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Top 20 Best Parenting Blogs


Raising a child requires a community, and luckily, communities are more accessible than ever with the best parenting blogs and forums available online. Whether you’re interested in early pregnancy, fostering, raising teenagers, green parenting, or anything in between, there’s a community for you. And if you’re looking for the best parenting blogs, you’ve come to the right place. 

The 20 blogs listed below have some of the most active communities and resource libraries, offering everything from video tutorials to guides on children’s story books. That means they’ll most likely know the answer to any question you have, as well as those you didn’t know to ask. They are listed below.

1. A Mum And More Tribe

A Mum And More Tribe is an International Women’s Community solely set up to help Women, Mothers, and especially Stay-At-Home-Moms, connect with a robust network of other Moms. We share knowledge, expertise, and experiences while discovering and navigating the amazing world of parenting in the 21st Century.

Our Vision is “To create a HAVEN for all Mothers on Earth.” AMAM is purposely driven by the desire to see women/mothers Learn, Love, and Live well. We derive our joy and accomplishment from knowing that one day, women and mothers worldwide would see themselves for who they are; The PILLARS of the WORLD. This is arguably the best parenting blog ever created.

2. Dirt and Boogers

Amanda is a wonderful mother who worked as a Mental Health Counselor with children and mothers in both individual and group counseling settings before becoming a stay-at-home mom to two boys. 

She was the first blogger I ever contacted, and she is the reason I am still blogging today. Amanda used to host a series called “Sunday Parenting Party” when I first “met” her.

Every Sunday, bloggers from all over the internet would link to their most recent parenting posts. This was just what I needed to get back to sharing my true stories and staying true to the purpose of my blog.

Dirt and Boogers is nothing short of spectacular. Amanda gives practical advice on motherhood, parenting, and intentional play. She is best known for her No Yelling Revolution and her No Yelling Facebook group, which has over 8,000 members.

3. Children’s Creativity

Can you believe Alissa was one of the first bloggers to leave a comment on one of my posts? I had no idea what an amazing and talented blogger she was at the time. We instantly connected over our ‘angry’ children and have remained friends over the last year. If you’re looking for well-written, very real parenting solutions, Creative with Kids is the place to be!

4. Mama Smiles Blog

What’s not to like, even about the blog’s name? Mary Anne’s blog, Joyful Parenting, features experiences, products, and activities that promote parent-child bonding, fun learning opportunities, positive sibling relationships, and the development of happy, healthy, connected families.

If you’re a regular here, you’re probably familiar with our goals series, which MaryAnne created. I appreciate how she keeps me in check and helps me live a more focused life!

5. Everyday Moments

I can’t say enough good things about Moments a Day and the encouraging posts on Chelsea’s blog. She shares simple ideas for connecting families, developing character, and making a difference.

This is a blog that will have you wanting to grab a coffee and stay awhile, from simplifying your home to reading real stories of motherhood and parenting.

6. Mother of a Reformed Idealist

Kelly is a girl after my own heart. She recently became a SAHM and full-time blogger, and she has an amazing blended family about whom she writes. I enjoy reading her stories about parenting, mothering, and even her wild and spontaneous ideas for free vacations.

She has the perfect way of giving tips while sharing her wit and humor, from dealing with an anxious child to helping a child feel more confident. I am confident you will adore her as much as I do.

7. ALLterNATIVELearning

I fell in love with Kara at ALLterNATIVElearning the moment I met her. Her blog embodies everything I enjoy in life. It is deliberate learning, natural parenting, long-term living, and positive thinking.

Kara is currently hiding a BIG BLOG in a small shell, just waiting to be discovered. She hosts a weekly tot-school series, shares Bradley method tips, and writes heartfelt parenting and motherhood posts!


9. Beauty in Imperfection

This is a new blog to me, but it has been around for a while and is a fantastic resource for parents and mothers.

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Paula is a Christian author who shares stories from her own imperfect life to demonstrate how the beauty of God’s grace shines through struggles and imperfections.

She discusses everything from dealing with toddler tantrums to homeschooling. This is not a blog you want to miss.

10. A Mother Away From Her Children

This is the newest amongst the parenting blogs I’ve discovered, and I’m completely blown away! Rachel has a way of writing that draws you in and makes you want to keep reading while nodding your head. To be honest, I can’t think of a single post I’ve read recently that I didn’t want to plaster everywhere and share with everyone I knew. I predict big things for this one! You’ll want to keep up with her so you don’t miss out on anything! If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend her post on why your husband isn’t doing you any favors.

11. Treasures in a Pint

Although I have only recently begun to pay closer attention to Allison’s blog, I can say that Pint Sized Treasures is a place where you will find thought-provoking parenting posts as well as be encouraged to build a happy home through her uplifting posts and encouraging words. If patience is a problem for you, Allison has some great advice on how to be a more patient mother.

12. Your Modern Family

Becky at Your Modern Family can always be counted on to present a thought-provoking parenting topic in a way that makes me want to read more and learn about both sides of the issue. She has an incredible ability to draw you into her posts and then keep you there once you’ve arrived.

Becky’s most popular posts are about bedtime for babies and children, as well as bedtime for adults. All of these posts have one thing in common: they are all honest. Whatever the topic or point of view, I can count on honesty and well-written thoughts on the subject.

13. Not Just Cute

Everything about Amanda’s website, Not Just Cute, appeals to me. She shares activities, parenting tips, and resources that are not “just cute,” but have value and objectives, as the name implies.

Her ability to articulate her thoughts on education and translate them into thoughtful and well-educated parenting advice has me smitten. Her posts on Developmentally Appropriate Practices and the Myth of Perfect Parenting are two of my favorites.

14. Abundant Mama

I’m not sure where to begin when it comes to learning from Shawn at Abundant Mama. Her emphasis is on slowing down and avoiding distractions so that you can savor the moments in your life before they pass you by. Shawn’s website first drew me in with her post about anger and how to stop yelling.

However, over the last few months, I’ve grown to appreciate her and her blog far more. There is no other blog that inspires me to focus and center my attention like Abundant Mama.

15. Toddler Approved

While Toddler Approved may appear to be a site dedicated to all things toddler, Kristina has such knowledge of parenting and education that she is a must-follow parenting blog.

I can say that whenever she posts a new parenting article, I go over to read it because I know it will be packed with helpful tidbits and tips.

I feel connected to her and her family as she recounts her daughter’s struggles with anxiety and tantrums, and I find comfort in each of her posts.

Her debunking super mom post was one of the first parenting posts I read after becoming a blogger, and it literally took the words out of my mouth (except more eloquently). With respect to anything toddler, this is arguably among the best parenting blogs out there.

16. Let’s Lasso the Moon together.

Let’s Lasso the Moon was one of the first blogs that I fell in love with and subscribed to. Zina has an uncanny ability to see and talk about creativity all around her.

She is always finding the most amazing quotes and inspiring me to be a more creative version of myself.

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Zina shares her out-of-this-world perspective on life, from modern parenting solutions to photographing childhood and family moments.

Make some time because you will want to stay and look at her amazing photography and be engulfed in her sense of life. If you get lost for hours over there, don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is one of the best parenting blogs when it comes to family moments.

17. Picklebums

Picklebums has it all, from creative play-based learning activities to sound parenting advice. Through her posts, Kate has a wonderful talent for encouraging creativity and independence.

I adore her post about Good Job alternatives and how being a less-than-perfect parent makes you a good parent. This is one of the few parenting blogs that has served the test of time.

18. Alpha Mother

Alpha Mom focuses on the motherly aspect of parenting and pregnancy. Yes, it still has a lot of resources geared toward children. It also includes information about Mom’s physical, financial, and mental health. Everything is well-organized, so finding what you’re looking for is a breeze.

19. Bundoo

Bundoo is a market leader and a leading authority on baby health for good reason: it is run by doctors. They’ve amassed a substantial library of children, babies, and prenatal resources. They also allow readers to connect with real doctors for personalized advice.

20. Parenting

Parenting is owned by the same people who own Parents, so their categories and topics are very similar. They have access to a wealth of resources as a result of their larger brand, and their expertise shines through. The name already entails that it is one of the most popular parenting blogs around.

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