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Getting Started On Homeschooling: 5 Hints That Can Help


Homeschooling is simply choosing to teach your kids at home instead of the traditional schooling system. 

Children learn differently, and not all children can learn and succeed in the traditional schooling system. In addition, the speed and teaching styles used are not tailored to each child’s learning ability and might make it difficult for some children to reach their potential. 

Parents are turning to the homeschooling system to help their kids thrive with a curriculum and method suitable for each child. 

Bullying, peer pressure and the condition of the learning environment can also be the concerns of parents.

Other reasons could be a learning disability or health challenge. Kids with this challenge will find it difficult to cope in a traditional school system as there might be no provision for them.

Thomas Edison was said to be expelled from school as “retarded” and was taught by his mother at home and became one of the inventors who made history.

Homeschooling benefits include 

  1. Fostering a bond between children and parents
  1. Personalized education where each child learns at their pace and in ways that are best for them.
  1. You can choose to start homeschooling at any time before the child gets to the school year or even while the child is in a traditional system.
  1. Homeschooling is flexible and doesn’t have to follow the 6 or 7 hours straight of learning. Learning can be either based on the interest of the child or be parent-led. Education is not limited to within the home but can also be outdoor.

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hands-on-dad-reading-with-his-kids homeschooling


Homeschooling is practical and attractive to a parent but before you decide, here is a list of things to get you ready for the journey. 


Before you take on any new role or activity, it is essential to be equipped and ready for it, and this applies to homeschooling. It’s a new terrain, and you might not have a sense of the direction of the system. Though it seems like a straightforward system, it’s a significant decision to take.

What you can do is read articles and books, talk to other homeschooling parents, and watch videos. 

You also want to check the laws around homeschooling in your country, specific curricula to follow, and any other requirements to get them back into the traditional system if you decide to switch back. 

Research other teaching methods available to you. You can use that at home; a popular one is Montessori.


Keep your expectations realistic; the first year can be challenging for both the parent and the child. However, you can teach your child, especially if you love them around you, read to them and are interested in seeing them learn new things.

Allow time for you both to adjust, get to know their learning ability and style and don’t be quick to set them into the traditional system even if they are learning from home. Remember, the goal is to get them to know the best way suited for them.


After you and your child have settled into this new schooling style, you want to create a schedule. But, first, you should develop programs from how you perceive your child’s learning ability; that is how there can be a good impact and designed to work for your family.

If your child concentrates better in the morning, you can create activities for that time, and if it’s towards the evening, go ahead and work it out. But, again, take advantage of their timing; they will most likely concentrate better. 

A wide range of curriculum is now available to parents as homeschooling is now widely accepted. So, again, check to see what applies to your country and then build on it.

You can also incorporate some fun by creating themed semesters and determining when your holiday starts. 

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Support systems are great in achieving your goals. Find one for homeschooling parents where you can learn and go through challenges together. People share their experience, knowledge and coping mechanisms in these circles. 

You also get to plan play dates, field trips and other activities together. This can help your child’s social skills as they get to be among other kids and learn from adults.


This is a great way to be updated with information to help you get the best of homeschooling. You can also meet other homeschooling families and learn from other professionals in different areas that might be difficult.


Are you wondering if homeschooling is for you? The truth is nothing is set in stone, and you can always opt-out if you try and you can’t seem to get through. 

There are days you will doubt your decisions and the process but remember to trust your guts and trust your child to get through; I mean, they learnt to crawl, smile, hug, walk and feed themselves, amongst other things.

You are qualified to teach your child, don’t let fear stop you.


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