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How To Write A Perfect Stay At Home Mom Resume

How to write the perfect stay at home mom resume

Working full-time as a stay ay home mom is an occupation that deserves all the accolades the world can give. You handle a lot of things, and you do it so perfectly. Manage, delegate, and communicate effectively. You can also bend space-time, bilocate, and perform ten distinct tasks simultaneously! I’m here to show you how to write a stay-at-home mom resume. You never thought you would need it? Well, you will. Let’s find out why. 

Why do you need a stay-at-home mom resume? 

A resume will be helpful if you’ve decided to find a remote job you can juggle with your mommy duties to earn extra income or if you’ve decided to try the workforce again. Either way, crafting a good resume will increase your chances of getting hired. 

Your organisational skills as a stay-at-home mom are unrivalled. That is a proven fact. You must now demonstrate them to the hiring manager. So if you’re wondering if you can add a homemaker to your work experience, worry no more because you can. 

Now you know the importance of having a stay-at-home mom resume, let’s dive into the writing process. Don’t worry if you’ve never written a resume before; this article will show you:

  • How to write a CV for a stay-at-home mom that will get you more interviews.
  • Tips and examples for putting skills and achievements on a CV for a housewife.
  • How to put your experience on a CV so that you can return to work and get any job you desire as a SAHM.

Let’s dive in!

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How to write a stay at home mom resume 

Writing the perfect resume might be tedious and confusing since you must use the right words to persuade recruiters of your abilities.

Every statement you make should highlight your qualifications for the position you’re applying for and persuade recruiters to consider you for a shortlist.

Your CV as a stay-at-home mom is the first step in landing your desired job. It’s a virtual representation of the skills you’ll need for the job you’re looking for.

Your resume provides recruiters with information about your professional experience and abilities. Your objective here is to make sure your resume is faultless and impressive so that you can get an interview call for the job you want.

The main sections of your resume are:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications (if applicable)
  • Additional Information (if applicable)

The value of the profile header is often overlooked, even though it is a vital aspect of a resume.

Follow the tips below to write the perfect header:

  • To make your stay-at-home mom resume stand out, use the most prominent typefaces between 16 and 20 font sizes in the header.
  • It should appear at the very top of your resume.
  • If you have a middle name, utilise only its initials and position it between your first and last names.
  • Joanna Christiana Adeyemi, for example, should be spelt “Joanna C. Adeyemi.”

Personal information 

You should include the following information in the personal information part of your homemaker resume:

  • Phone number: Only provide your active phone number so that a recruiter can contact you. They wouldn’t bother calling you until they could get you on the phone.
  • Email Address: Your email address is the primary means of communication between you and the recruiter. It should be formal and free of fancy email names.
  • Location: In your CV, always provide your current address.
  • Personal Website/LinkedIn: Including links to your LinkedIn profile and personal websites can benefit. It allows the recruiter to learn more about your professional identity outside of your CV.

Profile title 

Your most recent employment title is your profile title. It informs the recruiter about your current position in your profession. It also specifies if you are an experienced or entry-level candidate.

In your resume, write your profile title in the second-largest font size, 14-16.

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Professional experience 

One of the most crucial aspects of your resume is in this section. This area will provide you with the opportunity to elaborate on all of your abilities and expertise. While filling out this part, make sure you don’t forget anything vital.

The grouping and underlining of your points is another critical component of writing your professional experience section. In your homemaker resume, this will effectively highlight your abilities and achievements.

Organising your arguments under distinct subtitles makes them distinctive, and underlining crucial keywords keeps employers interested in your resume.

See an example:

Example 1: 

“I work as part of the editorial management team, which communicates with authors to generate various documentation styles based on the clients’ needs. To date, I’ve completed two or more manuscripts for other authors, each with a word count of around 5,000 words.”

Example 2:

  • I communicated with authors to design a preferred documentation style that met the clients’ needs.
  • Culminated 2+ manuscripts for diverse writers having a word count of 5,000 words or less.

Example 2 is better. 


  • To show your abilities, use resume action words.
  • Explain your experience in terms of accomplishments rather than obligations. In other words, demonstrate your ability to fulfil your tasks.
  • To back up your claims, use numbers whenever possible.

Here’s an example of the work experience of a stay at home mom 

I raised a baby daughter for two years. At the time,

  • I connected with other stay-at-home moms and created a Facebook group with over 50 members to share ideas and experiences.
  • To raise awareness, I volunteered at a girls’ outreach program.

(Feel free to add other work experience you gained over the years.) 


Your education area will be located just beneath your professional section and will aid in developing your professional abilities.

Your study path demonstrates your expertise in the field of any given employment. As a result, be sure to mention the area of education course that you have.


In the certifications area of your resume, you should list any certificates you have earned. It will aid in the development of your educational credentials and professional experience.

Relevant certificates will make you a stronger candidate because they demonstrate that you went above and above to become certified (even though your target job does not explicitly demand it).


Some skills you can add to your resume include: 

  • Computer and internet skills
  • Written and spoken communication are both critical.
  • Organising abilities
  • Multi-tasking
  • Ability to operate under pressure and manage time
  • Self-discipline
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Teamwork, etc 


Only three years of professional experience should you write a summary for your homemaker CV.

However, in most circumstances, a resume for a stay-at-home mom with no work experience should not include a summary because it does not fill in any employment gaps.

Note: You can write a summary at the beginning of the resume. 


Now that you know the basic steps in writing a great stay-at-home mom resume go ahead and get that job. You got this. Remember, there are several resume builders on the internet you can use. 

Remember that motherhood is a journey made easy when we have the right people in our corner. 

So, click here to go to the fantastic world of motherhood.

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Keep being #fabulous.

I am rooting for you. 


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