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How To Get Rid Of Apron Belly Without Surgery – 10 Helpful Tips


Our female bodies are magnificent. It is wonderful that humans have the ability to produce and carry life for 40 weeks. Not only that, but we can also provide the best diet for our children by feeding them the breast milk that our bodies generate.

This sounds like a miraculous task in and of itself, and women often enjoy the process of being pregnant and bringing life into the world.

But what happens when the baby is born? How is Mom feeling?

Our bodies have just gone through the most severe shape-changing event they will ever go through, so why are women so eager to return to their pre-parental figure? What’s the harm in accepting our new shape?

In this post, we’ll look at what an apron belly is and how to get rid of one without surgery.

What Exactly Is An Apron Belly?

Many new mothers experience an apron belly after giving birth. A pannus stomach is another name for it. It’s simply a stomach overhang made up of a mix of visceral and subcutaneous fat.

It happens more frequently after pregnancy because of the weight gain that the great majority of women experience during those nine months. It causes fat accumulation in the omentum, a flap beneath your abdominal muscles directly in front of your intestines.

The apron belly is to blame for our pregnancy form shift.

It can leave many new mothers feeling as if they have lost their identity and attractiveness, and in very extreme circumstances, it can contribute to melancholy and anxiety.

Is it therefore risky?

Health Consequences of Apron Belly

Subcutaneous fat can be accessed from the outside of the body. It accumulates inside your body between your organs, where it can produce poisons and disrupt the way our organs function.

Physically, the apron belly has been linked to specific types of cancer, including ovarian and type 2 diabetes.

It is also frequently associated with despair and anxiety in new mothers, making them feel as if they have lost their identity following childbirth.

How can we assist moms in regaining their physical fitness and identity following the magical adventure of pregnancy and childbirth?

Apron Belly Treatments


When you’re still adjusting to motherhood and your new skin, the pressure to feel and look well can be overwhelming.

There is no guilt in waiting until you are ready to deal with this new belly, but the rewards of dealing with the problem can be enormous for both your physical and mental health.

So, what are some of the greatest non-invasive methods for getting rid of your apron belly?


Being physically active during the day can help you lose the extra pounds you gained during pregnancy. Small changes, such as using the stairs instead of the elevator, can have a positive impact on your health.

Activity can help your body restore its shape after giving birth, but it is vital to remember that no single exercise can target a specific area, therefore it is always a good idea to maintain a full-body workout. When performing full-body workouts, a concentration on cardio can help improve fitness levels.

You would not be the only person to think ‘I have got a newborn kid, when do I have the time to work out?’. Perhaps you recently had a c-section and have a protruding belly. Perhaps you have stomach crease lines from all of your additional bed rest.

This is a reasonable and correct assumption for many new mothers; nonetheless, it is critical that you take some time for yourself while you are still adjusting to your new position.

Exercise may be done at home as well as when out and about with the stroller, so if you are short on time, work out when you can. Remember that doing little and often is preferable to doing nothing at all!

It will also help your mental health as your body adjusts to the lack of hormones on which it has been reliant for the past nine months. Endorphin release will make you feel healthier and more confident in your own skin.


It is critical that you do not feel obligated to live your new mom life as a rabbit on vegetables and salads. However, it is critical to evaluate your dietary habits.

I felt like I needed sugar after delivering my first child. With sleepless nights and a recovering body on my mind, it was all too tempting to reach for the biscuit barrel instead of a substantial meal.

The sooner you can regain control of your diet after giving birth, the better. Changing your eating habits will allow your body to recuperate and reduce the weight you gained during pregnancy.

Eat a low-fat, lean diet to assist your body use the stored fat as energy, and you will notice that the fatty apron belly shrinks over time.

Munchies like nuts and fruit will help your body absorb what it needs while preventing cravings for bad snacks.

Your body has experienced significant change, and you will need time to adjust both physically and mentally.

When looking at your diet, it is crucial not to feel as if ‘deemed’ unhealthy snacks and meals cannot be consumed; they only become unhealthy when consumed in excess. Allow yourself a treat, girl! You deserve it every now and then!


Although these clothes have not been clinically shown to produce extraordinary outcomes, waist training devices that apply pressure to your abdomen can aid in flattening the belly surface.

The tight elastic compresses the loose skin and helps to sculpt the figure. This treatment may be useful if you want to get rid of lumps and bumps in undergarments, but it must be combined with diet and exercise to have any long-term advantages.


Diastasis Recti, often known as DR, is a condition in which the abdominal muscles separate from one another. It is highly frequent in postpartum women, with up to 60% having it.

If you have DR, you may notice that your mommy pouch is evident and you feel lower back pain. Doesn’t this sound like every pregnant woman?

It is critical to discover if you have DR after childbirth because many movements can weaken the muscles and cause your mommy pouch to worsen.

It is very normal to feel a little squishy in the tummy after carrying a baby for nine months, but if you have any reservations or worries, check with your doctor before beginning any exercises.


Once again, these pesky creatures! You can’t live with them, and you certainly can’t live without them. They may have given you the most sickening feelings you’ve ever had in the last 9 months.

Taking control of them will assist your body in regaining its shape. Your body has been pumping with hormones for 40 weeks, so it’s no surprise that they’ll continue be buzzing through your body after birth.

Many hormones can stimulate the formation of fat-producing cells as well as the production of insulin, which the body prefers to store. An imbalance in these hormones can lead to belly fat and, as a result, the mommy apron.

Regulate these hormones by eating a healthy, balanced diet, limiting your caffeine intake, and sleeping whenever possible (very hard when nursing a newborn at 3 am.)


Isn’t this self-evident? However, you wouldn’t expect to put $10 in your car and expect it to travel the same distance as if you put $20 in it, would you?

This is critical. If the body believes it is not getting enough fuel from the meals we eat, it will begin to use stored fats. However, if this is not done in a regulated and safe manner, it can be a dangerous and unpleasant experience.

We talked about eating properly in the diet part and reaffirmed that sweets are fine in moderation; after all, you just produced a whole human, so I think you deserve a chocolate bar!

However, when measuring your calories, it is critical that you strike the proper balance. To lose weight, you must ensure that there is a difference between what you consume and what you burn, but this must be done securely.

If it is not, you may experience a significant decline in energy levels, leaving you feeling even wearier and defeated. This may not only cause you to binge, but it may also cause you to feel faint and dehydrated.


This is a process in its own right, but it is less intrusive than surgery. It entails freezing fat cells in undesirable regions so that the body may eliminate them as waste. It is a practice that many people employ in order to achieve noticeable outcomes.

The technique takes about 60 minutes for each target location and has been shown to provide results in three weeks.

The number of sessions required will be determined by the person and will, of course, be paid for.


These two nutrients contained in foods contribute to a well-balanced diet. Protein, which is present in many forms of meat and fish, can help your body repair tissues and make you feel full, reducing snacking.

By slowing down food absorption, fibre promotes digestion and enables the body to feel fuller for longer. Including these two beauties in your diet will not only improve your mood but will also assist to tackle lingering issues in your stomach.


In contrast to the cool sculpt, this method involves melting the fat cells beneath the skin so that a doctor may suck the fat out through a small incision. Although slightly more invasive than cool sculpting, the effects are more obvious.

You may feel bigger at first since it might cause swelling, but once this subsides, you will begin to feel the benefits.


You might have heard an elder relative yell, “sit up straight!” It’s critical to recognise that they only said this to help you and your body. They are not yelling for no reason!

Sitting with proper posture is beneficial to our core muscles and stability. It also relieves back discomfort and might make the stomach appear smaller.

As you work your core by simply sitting correctly, your apron will shrink as your body burns important fat stored in this area.

Frequency Asked Questions

Will my belly sag disappear?

It will not vanish on its own. You must actively attempt to eliminate it through proper nutrition and exercise. This is about more than simply your appearance; excess belly fat has been related to significant ailments such as diabetes and heart disease.

How can I naturally get rid of my apron belly?

It is critical to remember that your general health is your top priority, especially if you have another human that is fully reliant on you. Because it is impossible to target specific parts of your body, the only method to reduce one is via good food and exercise.

What is the expense of getting rid of an apron belly?

For this type of treatment, surgical charges might range from $8000 to $15000. However, before proceeding with an invasive surgical procedure, make certain that all non-invasive options have been exhausted.

The Last Thought

It’s natural to feel like a stranger in your own body after having a baby. The body you knew previously has just housed a human, and getting it back to its former grandeur could be a long and difficult task.

The media puts a lot of pressure on us ladies to look amazing after giving birth, but let me tell you, mommy. Every expectant woman who has gone through labour is in the same boat as you!

While everyone coos over this wonderful human you’ve created, our self-image can take a beating. You may begin to feel empty and disgusted with your physique. Please keep in mind what you’ve done!

Give yourself credit and give your stretch marks and stomach some time to recover. They won’t last forever, especially if you implement some of the suggestions above and live a clean, healthy lifestyle. I can assure you that you will soon forget about the bump.

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