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Having A Baby In Your 40s: What To Expect

Health experts say the best time to conceive is when you’re below 35. This is true, but what if you’re not able to? Is having a baby in your 40s impossible? Definitely not. 

I had my last baby – my baby boy at 40 years of age. So you see, it is possible to conceive in your 40s. 

Do you believe in miracles? Miracles do happen. If you’re in your 40s, and you’re expecting a baby, you’re not alone. 

There are many reasons why women conceive in their 40s. In my case, it was unplanned but absolutely welcomed, lol. 

Some other people decided to wait so that they could train their children in a more relaxed state. 

While some others were not able to have babies earlier in life, so their miracle came in their 40s. 

Whichever the case is, having a baby in your 40s is possible. 

Are there risks? Yes. 

Are there benefits? Absolutely Yes! 

In this article, we will be looking at the benefits and possible risks of having a baby in your 40s. 

I’m going to be telling you all there is to know in case you’re in your 40s and you’re expecting a baby, or you hope for a miracle to conceive at this age. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in, Maama. 

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Benefits of being an older mom 

People who wait until they have a solid job with health insurance may be able to afford better medical treatment.

People who have paid leave or run a business may be able to take more extended parental leave, giving them more time to bond with their child and recover from childbirth.

Better health may be aided by more stability in a person’s profession, life, or marriage. A new parent who is less concerned about money may be less stressed.

When you were younger, you might have had a career that involved a lot of travel. Perhaps you intended to advance to a certain level in your company before you were ready to start a family. 

My little baby boy

You can also have a financial goal—a property, a college fund, or a certain amount in your retirement account. There are various reasons why you might have put off having children.

Also, the confidence you may have earned from your life experiences may make pregnancy and childbirth simpler to appreciate.

These are the benefits attached to having a baby in your 40s – financial stability and reduced stress.

Complications of having a baby in your 40s 

There are several risks attached to having a baby in your 40s. Nevertheless, with appropriate measures – which we will talk about later – you can have a healthy pregnancy. 

Complications in pregnancy and labor appear to be more common among older women. You’re more likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, placental issues, and delivery complications. But try not to be very concerned. 

Even though some issues are more likely in older mothers, this does not indicate they will occur in you.

Some common risks include:

Gestational Diabetes

Women in their 40s are more likely than those in their 20s or 30s to develop gestational diabetes.

Having a big baby 

Pregnant women over 40 have a higher chance of having a large baby (over 4.5kg or 10lb). Having a large baby is frequently associated with gestational diabetes. If your doctor believes your baby is significant, she will schedule a scan to determine its size. In my case, my baby weighed less than 4KG.

You might need to give birth through a cesarean section

Women over the age of 40 are the most likely to have a cesarean section. You’re almost twice as likely to need a cesarean section. 

This could be due to the uterine muscle becoming less effective as we age, especially first-time mothers. 

Having a vaginal delivery may get more difficult as you get older. There’s also a higher chance of a stillbirth.

Many women above the age of 40 can give birth to healthy babies. Consult your doctor about what to expect and make a backup plan. 

If you’re planning a vaginal birth, for example, talk to your spouse and support group about what assistance you’ll need if you need a cesarean delivery instead.

In my case, I had an elective cesarean section because; a) The gap between the previous delivery was over five years, so my doctor was concerned about me having to go into labor and pushing the baby out. b) I developed gestational high blood pressure, and my doctor didn’t want to take chances. c) We planned for me to get a Tubal Ligation after delivery. 

Chromosomal abnormalities

You have a more significant chance of having a kid with a chromosomal defect, such as Down’s syndrome or Patau’s syndrome, if you’re an older mother. All pregnant women, however, are provided chromosomal abnormality screening tests. 

Physical pains 

Because your joints and bones are losing mass as you get older, you may have more aches and pains. 

You may also be more prone to high blood pressure. As you get older, pregnancy-related weariness may become more pronounced. 

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How to have a healthy pregnancy

While a baby born to a woman in her forties is more likely to have issues, the good news is that most of these babies are born healthy with proper care, vigilant eyes, and contemporary technology.

How can you have a healthy pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant at any age, the most significant thing you can do is focus on being as healthy as possible by:

  • not smoking 
  • eating a healthy, balanced diet if you are overweight or obese 
  • decreasing weight before pregnancy if you are overweight or obese 
  • avoiding some infections during pregnancy
  • Avoid specific meals while pregnant, as well as not drinking alcohol or using illegal substances.
  • Limiting your caffeine intake before and during pregnancy will help you stay active.
  • seeking medical advice always 


Many women over the age of 40 may have healthy, safe pregnancies and are grateful they waited. People can have positive outcomes with the correct healthcare and a healthy lifestyle. 

To avoid unplanned pregnancy in your 40s make sure you and your spouse agree to family planning. 

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