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All You Need To Know About An Outdoor Wedding


To be honest, we can’t think of anything more illustrious, impressive, or awe-inspiring than an outdoor wedding complemented by perfect weather. Whether you’ve wanted to have an outdoor wedding for as long as you can remember or you’ve been inspired by all of the beautiful outdoor “I do” inspiration of late, you’ll need to keep in mind that creating an outdoor ambiance isn’t as simple as creating an indoor ambiance.

There are many moving parts to organizing an event with outdoor vibes, but the options and opportunities are limitless.

So, if you’re willing to navigate all of the ups and downs of an outdoor wedding, we’re right there with you with this comprehensive article that answers all of your questions and gives you insight on what to do and what not to do.

Etiquette For An Outdoor Wedding


When it comes to planning an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to prioritize the guest experience. Here are some frequently asked and answered etiquette questions.

1. How Should Catering For Outdoor Dining Be Handled?

Finding a catering team that is experienced with working outdoor weddings (in the absence of the luxuries that come with an indoor setting) is critical. “How many outdoor weddings have you done?” “Are you comfortable working in a catering tent?” “Will you be able to make recommendations for catering rental needs like kitchen equipment, plate ware, glassware, cutlery, and so on?” Ensure to ask these questions.

2. What Kind Of Food Should We Serve?

The best part about being outside is that you can be extremely creative with your welfare. Looking for a wood-fired pizza oven? Do it! Are you considering a pig roast for a more tropical-themed party? Just do it. There are numerous entertaining options for your day.

3. How Should We Style Our Outdoor Space?

Every outdoor setting, whether it’s a backyard, a beach, or a floral-filled field, has its own natural beauty and aesthetic, so as you plan your wedding, you’ll be in a unique position to use the natural landscape to your decorating advantage. And the décor you choose can help to make your event more or less formal.

4. How To Protect Your Visitors From Bugs?

Apart from having your grounds professionally treated three or four days before your wedding, I will suggest placing citronella candles around the pathway or near your tent entrance, as well as choosing flowers that mosquitoes don’t like.

Lavender, marigolds, and peppermint in your personal florals as well as throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception décor are a serious secret weapon!”

5. Can We Make Portable Toilets Look Nice?

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions about outdoor weddings. All of our experts agree that renting restroom trailers with hired bathroom attendants and adding tasteful touches is the way to go (like pretty flowers, toiletries, and candles).

9 Factors To Consider Before Planning An Outdoor Wedding


Apart from the etiquette you need to observe for an outdoor wedding, there are other seemingly annoying factors that need to be put into consideration. Below are those factors and how to mitigate them.

1. Establish A Budget From The Start.

“Because you’re creating an environment, there are things you must bring in that you might not otherwise consider, such as china, glassware, and a bathroom—you can’t have a party without a bathroom!” “It all adds up.”

2. Check The Weather Obsessively.

“Nobody wants rain on their wedding day, even if they say it’s good luck.” In any case, you must prepare for it. Even if there is no rain in the forecast, you will need a tent for shade. Summer days with bright sunshine can be brutal.”

3. Stock Up On The Necessities.

“If your event extends into the evening, you must have whatever it takes to ensure your guests’ comfort.” This implies that sunscreen, bug spray, and water should be readily available.”

4. Mix It Up With Food.

“There are a lot more food options with outdoor weddings.” You could do a lobster bake if you vacationed in Maine every summer. 

5. Be As Open And Honest As Possible.

“No one enjoys surprises. Include the dress code in the invitation so that guests know what to expect. Include a map of the location on the wedding website so guests can see how much space there is between locations.”

6. Plan Far In Advance.

“Just because your wedding is on Saturday doesn’t mean you can finish all of your preparations on Friday.” You or your planner should plan on being on-site at least a week in advance. Be prepared to wait if you’re erecting a tent, laying down a dance floor, or installing a restroom.”

7. Select Flowers Wisely.

“There are certain flowers that are available at certain times of the year, and you want things that can withstand the heat.” Nothing says “wedding” like roses, but you can get creative. Hydrangeas and ranunculus are both lovely and rustic flowers.

8. Ensure That The Area Is Well-Lit.

“You’re probably not going to forget to light your tent if you’re out in the woods somewhere, but remember to have a lit pathway or flashlights on hand for guests to exit and find their cars.”

9. Don’t Forget to Consider Parking!

“Even if you have a large field reserved, you must decide whether to splurge and hire a valet or allow guests to park themselves.”

Top 5 Most Beautiful Locations For Outdoor Wedding In The World


1. Jhalobia Park and Recreation Garden

has enough space for up to two thousand five hundred (2500) guests, making it an ideal setting for your parties. Its impressive fifty-five-meter red-carpeted aisle gives the celebrant a sense of royalty.

2. The Pearl Garden:

It provides guests with a free generator for the duration of the event, as well as restrooms. The garden staff, which includes parking attendants and security patrol, is also on hand for the guests throughout the duration of all events. The field area can accommodate 400 guests in a banquet setting.

3. Garden of Euphoria:

It is a garden as well as an event center that provides comfortable relaxation and service. No one has ever resisted this place since its inception.

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Whether it’s a grand affair or a small family gathering, the enchanting venue has a variety of options. The garden can also accommodate 200 people. The garden is ideal for pre-wedding photography.

4. Park Rose Mead:

is a well-kept garden with an ideal setting for events and gatherings. Shodex appears to be a true paradise on Earth at first glance. A clean, green, and peaceful environment that also serves as a research and tourist destination. 

5. Shodex Garden

Shodex Garden has a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for various types of social events. Appropriate for birthday parties, weddings, picnics, and seminar symposiums.


Just as promised, this article consists of every basic thing you need to know about planning an outdoor wedding. 

Feel free to share and keep coming back for more.

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