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How To Create A Stay At Home Mom Schedule

How to create a stay at home mom schedule that works

Staying in your home all day can be so frustrating! Sometimes you can feel you’re not productive because you keep doing things as they come to you. Having a schedule is one of the ways to stay sane as a stay-at-home mom and make you feel like an achiever because you’re always ticking off boxes and feeling proud of yourself. How can you create a stay-at-home mom schedule that works? Keep reading to find out more. 

Why do you need to schedule your time as a stay-at-home mom?

There are a lot of reasons you need a schedule as a stay at home mom, some of them include:

It helps you stay sane 

To be honest, being able to predict your day-to-day events accurately is a luxury. However, it can assist you in feeling more at ease in all situations. Less stress equals a happier mother. 

That, in my opinion, is how to thrive and function in your home. You should rely on onset times of the day to get things done as a busy stay-at-home parent, making you feel more organised and less chaotic.

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It helps you stay focused. 

It’s simpler to keep focused when you know you have a defined amount of time to complete a task. When you just have a limited amount of time, you become much more motivated to do something on your to-do list. 

A schedule might motivate you to complete the activities at hand. I know I just have an hour; I work rapidly to achieve my to-do list rather than tackling it piecemeal throughout the day. Schedules prevent wasted time throughout the day by improving your attention and completing one trivial activity.

It makes you more intentional. 

True happiness is the result of deliberate action. You become more intentional with all the enjoyable stuff and free time when you have time to get things done around the house and take care of yourself. 

So whether you go on a day trip or an afternoon outing, you won’t have to worry about the 20 things you need to get done at home, cluttering your mind and wasting your time. Instead, it can assist you in feeling more at ease.

It helps you face lesser battles. 

If I haven’t made it plain in all of the preceding statements, one of the most important reasons to focus your stay-at-home routine on sleep demands is to make your house happier. Everyone is grumpy when they are weary. No one is happy when everyone is cranky. 

Of course, we might be grumpy for various reasons (hunger is one of them), but sleep is essential for children. They require it frequently. It is beneficial to everyone when you organise your life around one of their most basic needs. Your child will be more cooperative, cheerful, and obedient due to these changes. There will be fewer fights and tantrums as time goes by.

How to create a daily schedule as a stay at home mom 

Below are some recommended steps to help you make the perfect stay at home mom schedule:

Write it down on paper 

You will forget your stay-at-home mom schedule if it isn’t written down and visible (at all times). Make your timetable fun and bold by writing or typing it out. Place it on your refrigerator or your kitchen counter. It will serve as a reminder of what you need to do during the day.

Write down the essential things you have to do 

Every mom has a to-do list that she must do during the day. The skeleton of your SAHM schedule will be this. A list of essential things can be anything like:

  • Wash clothes 
  • School drop off 
  • Prepare lunch 
  • Prepare dinner 
  • Grocery shopping, etc. 

Don’t fill in too many tasks. 

We all want to be supermoms, but you and your kids will be happier if you delegate some responsibilities and focus more on them when they are around. As a result, don’t overfill your schedule to the point of tiredness. In that case, no one wins.

Be flexible 

It’s lovely to have a schedule, but kids will be kids. Be flexible, and don’t be too hard on yourself if dinner doesn’t get done one night or circle time doesn’t go as planned. On the other hand, don’t abandon ship if things don’t go as planned; simply adjust and keep pushing forward.

Set time aside for a nap 

You’ll have a hard time functioning if you’re constantly fatigued. Likewise, you’ll suffer no matter how good your schedule is if you’re not getting enough sleep.

You’ll most likely go from being calm to an angry mother. It’s difficult to avoid when you’re sleep-deprived since extreme tiredness feels like torment. 

You’ll have to put your children’s and your sleep first. This includes establishing nap times for the kids and even taking a power nap yourself.

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Ready to get the best out of a stay-at-home mom schedule? I bet you are, Maama. 

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