can attest to…”

Joy Onyeanusi

“A mum and more tribe is truly a place where mothers feel free to express themselves, a place where they learn, unlearn and feel loved.”

Kufre Essien

“It has been an amazing no judgment zone and a place of learning. The support has been awesome”

Jovitaolive Adaugo

“AMAM has been a life-changer for me with the right support system in my circle.”

Chinyere Chukwukelu

“Being a member of this noble tribe called AMAM is the most amazing thing that has happened to me this year…”

Osiwu Iheoma

“Wow AMAM Is a place for every woman to be. I can’t count how many things I’ve learned in just a few months of joining the tribe. I can’t start mentioning the uncountable knowledge I’ve acquired. With AMAM parenting is made easy. <br/><br/>
With AMAM Motherhood is sweet & marriage is beautiful”

Eni Anthonia

“Since I joined AMAM, it’s been amazing! I have learnt a lot of tips on how to make my motherhood journey less stressful and even fun! 

I have learnt how to take care of myself and not leave myself behind while taking care of other family members”

Joy Collins

“I love this tribe, it is a place where one can be Free to share her experience in the journey of motherhood. The love, encouragement, the support and morals I got from the tribe every day keep me going and also bring the best out of me.”

Chinenye Vivian

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